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These pages have been produced for peace on earth

Prayers for Peace on Earth

My prayers go out the the families who have lost their loved ones and those who have not heard anything about their loved ones . Do not give up hope and faith . I also wish to thank those rescue workers who have been working tirelessly round the clock to rescue any people trapped under the rubble . Blessed be, Elizabeth

I wish for peace and harmony for everyone. This just shows that everyone can benefit for herbal therapy, especially for the liver - the anger organ. If everyone would just do kidney and liver herbs the human race would be more balanced. (i.e. kidney herbs feed loving energy. And the liver of course helps with anger and aggression). I hope all the divine forces join together through thought and good intention. The polarity would be a success. I wish everyone good health. I desire everyone to pray for this human race. Love and Peace, Lavinia.

Would that the world were filled with people of compassion-there would be nothing of this egregious, incomprehensible nature. I pray for tenderness for this dear planet and its inhabitants. All blessings and love, Ruth

Let us unite in a resolution of peace for all humanity. Love can conquer all. Endora

Many thoughts and reflections on the current events. I am one of the many who are probably guilty of taking our motherland for granted. With all that has happened, I've come to realize how much I love our country, it's people and how I am deeply appreciative how much we are blessed with. I am sorry that it has taken such a misfortune to help me open my eyes once again. My heart goes out to those unfortunate ones.

As a mother, I am thinking about the holy and supreme experience of labor, bringing life into our world and raising of our precious young. We as mothers (and fathers too) through the very act of labor and birth, sacrifice ourselves, a human soul sacrifice to say. We did not sacrifice ourselves during labor to bring life into this world to have life slaughtered.

They say that a mother's prayer is a most powerful prayer of all.

I send out prayers of light to all for peace, tolerance, patience, wisdom, healing, strength, true understanding and perfect love...Jumi September 12, 2001

Bless those in harms way.
Bless those who are suffering.
Bless those who are dying.
Bless the lost unknowing dead.
Bless those who love.
Bless those who are helping.
Bless those who can do nothing but wait.
Bless those with limited information.
Bless those who are scared.
Bless those who are falsely suspected.
Bless those of limited understanding.
Bless those upholding civil liberties.
Bless those who, though well-intentioned, do wrong.
Bless those holding vigil throughout the good, green
Mother Earth.
Bless the Mysterious Ones who love and hold us dear; may we feel their
comfort, too.
Bless us all and give us strength.
So mote it be, Amen, Ho ...

"To go rightly in this world is to be free."
- from Crow Builds Nest c1992, Carolyn McDade

Prayer Circle - for healing the losses of September 11, 2001

Please join the circle this evening as we bring our individual minds
together for one purpose and that purpose would be PEACE.

Any and/or every evening, please light a candle and focus quietly inward on the message of PEACE.

Begin with Peace for yourself.

Then expand that Peace to the sourroundings around you.

Continue expanding that circle outward toward the street you live on....
from the little city your house is in (if it's a suburb), then expand it to
the bigger city

Feel the connection of others....your circle of peace will eventually
connect with someone you know. Share your peace with them.

Continue the circle.....share your peace with all.

Circle all....our country, our leaders......all world leaders.

Create a circle of peace around America. Create a circle of peace around
each and every continent on our globe.

Encircle our globe with peace.

We are one mind. Our mind is a peaceful mind. We lay a blanket of PEACE
around our world for all to experience.

May PEACE, LOVE and COMPASSION be will us all!
Blessed BE!

(offered by Barbara Krecic)

May Peace Prevail On Earth - photos from Union Square

We are keeping this candle burning for all the people & their families who were in the planes, buildings and anywhere near the explosions today. May God be with them and help them through this terrible time. Goddess Bless

Keep The Candle Going
I asked God for water, he gave me an ocean.
I asked Goddess for a flower, she gave me a garden.
I asked God for a tree, he gave me a forest.
I asked Goddess for a friend, she gave me YOU.
"There is not enough darkness in the world to put out the light of one candle."
The Candle of Love, Hope and Friendship
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
This candle was lit on the 11th of September, 2001.
Someone who loves you has helped keep it alive by sending it to you.

"A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle"


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