NW Herb Fest 2007
Distinguished Gathering of Herbal Experts to Lecture in Pleasant Hill
18 minutes from Eugene, Oregon
July 21, 22
Wise Acres Farm, Pleasant Hill, Oregon


For Immediate Release
Contact: Sharol Tilgner, Wise Acres Farm

This 2 day weekend herb conference and festival will feature twelve renowned experts leading 24 classes. The event will be an exciting, educational experience for everyone; with healthy food, a herbal bazaar, beautiful natural surroundings, and other fun activities. $145 before May 1st, 2007. (Free press pass available.)

Speakers at the symposium include
• Susun Weed
• Donald Yance MH, CN
• Heather Thompson
• Deborah Frances ND
• Kenneth Proefrock NMD
• Victoria Larson ND
• Howie Brounstein
• Colette Gardiner
• Glen Nagel ND
• Tracy Bosnian
• Sherri Brown
• Julie Bailey

Lectures will include the following topics:
Menopause, Skin Care Products, Prevention & Treatment of Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Autism, & Related Conditions, Abcesses, & Staph, Nourishing Herbal Infusions, Moon Lodge, Folk Pharmacy, Therapeutic Applications of Clay, Honey, Vinegar, & Hydrotherapy, Inflammatory Conditions, Anxiety & Depression, Herbs for High Blood Pressure, Botanical Interventions in the Treatment of Acute & Chronic Psychosis, The Divine in Nature. Edible Wild Plants, Herbs for Sterss, Cordials in Your Kitchen, Herb walks, will be available throughout the weekend! You can learn to identify edible & medicinal herbs.

Sunday Night Separate Intensives: Seven Medicines with Susun S. Weed & A Novel Approach to Cancer Treatment with Donald R. Yance

To receive a detailed NW Herb Fest brochure, or if you have questions call Sharol Tilgner at 541-736-0164, or write class@herbaltransitions.com or view at www.herbaltransitions.com

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