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October 2003
Feature Article...
Living in a Ritual Way (spiritual aerobics)

by Grandmother Waynonaha Two Worlds

I have traveled to many places in this world from one side to the other I find people turning back to the original roots personal ritual.  There are many cultures and many paths that all respect Mother Earth but none so sought after as the American Indian path.    Living in ritual is not so hard it only takes the remembering and honoring of all things. Religion failed miserably at this as it was border line ritual, guilt,  and rut. Memorizing a certain thing to say can fast become a rut and does not open the mind to  freedom of expression. Each dayis different and each day we have many things that we face or do that will influence how we pray or give thanks. Spirit is very much alive and awaits the rekindling of the fire.

I consider a day without pain a good day to live. The sky begins at me feet each day and I have only to walk that day to the end.  Good or bad,  it is all there for us to make the best of,  and to enjoy the lessons along the way.

The way of my people is the Inipi or as many call it the (Sweat Lodge).  The balance between the spiritual world and the physical world is all there in the lodge.

We say "Mitakuye Oyasin" which translates into "All my relations." These words are said many time during and after the ceremony, this  brings to memory that we are never alone. We are related to each other,  and to all things on the Earth Mother, this relation goes even beyond the stars,  and even beyond the Universe.

In the every day existence is is so easy to forget the fact that we are all like a strand of the web that is closely woven in this life.

Each movement we make,  and each thought we think,  directly effects someone or something. Everything is related and all things feel and breath and have spirit.

When we are tuned into our  connection with  all things,  we are powerful and strong. From this place of all things we can bring wholeness and goodness to our lives, and the lives of all our relation. We can live in a ritualistic way each and every day it is not so hard as it may seem.  We do not need a special ceremony to manifest our deep intentions into physical reality.

The wall between the  spiritual world and the physical world is thinner than you can imagine. It takes only a thought or intention to reach into the space of plenty or the "Great Mystery."

Some of the way you can bring this balance into your life are listed here for you to use if you wish. Remember to be conscious of your actions, and thoughts during this time,  not as a matter or routine.

Each day when you bath or shower you can imagine that your washing off the old ways of being that you no longer wish to carry. This is a good way to honor the water that is gifted and to be thankful for the precious clean clear water we have. You can even go deeper into the water and the life it supports on this planet,  that too is all related.

When you breathe it  can be a way of inner cleansing the Buddhist use this method of cleansing as a ritual act.

You can image the toxic waste in your inner most being as released through the exhale of air from the lungs. Reach deep and imagine the air rushing to every organ and extremity. Release this and imagine the trees and the plants making it pure  and clean air again.

Honor the food that you take into your body to nourish your physical being. Visualize the food and what it will do for your total body and mind. Use this time to replenish the physical being and project the abundance of the Earth for all your relations. We have a  small plate we place some of each thing we eat at a meal.  This is called the spirit plate, we place this out for the spirits so that all will be fed on a physical level and on a spiritual level. As the plate is passed before we eat we each place some of out food on this in remembrance of our relations.  It would be considered disrespectful if we did not remember and honor  our relation in spirit.

Material attachments are hard to break and harder to live with when you live in a spiritual way. Money is one of the hardest things to release as it is the current exchange of energy. We have the ability to use this energy in a good way by creating the flow. A basket that is  full,  is not open to exchange or flow.  Physical manifestation,  with  good intention is one way of creating from the energy that money brings. For instance visualize what a few can do to create a place of healing and light when we share. This becomes a collective way of healing and can be  powerful. This I call the collective mind and physical energy.  Without imagination there is no reason for the exchange of money.  If your blessed with the power of abundance, share and create.

You will find your basket over flowing in spiritual energy that manifests healing light. It is through the "Fourth",   world control that we became blinded into the me,  my,  and I,  theory. It is only through the sharing of all things that we will progress into the now closing "Fifth" world. Through the becoming the "We" all things can become possible and the "We",  will walk as the "One." (We never pass a person on the street,  or see someone in need,  that we do not offer assistance or food. This act of love and compassion just may be the turning point for the one who receives. We do not set standards or judge we offer it from our hearts with no conditions.)

It is a custom that when ask a question of importance the answer was never given immediately. There was first the offering of tobacco to the elders.  We sit in council with the elders and we cleared our minds of all our earthly worries and needs. The sage was lit and the prayers offered before all else. There is no instant gratification. This could take as long as four days and maybe more. The old ones constantly watched and their knowledge was sought after on matters of family and healing. Communication from the heart takes time. The heart to heart talks were considered as much healing as any other ritual.

We use a "Talking Stick." and the "Peace Makers",  sat and listened to  our hearts with respect and  none judgment. Their were many who offered guidance  and ways to live our lives better. No one told us what to do,  they only observed and suggested better way to live. This was called collective council of wisdom.

In these time we forget to consider the outside influence we bring into a family council.  Sometimes the results are influenced by this lack of clear thinking.  Clear the mind body and focus on the good of the person who is seeking council.

Joy is  a feeling of complete wholeness.  Appreciate this and allow yourself to enjoy the good times as well as the hard times.

This is the balance in life we all deserve when we work hard to walk a good path.

Know that you deserve beauty and goodness. Creator is a loving entity and connects with each and every one of us. How could we exist if there was no love and joy to balance out the hardships and pain.

We live in a good and loving universe that is here for us day in and day out no matter what we do or say. We always say "Wopila",  forthe good in our lives,  we give thanks for these things,  as well as to pray for the not so good things. Always be thankful and remember the good. Always share  with others when you have an abundance, in this way the gift keeps on giving.
It is often hard for us to have a few minutes to ourselves for quiet time. I found that on my way home from work in my car was the time I had to prepare my mind and body.  I knew I would be greeted at the door by my children all clamoring for my undivided attention. It is hard to divide yourself up into so many pieces. I found that if I faced this as a whole then I could cope with the needs of my family. If I divided this into pieces then I could never collect myself.

So to face each thing as a whole,  is more powerful than just as a piece of your complete self.
On my drive home I would clear the work from my mind and leave it for the next day. I gathered my thoughts into a bundle and imagined my every move when I reached my home. I previewed all the problems and solved them before I reached the door. With that in mind, I sent my spirit home and placed a blanket of love and blessing on my family and home.

When I reached my home I was calm and collected not scattered with thoughts and demands of the outside world. These things I held precious my children,  and my home were sacred.  All things that entered were under my protection and all things related as one under the great bowl of the sky.
To become the one is as simple as reaching out and sharing your heart,  mind, and spirit, with all your relation.

In trust of a better way of living here on this our Earth Mother for the sake of the Seven Generations to come. Mitakuye Oyasin Waynonaha

We live in a wonderful time when all is awakening into the collective mind thought that we are not alone. The universe is abundant and is constantly teaching us to become one.  As one we  can manifest the reality of a healing,  and whole Earth.  .

This is a time of remembering into one spirit, and  one mind, through this  we can create the world for the future.

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