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July 2004
Your Intuitive Dreams ...
Small Ways to Heal Your Big Heart - In a Time of Struggle

by sHEALy (Sherry Healy)

This season your big heart can achieve that peaceful rest it needs. Although, we as a species are in the midst of real physical world-wide struggles, the human heart will prevail. It is my prediction that the next year will bring about many world-wide changes in commerce, security and basic human instincts. Because, we daily are watching and hearing war-like actions and consequences, our hearts are beginning to grow weary. And, the weary heart can be healed with just a few small tasks.

The following exercises will take you through a one week Healing Heart Lesson. Each day, practice a new healing venture and your big heart will heal.

1. Use the internet to find a friend from the past.-In our technological times; it is easier than ever to find those individuals we have drifted from. Punching a few names into the search engine of your favorite computer can help you to find old friendships, loves or neighbors. Finding individuals from ones past helps reveal the intimacies of life. Explore your past and discover how you and those you once knew have and have not changes. You will find healing and closure.

2. Have an intuitive reading with a wise woman.-Working with a wise woman (one who is authentic and powerful) will help you to find and release the love and pleasure is stored within your heart charka-The heart charka is a powerful energy center and can open and close from both trauma and joy. Focusing attention upon joy will help your heart charka to open and release the love that can heal your heart.

3. Recognize that your heart is BIG.-Every human being is born with the capacity to love and laugh. If you are not enjoying each day to the fullest, you are in need of healing. A heart is never too damaged or drained to be healed. Believe that your heart is big enough to grow and feel joy, and joy will come to you.

4. Know that you have a responsibility to be the best you can be.-As you project healing energies into the Universe, you are creating a positive change in your community. Each of us has a responsibility to be part of the healing of this planet. No one can step back and hide from this job. As the news of war and pain blasts from the TV’s of your community, you must be a positive force.

5. Open your eyes.-Take time to look around and recognize the needs of others. Stepping outside of your needs will help you to heal your heart. Begin today. Decide to see the hopes and visions of other people and you will find that your own hopes and visions will begin a path toward realization. Yes, closing your eyes toward your own needs can at times help you to see.

6. Talk to animals.-Animals speak to us. We simply need to listen, watch and feel. Remembering that we are not the only creatures who live upon our planet allows us to grow. Take time to listen to birds singing to you from your outside trees. Make eye contact with the family dog or cat. Stop and stand still and watch the furry friends and creepy creatures (daddy-long-legs) who live upon the planet earth.

7. Talk.-Be free to share your words with loving friends and family. Speaking words can be the most healing of medicines. Words are magical energies. Use them wisely. Talk about life, love and possibilities.


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