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Susun Weed's Wise Woman forum exists to provide a community space for women and men the world around to explore the Wise Woman Tradition through the sharing of our wisdom, experiences, knowledge and support in a spirit of mutual respect.


This is an open forum, on the internet which is a public space, that can be read by anyone with internet access. Our main focus is the Wise Woman Tradition of Healing as taught by Susun Weed, with many of the topics reflecting women’s health, nourishment, self-wisdom and empowerment. We all learn from each other, and the forum is open to any and all interested folks, women and men alike.

To make your joining our circle as easy as possible and to be clear about how we maintain the integrity of our online community, we’ve listed some points below, please read and agree to honor them before joining us at the forum.

You are welcome to e-mail the administrator for help at forum@herbshealing.com any time you have difficulties or complaints. We watch over the forum and want everyone's experience here to be valuable, both to themselves and to all of us. Kind comments and praise are welcome, too.

When posting, we ask that you share your wisdom with tolerance and compassion. Sometimes topics and discussions may bring up strong feelings. We ask that if you disagree with what is written and choose to respond, that you do so with kindness and consideration. This can be done most effectively with "I think" and "I feel" statements. Respect for each others opinions is an essential part of our virtual community at the Wise Woman forum, in the spirit of the Wise Woman Tradition.

Please note, if you have a conflict with another member please do not send them angry email, instead please send all complaints to the adminstration. Likewise, if any member gets angry email from another member, please forward it to the administration. If any member has a complaint or concern or comment, they are welcome to send admin or any moderator an email query; it is against guidelines to air your complaints at the forum for the purpose of creating disharmony. Violation of this guideline is cause banning or time-out.

Everyone is responsible for their own health choices and no one sharing advice is to be held responsible. All information shared at the forum is for educational purposes only. The Wise Woman Forum does NOT assume liability for the activity of members nor information being shared on this forum space. Please refer to FAQ and disclaimer for further information.

Any flaming, trolling, spamming in the forum or inclusion of links to pornographic sites will result in BANNING and deletion of the post and author’s membership; or, banning of the IP for unregistered visitors and deletion of the post. Additional action may be taken on a case by case basis to ensure the integrity of our forum and protect it’s members.

All members are welcome to post a personal note about service/product offerings for sale/trade at the Wise Woman Bazaar forum. Any postings in the forum that are seen as overly solicitous (spam) will be deleted at administrative discretion.

A few helpful suggestions for all members:

If you are having problems with registering, please make sure you have enabled "cookies" in your browser software and that you have disabled any firewall software that may be blocking communication with www.herbahealing.com and www.susunweed.com.

When choosing a user name, some people feel more comfortable using a fictional name rather than their real name, as anonymity may allow for more freedom in sharing while still preserving each member's personal need for safety and privacy. Please choose your user name carefully when signing up as the only way to change it is to create a new account with a new name. If you choose to do this please let us know so that your old account can be deleted to free the name up for future use by another new member.

Before you post a question, try the search engine link in the upper right hand corner to see if perhaps a thread on that subject has already begun. If you choose to add to it, your doing so will bring it back up into active topics.

Read through the different sections to be sure that you post your new thread where others can most easily find it and respond. When you make your post, the title should reflect the content of the post. Titles such as "help" or "read this" are vague and unclear.

You can click the active topics link in the upper right hand corner and see all the recent posts while choosing the time frame (ie. since your last visit, in the last 12 hours, etc).

You have the option to subscribe to individual topics, and whenever there’s a new post, you’ll receive a brief email notification. Please know that if the topic you subscribe to is very active, you will receive many e-mails a day.

As with any other information that you read...take what you need and leave the rest.

Please do note that while we maintain an open and sharing environment, the Administrators of this forum RESERVE THE RIGHT to refuse or delete membership as may be needed, and or any posts that are seen to infringe upon the guidelines we have set forth here for the benefit of all participants.

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This place is for you to share your questions, concerns, and comments with other wise women like you. Take a moment to register and join the Wise Woman virtual community.

Announcements and Greetings Welcome to the Wise Woman Forum, we are an on-line wise women community. We are the weavers of this web...come join us.

Merry Meet Find out about chat room meetings and other goings on.

The Talking Stick Pass the Talking Stick and express yourself. Share thoughts, stories, songs, dreams, art, etc.

