Moon Rites

Excerpt from “Moon Rites- ritual, myth and magic for the modern moon goddess” by Spiraldancer- available at wisewomanbookshop.com

WISE BLOOD RITE- This rite can be done alone or with a group. As with First Blood Rites and Motherrite, gifts can be given and a feast can be held in the Crone’s honour.

You will need-

3 veils in different colours, representing each life stage- maiden, mother, crone. You may use whichever you wish and are attracted to, or use white for the maiden, red for the mother and black or deep purple for the crone. The veils should be very sheer- you will need to be able to see through them a little.
A mirror big enough to see your whole torso in- prop it up so that you can sit in front of it.
Frankincense or myrrh incense.
A dark purple or indigo candle, the colours of mystery, and mature spirituality. (or as many as you like for a bigger rite.)
Decorations such as nuts, seeds, apples, bare branches (which have their own beauty- look at Japanese flower arranging for ideas!)
Music, again personal preference is everything, but I like drumming, the throbbing heartbeat kind that is quite slow and steady for this rite.

The Rite- For a group gathering, as for Motherrite and First Blood Blessing rite, while the sacred space is being created everyone present should hold hands, forming a circle. You may prepare in your own way or choose to do the following:

“All are welcome here with love, to honour (name.)”

At this point, you may welcome whatever spiritual energies you wish to be present.

Whoever is leading the rite should then light the incense, move around the circle and say-

“Spirit of Earth, be welcome, and bestow your protection and power on this ceremony in this circle.

Spirit of Fire, be welcome and bestow your protection and power on this ceremony in this circle.

Spirit of Water, be welcome and bestow your protection and power on this ceremony in this circle.

Spirit of Air, be welcome and bestow your protection and power on this ceremony in this circle.

Spirit of Life, love, light and dark, creation and destruction, be welcome and bestow your protection and power on this ceremony in this circle.”

Then return to the centre, light the purple or indigo candle and repeat-
“It is done. This space is now sacred, dedicated to love.”

The crone, who has been veiled with the dark veil first, red veil next and white veil over the top should then move into the centre and sit in front of the mirror.(note- if you are doing this ritual alone, don’t put the veils on until you sit down- make sure you have the candles and incense safely lit and away from you and your veils!)

Whoever is leading the ritual may say these words, or you may wish to tape them for yourself, or just think them.

“Gaze into the mirror and breathe deeply for a while to centre your energy. Behold the mystery of your life journey, remember your time as maiden, when life was full of possibilities, untravelled roads, unexplored potential. Is there anything you wish to say? Anything you wish you had done or said? Anything you wish you hadn’t?” (You may choose to reply to these questions or just use them as a guide in your visualisation.)

When you are ready, either remove the veil yourself or allow one of the others present to remove the veil for you.

“Now you are the mother, full of juice and lush with abundant fertility. Creations pour forth from you, physical, mental and spiritual. Gaze at the red mantle of life, the sacred colour of blood. Reflect on your dance as mother. Is there anything you wish to say? Anything you wish you had done? Anything you wish you hadn’t said or done?”

Again when you are ready remove the veil, so that you are covered by the dark one only.

“You are becoming Crone. Notice how you can see more clearly with each transformation. You hold within you the seeds of both maiden and mother, the wisdom of your blood. Contemplate your future. Gaze upon yourself, take pride in your wisdom, strength and beauty.”
When you are ready either lift the veil yourself or allow someone to lift it for you so that it hangs down either side of your face, but you can see your face clearly. Smile.

Then say:“ I am the woman of wholeness.
The reflection of the Living Goddess,
who resides within us all
I welcome this transformation
And ask for whatever I need to be given
So that I may become what I am truly meant to be.”

You may then like to say a few words, perhaps ask for whatever you need, or state what you goals may be. Or if there are other women present it can be nice for each one to say something, make a wish for you and say something about their own journey if they think it will help you on yours.

If you are in a group, a powerful way to conclude this rite is for all the women present to begin a slow clap. The Crone in the centre then slowly walks around the circle and stops at each woman, and either hugs or bows her head with hands in prayer position at the forehead. It’s a wonderful way to show your appreciation and respect for the person in the centre. (This part can become an amazing celebratory dance. If it does, go with it, have fun!)

Snuff the candle or candles and sit quiet for a few moments. Allow your energy to return to the earth, leaving you peaceful, strong and happy.

Extract from “Moon Rites- ritual, myth and magic for the modern moon goddess” by Spiraldancer- available at wisewomanbookshop.com

SPIRALDANCER lives with her husband and two daughters in Northern New South Wales, Australia. She is a freelance writer specialising in women’s spirituality, Wicca, myth, ritual and alternative healing. Her work is regularly published in “Witchcraft” Magazine, Australia.

MOON RITES - presents the aspects of the Triple Goddess- Maiden Mother and Crone- in many of her different guises and examines how they relate to menstruation, motherhood and menopause. It contains rituals and myths both old and new, interviews with modern day women who are expressing Goddess energy in their lives, alternative health tips, a journal section for you to make your own notes and observations, exquisite illustrations and much more. If you are a woman,then you are a Moon Goddess and this book is for you. It's more than a book, it's a birthright!

You'll find suggestions and advice about:
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~ how to perform and create your own rituals, using the elements, creating an altar and more
~ health tips, including herbal remedies and healthy eating
~ exercise, fitness, yoga and dance for different times of your cycle
~ stories and interviews with women about their experiences as Maiden, Mother and Crone.

Illustrated throughout, Moon Rites is a perfect gift and keepsake for every modern moon goddess. Journal pages provide space for you to write about your experiences, thoughts and feelings at different times of your lunar cycle.

Moon Rites
“MOON RITES - Ritual, myth and magic for the Modern Moon Goddess”

Moon Rites a feminine path to personal power is designed to be used as a tool to enhance your self-knowledge, acceptance, and personal power. It is divided into three sections. The following is a rundown on what's in it and how you can use it.

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