White Feather

Wolf Clan Sister Circle - May 5, 2012

Wolf Clan Sister Circle - May 6, 2012

at the Wise Woman Center
Woodstock, NY

Join White Feathers Online Course
Seven Directions Movement Meditation
at the Wise Woman University

White Feather

White Feather

Our beloved Grandmother Twylah Nitsch passed into spirit and she continues on in those who, like Whitefeather, spent the last 26 years traveling and studying her teachings.

This day-long workshop is taught at the Wise Woman Center in Woodstock NY. Class is from 10 am to 5pm; you will be given directions once you register. Each one-day workshop at the Wise Woman Center includes wild-food lunch, and instruction.


White Feather is a holistic nurse, certified Wolf Clan teacher, herbalist and Buddhist practitioner. She is the founder of Catskill Mountain Herbals and author of the Seven Directions Movement Meditation booklet. She works in the Wise Woman Tradition and shares the Wisdom Wheel Teachings of the Wolf Clan as requested by Grandmother Twylah Nitsch (Yehwehnode - Two Wolves).

Catskill Mountain Herbals PO Box 1426 Olivebridge, NY 12461-0426
~ phone (845)-657-2943


Listen to a 30 minute radio interview with White Feather

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White Feather teaches at the Wise Woman Center

May 5 & 6 : Wolf Clan Sister Circle

Join White Feather for one or both days as we explore your gifts and abilities during your earthwalk. You will discover your personal medicine colors and how to utilize them for centering, protection and more.

Price: $85.00

Register on-line for
May 5 - Wolf Clan Sister Circle
May 6 - Wolf Clan Sister Circle


*Register online or via mail, to:
Wise Woman Center PO Box 64 Woodstock NY 12498


Learn about White Feather's
Seven Directions Movement Meditation DVD

'sacred dance for spirit and body'

This dance creates balance and centeredness as earth changes occur, strengthens our vibral core and brings clarity and focus.


Video Includes:
~ Morning praise
~ Introduction to the Dance
~ Step-by-step instruction
~ Teaching of the Wolf Clan Wisdom Wheel

The Seven Directions Movement Meditation honors all life. As we move around the circle we remember, "Everything within the circle is sacred, all things outside of the circle is sacred, all is sacred." - Moses Shongo, Seneca Medicine Man

Also Available from White Feather

Seven Directions Movement Meditation CD  

Seven Directions Movement Meditation Guide 

White Feather's Course Offered at Wise Woman University

Seven Directions Movement Meditation

Introduction: The Seven Directions Movement Meditation (Understanding the Cycles of Truth). Embraces all life with gratitude and love. A gentle movement utilizing the body, mind and breath. Strengthen heart, bones, vibral core. Bring clarity and focus to your life.

Course Description: We will join together as one body, one mind, one heart, one law, the law of Love. Sending our thoughts of peace to the Seven Directions.

Lesson 1. Will explain the philosophy of the wisdom wheel, the 12 Cycles of Truth. We will explore the colors and animals residing in the four cardinal directions, their attributes and gifts and how they relate to us.

Lesson 2. The Breath. We will focus on the breath. The importance of being aware of it and how it relates with the movements of the dance and in our daily life.

Lesson 3. The movement. Now we are prepared to properly implement the movements and learn the meaning of each of them.

Lesson 4. The Dedication. We will discuss the dedication, its importance , what it means and how it effects us in our daily life and future


Course Goals: Learn the Cycles of Truth wisdom. Offer your love and thoughts of peace to Mother Earth, our first Mother and to all of our relations. Maintain an attitude of gratitude in all we do. Balance and restore your energies. Create Harmony and centeredness in life.

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