Wise Woman Council Join together here to share your life experiences and opinions. Lets discuss political, medical, and scientific issues as well as any other important matters that impact the quality of our lives.

Herbal Medicine Chest
Discuss all aspects of herbal medicine and weed wisdom with other wise women and green witches...share harvesting tips, remedies, and personal experiences. Green Blessings to all!!! Drink Nourishing Herbal Infusion - LEARN HOW HERE!

Healing Wise & Plant Allies
Explore the Wise Woman Way of healing through nourishment, using the Six Steps of healing and coming to know and relate to the plants themselves. Home of the "Plant At A Time" series.

Health & Wellness Questions Answered Here! If you have a specific health question you want asked, here is the place to do it! Write the nature of your question in the subject line, so everyone will know what the topic is, and then anyone who has knowledge in that area can respond to the question!

Natural Body Care
Let's talk about Wise Woman body care and physical wellness. Share natural health and fitness tips, articles, and advice on how to love and care for your beautiful body from head to toe...

Real Foods Let's talk about nourishing foods...What makes you feel good? How do you nourish yourself? want a recipe?...share a recipe.

Spirituality & Sacred Sex
Adoring the goddess in her many forms as well as crystals, spells, sacred tools, shamanism and sacred sex.

Let the discussions flow like our magical monthly menses... informational menstrual musings, lunar phases, planet lore and astrological influences, too.

Wise Woman Birth Control Natural ways to prevent and deal with unexpected pregnancy. Discuss your family planning options and support your sisters in this sacred circle.

The Childbearing Year & Mothering Discuss all aspects of mothering including fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. Calling all moms and expectant-moms and hopeful moms too!!

Homebirth & Midwifery
Where wise women can share birth stories, find a midwife, get support for your wise way of birthing. Where student midwives gather, compare notes, and offer encouragement to each other on the challenging path of learning.

Dancing with Cancer the Wise Woman Way Here is a safe space to discuss cancer and cancer prevention. Share your concerns, hopes, fears, and experiences the Wise Woman Way. Share ways to maintain breast health and offer support to women diagnosed with breast cancer.

Menopause Metamorphosis A place to share your life-changing experiences!

Intuitive Healing A lively and authentic conversation featuring self healing ideas, practices and insights. We want to discuss energy as a healing tool; Reiki, distance healing, psychic healing, medical intuition and more.

Wise Woman Center Learn about Susun Weed's Wise Woman Center in Woodstock, NY - all about workshops, intensives, apprenticeship, moonlodge schedule, and work-exchange weekends are some topics to discuss here... 2004 schedule of events too.

Wise Woman Classroom
Green Witch, Green Allies, and Spirit & Practice of the Wise Woman Tradition...Sister students, there is so much for us to learn together. Have any questions? Puzzled by something and need some help? Here is the place to share...

Wise Woman Articles & Herbal Ezine Post your wise woman articles here. Visit Weed Wanderings herbal ezine from here too...enjoy the Green Blessings with Susun Weed!

Testimonials for Susun Weed's books Come in and get to know Susun Weeds 4 books : Healing Wise, Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year, Menopausal Years the Wise Woman Way, and Breast Cancer? Breast Health! the Wise Woman Way. If you already know about them....We want to hear about your experiences.

Books to Lend
Wise Woman Lending Library - Have a book to lend out from your home? Post your info here! Discuss and swap favorite books here too.

Wise Woman Bazaar
Use this space to trade goods, offer wise woman reviews, and share health and healing resources. Please enjoy and honor this virtual marketplace with us...come enter.

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Allie - Merry Meet! My name is Allie. I'm a mom of 3 living in Connecticut. I grew up with a "hippie" mom who was very into vitamins and shopping at the GNC. As soon as I was on my own I began researching natural healing and studying herbs/herbalism, so I guess I've been studying for 20+ years. I started making my own herbal remedies for my family to use several years ago and started my own herbal healing company which I run out of my in home office, and vend at local fairs and festivals on weekends. I've also been a web designer/site administrator for 12+ years. There is no one thing that defines me. I am, mother, wife, herbalist, business owner, pagan, goth, hippie, reiki practitioner, naturalist, reader, gamer, lover of life ...


