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Meet Grandmother Waynonaha Two Worlds

For those of you who don't know her, Grandma Waynonaha TwoWorlds is someone I consider one of my precious teachers and a very special friend.
She is an amazing woman of strong beliefs, solid ethics, and an incredible amount of knowledge. Having the heritage of both the Lakota and the Cherokee, she can draw on the knowledge of both cultures. I am delighted I can share this with you and I want to say "thank you a whole bunch" to Grandma.
Contributed by Anita Atsila

Grandmother Waynonaha Two Worlds ~ Biography

For many years I walked my path until I walked myself to the center of my own existence and had my back turned on Creator. All the beauty and truth which I had discovered had come to me as a reflection of Creators beauty, I had kept my eyes fixed on the reflection and was always looking at myself.

Creator brought me to a point, which I had no choice but to turn away from the reflection of myself and of the earth, which could only mirror my own self. In a short time, the mirror was broken, and I had felt abandoned, because I could no longer gaze upon the image of my own reason and the infinite world, which it knew.

Creator ask me to acknowledge my own nothingness, and out of that knowledge I have been reborn, a born again Indian. I am no longer the center of my life and therefore I can see Creator in everything. I see now that it was not me who had been seeking Creator, Creator had been seeking me....

You don't have to be a born again "Indian", you will be born again in your faith as you see it in your own reflection....

My life is for the people my father taught me that our lives belong to the people we are but the hollow reeds that Creator uses to work here on Earth.

I was born an Indian of a Mother that respected the Earth. My Mother taught me to sing and dance my dreams into reality, to have courage and stand in truth for what you believe. The early years of my life were spent living in the high desert of Nevada. We lived on Ranches that were isolated from civilization and outside influence. Poor in the material ways but rich in the spiritual ways and beauty of the land.

From Indian school to white mans schools we traveled, moving every two years or so. My Father kept his ways even to his death he took them with him in his silence, the Bear Clan his medicine and healing power. This he passed to us his children, as with mine some understood some did not. I always remembered who I was and where I came from it is in my heart.

After marriage and the death of my husband I remarried to a white man and took my daughter to Maine where I raised five more children and lived in the stark puritan way. I missed the desert and my people - not a day went by that I did not miss them. Many years have passed and my children married and one passed into spirit. My Grandchildren are well and growing into young adults.

Some understand me and some do not but that is the way in this world. When my husband became ill in 1987 with Cancer I started to speak on alternative healing. After that first speaking the phone never stopped ringing and my life seemed to have a way of its own. It was hard to imagine that what I had learned from my Father and Mother could be of such interest to others.

For over three years I supported my family while my husband gained his health. In 1990 I came to speak on the Cattaragus Indian Reservation in Western N.Y., for the women council. While there I also came to speak in Lily Dale, a spiritual community. This is where I live now. I never thought then that I would be living here in New York in Lily Dale, and traveling all over the world speaking.

It is a life full of changes and uncertainty but also full of wonder and love. I would not change it or do it any other way, I am truly grateful for all that Creator has shown me and for all the wonderful people who come to listen. I am also grateful for Lynn my side half. He is a truly wonderful and supportive answer to prayer. Standing on this edge of life at 61 I can but only wonder where the path will take us to next.

Creator takes care of all of us if we but trust and I will continue to do the work as long as I am here on this Earth. Born a human being and of the Lakota Nation, Bear clan my Father, from my Mother of the Southern Cherokee band, she gave me the owl for my protector. Bear and Owl are my clans. I honor my ancestors, and all my relations. I serve the people as a humble human being here on this our Earth Mother.

Mitakuye Oyasin Blessing and love,

Waynonaha Two Worlds



She walks down by the river, smells the sweet spring breeze
Barefoot with the grass beneath her feet, walking gently, walking slow.
Feel each blade touch her and whisper to her melodies
She feels the life and she is free.
As a dragonfly, beautiful colors with the world on it's wings.
As the pebble washed by the water and rough edges smoothed with time.
See her stand now, at the river's edge.
See her spirit lift and soar.
She is free now , she feels the life and she is free.
She stands ankle deep in crystal waters with cool liquid; fresh.
Like a spring of purity, to wash the old, and replace the new.
Letting it calm her, letting it soothe.
Ahh the water, drowning doubts.
Feel the sun, feel the wind, feel the energies abound.
See her spirit awake for she knows love.
Could it be any other way now....
Not even if the heavens were falling down.
She breathes in the sun and lets it warm her heart.
It becomes the fire burning inside her; the creation of herself.
Her legs will not carry her; but only where her spirit calls.
She becomes the dragonfly, letting go of that which holds her bound to
heavy burden of life.
She feels the life, she feels the love and she is free.
Spirit dance now, as we celebrate her birth.
It has been many moons from when we last knew her.
And she is here. feet plant deep in her people soil.
Drawing from the strength of her people the wisdom which is hers.
Red Earth Red sister.
Spirits sing; one more sister has found her way back to herself.
See her kneel now and embrace the Earth Mother.
Spirit planted in fertile soil will not wither and will not die.
Listen as she grows.
She is the life now, she is the love, she is the Earth Mother and she
Hear the voices of her children.
She is free
Mitakuye Oyasin Waynonaha

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Grandmother Waynonaha

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