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Susun S. Weed has been a devoted keeper of dairy goats for forty years. She was a mathematics major at UCLA and is an internationally recognized herbalist with four widely acclaimed herbals to her credit: Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year, Healing Wise, New Menopausal Years the Wise Woman Way, and Breast Cancer?(question mark) Breast Health! The Wise Woman Way. Her forthcoming book: Down There, the Wise Woman Way is keenly anticipated. Ms. Weed writes for a wide variety of publications, including peer-reviewed journals. She is a contributor to the Textbook of Botanical Medicine for Women, and the Routledge Encyclopedia of Women's Studies. You can sing along with her on her CD, Goddess Chants, Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Wise Woman Center.

Susun Weed is a keynote presenter and featured speaker at professional meetings and conferences around the world, where her lively style and encyclopedic knowledge get rave reviews. Ms. Weed trains shamanic herbal apprentices at her homestead in the Catskill Mountains, supports a 3000 page website, oversees four different correspondence courses with more than a thousand students, offers online courses, and has taught herbal medicine at universities in the USA and abroad. She is the founder of the Wise Woman Center and editor-in-chief of Ash Tree Publishing. Susun has been honored as an International Peace Elder and an Outstanding Thinker of the 20th Century.

· Title:
Down There the Wise Woman Way, Sexual and Reproductive Health

· Description:
What’s between our legs can bring us pleasure, but it can be a pain, too. Susun Weed has spent the last three years listening to those down there parts that please and pester us; she shares the fruits of her research in simple, accessible ways. If you want to know more about orgasms or how to revive a flagging libido, if you have PCOS, HPV, PID, BPH, or an STD, if you need ways to foster fertility or hints for relieving period pain, if you or your mate has urinary problems, fibroids, or any other disturbance to down there, Susun has safe, successful remedies for you that are easy to make or buy and generally taste good, too.

· Talking points:
Each of the organs of down there speaks for itself in your book. How did you write those sections? Could you read one for us? Do you write about alternative medicine? Why do you call yourself an allopath? What is a nourishing heral infusion; how do you make one? Who is Grandmother Growth? Why do women call your books their bibles?

· Ten questions:
Why did you write a book on sexual and reproductive health?
Is it just for women?
Do you have to be an herbalist to use the remedies in your books?
What do you mean when you say “Herbal medicine is people’s medicine.”?
Are there any down there problems that you have had particular success with?
Are there any that seem resistant to treatment?
How does story heal?
What are some of the unusual aspects of your book?
What other books have you written?
What’s next/

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VITA 2010

Ms. Weed is included in the Who's Who of Intellectuals and Outstanding People of the 20th Century. Her books -- which have won awards such as "Best Health Book of 2003" -- and her appearances worldwide have helped millions of women attain better health and become more powerful.

Ms Weed has no diplomas of any kind, having left high school in her junior year to pursue mathematics and artificial intelligence at UCLA, and having left there in her junior year to pursue life. She began studying her study of herbal medicine forty years ago in 1965.

Her areas of focus are: folkloric herbalism, eco-herbalism, ethnobotany, pharma-cognosy, philosophy and psychology of healing, comparative religion, and women's health/spirituality. She is especially interested in altered states of consciousness as they pertain to learning, healing, birthing, and dying; and the roles of plants in these states.

Ms. Weed has a forthcoming book: Down There, The Wise Woman Way and four books in print (Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year; Healing Wise; New Menopausal Years, The Wise Woman Way; and Breast Cancer? Breast Health! The Wise Woman Way) in English, German, French, Dutch, Japanese, and Spanish. She is published in peer-reviewed journals (such as the Journal of Nurse-Midwifery), and writes regular columns for SageWoman and Four Corners magazines. She is a contributor to the Textbook of Botanical Medicine for Women and the Routledge Encyclopedia of Women's Studies. Ms Weed sits on the advisory board of Oregon Menopause Project, Women of Wisdom Foundation, and Weston A. Price Wise Traditions Foundation.

Susun hosts a weekly radio show on Women’s Radio. She has been on numerous radio and TV shows including Fresh Air Radio, National Public Radio, NBC News, ABC Nightline News, Prescription for Health, Ask the Family Doctor, Wisdom Channel, and America's Talking.

Susun S. Weed has instructed students at venues such as: Yale Nurse Midwifery School, State University of New York (Scholar-in-residence), Benedictine Hospital, Vassar Brothers Hospital, Northern Dutchess Hospital, Conn. Inst. for Herbal Studies, California School of Herbal Studies, New York Open Center, Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies, Florida School of Midwifery, American College of Nurse Midwives, University of Rhode Island, Uni. of Medicine and Dentistry in New Jersey, Interface Institute, Sufi Order Healing School, Heart of the Goddess Center, John Bastyr Naturopathic College, Reeves-Reed Arboretum, Blazing Star Herbal School, Natural Healing Institute, Rowe Confrence Center, and Self Heal Herbal Center. She has also trained health-care professionals abroad at such prestigious schools as: The Kosmos/Amsterdam, Waikato College of Herbal Studies/New Zealand, Weg der Mitte/Berlin, Brustgesundheit Centrum/Germany, and Australasian Herbal College/Australia.

She frequently keynotes conferences and has been a featured teacher at: Green Nations Gathering, International Herb Symposium, Northeast Women's Herbal Conference, Southeast Women’s Herbal Conference, American Herbalist's Guild, Bioneers, HerbFest, Women's Botanical Medicine Conference, Pacific Northwest Herbal Symposium, Midwifery Today Conference, American Holistic Vets Association, and Midwives Association of North America (MANA).

Susun is an initiated member of the Wolf Clan and the Sisterhood of the Shields; she is a Peace Elder. She is the founder of the Wise Woman Center and Ash Tree Publishing and the voice of the Wise Woman Tradition.

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Susun Weed Wise Woman and Herbalist

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