Hi, I am Krista, aka Community Herbalist, co-moderator of "Health & Wellness Questions Answered Here!" I reside in New Jersey with my incredible husband (who lovingly refers to me as the “Witch Doctor”), our wonderful 16-year-old son (who frequently asks “what are you brewing up now?” lol), and Amber, our dog. Formerly trained through The Australasian College of Health Sciences, I find myself answering the call of the Wise Woman Tradition and magical ways. A lover of the moon, I find all things about her captivating. In the early stages of starting an herbal home business, I offer consultations, lectures, workshops, as well as personalized herbal creations and tea blends. Peace & blessings…


Cory Su lives in Daytona Beach, Florida with her husband and daughter,where she enjoys the ocean, cultivating herbs, crafts (especially herbal), and reading. Cory has her degree in Biology & Zoology from U of Washington. She also studied Chinese Medicine in a graduate program for 2 years. Cory enjoys learning and sharing herbal and other healing wisdom. She operates a small herbal crafting business, and sells her products at local fairs and online.
Danita Wind Song (HealerWithin) - What an honour to be a part of Susun's website and forum! I'm a Spirit-led Intuitive, pet healer, Reiki Master, energy healer and life coach who is blessed to live my passion each day doing the work I love! Am filled with gratitude to Susun for sharing so much of herself and her wisdom with the world of Wise Women. One of my passions is sharing the gifts Mother Earth so wisely offers us, with other Wise Women.


feminine_earth, aka Aunty Missy, is a co-moderator of "The Childbearing Year & Mothering"and "Homebirth & Midwifery"--a few topics that just so happen to be some of Missy's most cherished passions. If she's not studying childbirth and mothering, she's probably bottle-raising an abandoned baby fur-covered friend, practicing yoga, singing her heart out, or working on a novel. Missy is married to her best friend and soul-mate, who just so happens to be a hot-tempered Irishman, and is Mama to two completely crazy kitties and one very special woofer. She plans on moving to the mountains and opening a small herbal medicine store, and then having lots and lots of babies. When she can finally find time for solitude and contemplation, she can often be found talking to God and Earth Mother, and singing prayerfully to the full moon.


groovyladyliss - Hi, I'm Melissa, aka groovyladyliss. I moderate the forums Moontime, The Childbearing Year & Mothering, Homebirth & Midwifery, and Wise Woman Birth Control. I am a mother of two home-born children, a wife, and an apprentice midwife. I am passionate about birth, breastfeeding, attachment parenting and all things midwifery, including caring for the well woman. I am the herbalist of my family and am passionate about holistic methods with which to heal my household. I have deep respect for the Earth and all she has to offer, and I am very much into teaching my children how to live a more sustainable way of life. I also have an addiction; a fiber addiction! I sew, knit, spin my own yarn and dream of caring for an alpaca and a few sheep some day.




Joanne - wise woman and green witch, from Kansas, the prairie heartland of green allies. Has her degree in clincal psychology and counseled persons coping with a variety of illnesses. She has been studying herbology for about 6 years now. After numerous workshops and conferences, decided to learn from an herbalist, and a healer from a women-centered tradition. That is how she found her way to Susun and the Wise Woman way. Recently began teaching herb classes. Moderates "Merry Meet' and loves to chat on herbs, health, and women's mysteries. Likes to write, get creative (watercolor, clay,etc..), read books, go flea marketing, garden, cook, canoe, camp, travel and hang with my companion golden retriever.



Kate (aka Katiebug)- Thank you for letting me be a part of your journey. I am a 20 something mother, wife, daughter and Green Witch. I have studied herbal remedies and "kitchen witchery" for some years now and I believe in the practical use of herbal allies and good, old fashioned common sense. I am a Reiki Master and I continue to study in that field. I love to cook, bake, craft, knit, crochet and I've recently begun pottery and creating Neolithic Goddess reproductions. Life is an adventure and I am thrilled to share it all with you! Bright blessings! ~ Kate




LadyB (Barbara Hall, GramaBee) - I’m Susun's 109th apprentice from 1993. I’ve been a professional gardener for over 30 years, and am completely recovered from 8 crippling bouts of Lyme Disease, (thank you, Teasel). I’m also a BellyDance teacher, Hypnotherapist, and a GRANDmother of three wondrous children. I lived in NY State for 54 years, and made the giant leap to the West Coast (Oregon) in December of ’05. The Wise Woman Tradition has nurtured me and kept me going since reading Susun’s “Healing Wise” back in ’91. I’m pleased to be a part of this forum that brings it all to life so we can share it round and round the globe, I co-moderate Healing Wise and Plant Allies and Natural Body Care.



