Third Annual Strawberry Moon Gathering

who? Presented by the Sisterhood of the Sacred Corn Mother
why? to honor Mother Earth and explore ancient Wise Woman traditions
where? Lily Dale, New York, phone: 716-595-8721 fax. 716-595-2442
when? June 10-12, 2005

Strawberry Moon Festival

Join us this June for the Third Annual Strawberry Moon Gathering, presented by the Sisterhood of the Sacred Corn Mothers to honor Mother Earth and explore ancient Wise Woman traditions. Esoteric practitioners will present experiential lessons from the Rainbow Nation and Native American Elders, delving into female mysteries such as herbalism, sacred dancing, astrology, energy magick, guided meditation and sacred Lodges.

Two Native American sacred Inipi's (sweat lodge's) highlight this event, providing a mind-expanding journey of introspection. Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds from days long past, listen to the crackle of the bonfire, sing, howl with wild women and wolves, take traditional steps to ancient dances before drifting off to a peaceful sleep, listening to the Cornmother’s heartbeat drum. Journey to a time when women were honored for their hard-earned wisdom. Learn from the Sacred Cornmother-within to reconnect to female mysteries and restore magick in your life.

The purpose for this gathering is to restore balance of the Feminine Principle within and without, in order to catalyze personal evolution and healing through illuminating the fires of hidden knowledge within all women. The gathering is for women only; no men or young boys will be permitted on or near the ceremonial grounds. Girls must be eleven or older to attend. Necessary materials for experiential classrooms will be supplied so please bring an open heart and mind. Food is provided and included in the cost of admission. There is no additional charge to attend the Inipi Lodge.


Third Annual Strawberry Moon Gathering
Presented by the Sisterhood of the Sacred Corn Mother

the details....

  • Price is $300 for entire weekend and includes camping facilities. Bring your own tent, and sleeping bags.
  • Hot showers and full functioning toilets are on the grounds.
  • Entrance, food, and full program are included in this price.
  • Young women who are attending this for the first time are free except for a $25 food fee. This is as long as they are accompanied by their mother or Auntie or a responsible adult woman who is attending. The young women must have had a moon cycle to be part of this gathering.
  • We will be discussing many women's issues so we would appreciate only young women and adult women in attendance. No children please it distracts from the need to have a space for the women to concentrate and enjoy the freedom from the every day challenge of parenting. (No exceptions will be given).
  • We need to know if you're camping or want to rent a separate room for the event. There are several rentals available for the year round season but our main hotel is not open until the end of June. If wanting this option, when you call or write to the office ask them to send information on room rentals with your program.

      Third Annual Strawberry Moon Gathering
      Presented by the Sisterhood of the Sacred Corn Mother

      contact info...

    • Phone contact Lily Dale Assembly 716-595-8721 fax. 716-595-2442
    • We can supply some pick ups at the airport if we are notified in advance the price for this is $25 a person one way the round trip is $50 as the airport is over 50 miles from Lily Dale. This is to be paid to the person who has agreed to pick you up from the airport not to Lily Dale Assembly. You can email me personally for travel arrangements.
    • All other information and registration will be done through the office at:
      Lily Dale Assembly
      5 Melrose Park
      Lily Dale, N.Y. 14752
    • Registration may be done by phone or online. Credit card, visa and mastercard are accepted.
    • You can also register by mail or at the gate on the day of the event. All checks should be made out to Lily Dale Assembly.


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