Leaf - I was one of those children whose world existed of singing songs to the garden fairies, talking to animal friends and making weed soups ;-) After a long road and some huge life lessons, some bitter and some sweet, I came home again… I’m a certified Herbalist and Nature Guide now, still learning new things everyday again (currently I am doing Susun Weed’s Spirit & Practice of the Wise Woman Way course). I work in a health food store and have a small herbal home business and give workshops to teach people the wonderful language of Mother Nature. Blessed be!


Lisa Meade/aka Priestessmom - Creator and Matriarch of Withinsight, LLC Lisa is devoted to serving women and offering to them the many tools and insights she has gained in her years of training both in the natural health field and in women's spirituality.
Lisa has recently received her PhD in Natural Health and is excited to bring her love of Wise Woman practices to the everyday in women's lives. Her training as a Priestess and Spiritual Life Coach has provided the opportunity for Lisa to assist women in the understanding of their tools of self-empowerment. A ritualist, Lisa fosters the Mind-Body-Spirit connection in healing and creates rites of passage for people as they travel their life's path. Always honoring and celebrating the connection with nature's cycles, Lisa creates opportunities for women to step into the embrace of Gaia.

lori - web weaver, magical Bellybowl maker, 3rd generation baker, food connoisseur, student of life, teacher of handworking, lover, sister, friend....must recline at the end of the day.



LuJean ~ my name is LuJean and I have just moved to Washington, where I have my own business and I make and sell salves I make from my garden. I have taken three classes from Susun and I love learning everything I can from her. I have also taken several classes from two weed women in Idaho. I love learning all I can from the teachers that come into my life. My doors are open to who ever is next on my path of education, I'm willing to learn new ideas daily. I love to garden and use all the things I grow. I teach others and will continue on my journey. My dream is to come to New York and work one summer for Susun and learn all I can. I believe Nettle and Lavender are my two very favorite herbs. I use and I know I'm here to teach others.


MaDonaVerde enjoys being a moderator of this forum to compassionately share her knowledge and experience with the Wise Woman Tradition with others. Aside from taking a correspondence course with Susun and doing her best to live the Wise Woman Way herself, MaDonaVerde also brings her MPH in Population and Family Health and many years of experience in the field of Reproductive Health to the discussion table. Informally, she continues her training "in the field" as a stay-at-home-mom for a busy boy, two dogs, one cat, her dh, and an ongoing project to restore and caretake for the plant life on her property. She enjoys reading, music, yardwork (really!), and being with family and friends.



nutmeg ~ I’ve aged quite a bit since this picture was taken, but the image still sums me up quite well.  The ongoing support from the many wonderful wise women on this forum has nurtured me immensely in the last few years.  I’ve learned SO much, and feel grateful to have the chance to help this community continue to thrive!
Suebee - I grew up proud, I was American Indian, Piney-Lenape & Seneca. I am a traditional artisan.  I thank the earth for everything I receive to make Baskets, Jewelry, Dream Catchers, Green Men, Medicine and Nourishment for my family, friends and for myself.   I have a wonderful husband, two teenaged boys, two parrots, and two dogs.  One of my most important jobs in life is to instill respect of our earth to my boys.  I hope to help others learn of the importance of both herbs and what some call weeds!   I always like to remember that people won't always remember what you said or did, but they will remember how you made them feel. I live in NJ.


Sunshine*, lives in Maryland with her husband and their son. Interests are: Astronomy, Astrology, Numerology, Aromatherapy, Crystal energy and other forms of healing. Loves: her family, animals, roses, plants and other flowers, mountains, the ocean, music and dance.
Tamara - I am an herbalist living with husband and child in the Appalachian Mountains. Inspired by my Grandmother, who knew the "healing ways"




Treewicca  -   is an opinionated, stroppy, mother, lover, wildwoman, friend to trees and birds and bugs, music lover, drummer, singer, weaver, crafter, gardener, renovator, listening ear, and lover of wild things - wild people, wild places, wild plants and wild ideas


Willow - I am a Naturalist, aspiring herbalist, and lover of all things wild and natural, especially snakes, spiders (I have seven tarantuals), and raptors. I am also the mother of a 14 year old wonderful daughter. I love teaching others about the beauty and healing wonders Nature has to offer, especially children!



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