Wise Woman Ezine with herbalist Susun Weed
April 2007
Volume 7 Number 4
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Childbearing & Mothering ...
The Earth Beneath Our Feet

Earth Woman

by Sophia Roselyn Breillat



The Earth Beneath Our Feet
Earth Woman

by Sophia Roselyn Breillat



As custodian of love upon this planet, sheembodies the immortal spirit of the earth within her womb.Her inner beauty is sustenance for body, heart and soul. Her
natural wildness is elixir, her feminine mystique is nectar, her timeless spirit is eternal.Compromising her love in a world that increasingly plunders, destroys and pollutes Gaia’s riches,the ART of Liz Welch she struggles to find her true power as a woman.

As Gaia is her very essence, whatever is done to the earth, is done to her. Without honouring and protecting this vast source of life within every woman and the earth, our current civilisation is doomed. Contemporary women, through losing their inherent connectedness to the earth, have sacrificed Gaia's instinctual wisdom and tender receptivity to excessive male energy within their bodies and psyche.

There is increasing difficulty with conception, menstruation, childbirth, lovemaking and menopause, as the female body absorbs the loss of the earth's ever-flowing love and fertility. Woman has been taught by the media to go out there and hunt for whatever she needs as if she is a man.

She has been taught to be rational, intellectual and mental, instead of living in intuitive harmony within the mysterious body of Gaia. In desperation, she has forgotten how to wait, in openhearted feminine receptivity, for true love to come to her.

Whenever a woman loses touch with her innate capacity for receiving love, the immortal spirit of Gaia loses all meaning and purpose. Whenever a woman is denied space for her nurturing tenderness and inherent sacredness, the revered spirit of Gaia is lost.

When a woman is truly in her being, she and Gaia are one. Both share the same bond, the same secrets, the same mysteries, the same love, for each is in harmony with Gaia’s primordial rhythm. Both share the same body, the same spirit, the same heart. Both rejoice in the loving purity of the earth’s ever-giving presence.



And how he loves to lie upon her soft verdant grass, between the gentle slopes of her valleys, beneath her majestic trees. She, his wise night lover, playful daylight companion, custodian of evening skies, spirit of moist forests, heart of hearts, is always calling him home.

When busily immersed in his realm of time, schedules and progress, he cannot hear her tender voice within the cascading waterfall, within the dancing raindrops or within his own heart. Her magical creation is his much-needed solace when he is weary, nurturing and sustaining him until he returns, refreshed, renewed, and humbled, into the fray of the outer world.

Long, long ago, he knew her as his love. the ART of Liz WelchGaia’s spirit, his beloved one, evoking reverence and honour, was then, and still is, an essential element in his psyche. Once living in gratitude for the creative power and abundant fecundity that provided him with food, clothing and shelter he worked and loved daily within the realm of Gaia’s beauty. It is within her that he finds the deepest part of himself that cannot become fulfilled through his work or any other act of doing.

Masculine energy becomes habitual, destructive and mechanical when separated from Gaia’s mystery. Every man longs to return, through her, into the sacred earth of his belonging. She is his very sustenance, his female soul.

When he demands that Gaia yield to his personal will, instead of aligning with the impersonal will of spirit, he becomes lost, unloving, and afraid. He is of little value to life and love if his direct experience of life is not integrated with the earth.

His soul thirsts for nourishment through the spiritual depth of living with nature. How can he reunite with his wild spirit whilst staring for long hours at a computer screen within a concrete jungle?

Rarely does he receive the support of wise mentors who welcome him, through heartfelt communion with Gaia, into the sacredness of true brotherhood upon the earth. Rarely is he, or his woman, honoured in truth.

When he loves the spirit of Gaia within his partner, surrendering to this essential food for his soul, he awakens as the strength of the noble warrior. Through intimately merging with the sanctuary of the Earth Mother, his true home, he is replenished.

He then begins to know the awesomeness of his brilliance, tenderness and capacity to nourish. Through losing his fear of death, he then realises that he will always return to the eternal womb of The Earth Mother.

Her fertility myths have sung the song of creation throughout the ages. Every moment, Gaia sings this joyful chorus, rejoicing in being the fulsome seed of glorious life. Bubbling springs, roaring oceans and tranquil lakes sing her song. Raging tempests, molten volcanoes and desert storms dance her melody.

the ART of Liz WelchShe sings the flowers into blossoming and the fruit into ripening. She sings joy into awakening, and love into being. Being supported by the earth beneath our feet is a privilege, a gift that evokes deep peace and humility. She asks daily, that we, like she, become one with all of creation. Yet very few hear her plea.

There is no control in Gaia, for her passion is vibrant, ruthless, untamed. If we are open, it reaches deeply into the innermost part of us. The world tries increasingly to harness, bridle and repress the wildness of her power. The state of this world, at any moment in history, reflects the state of the collective psyche.

Without intimate communion with the female essence of nature, a man cannot merge with his role as protector and guardian of the earth. Without living intimately as the female essence of nature, a woman cannot merge with her wisdom and love.

How much horrific devastation will be wreaked upon the earth before Gaia, in her unleashed fury, has had enough? How many of us will remain after the last polluted river ceases flowing, the last poisoned plant ceases growing, the last tall tree is torn from the forest?

The contemporary world may not continue as it is, but Gaia, the great vibrant Goddess of life will always remain, for her essence is eternal. It is never too late to return to the power, beauty and love of the earth spirit within every man and woman. Feel her vibrant pulse of life within you now.

© ~ Sophia Roselyn Breillat ~ not to be reprinted without author’s permission

Sophia is a woman who lives, writes and paints from the heart ~
She may be contacted at: wullegurra@hotmail.com


www.wildheartwisdom.comRoslyne Sophia Breillat

Roslyne Sophia Breillat
Within the womb of every woman glows the consciousness of Mother Earth. Wildheartwisdom is a web site for nurturing the truth of this powerful feminine spirit and offers support for the female psyche’s many cyclic transformations. Wildheartwisdom focuses upon the deeper joy and purpose of menstruation, lovemaking, pregnancy, childbirth, mothering, relationships, menopause and beyond. Find spiritual guidance for healing from eating disorders, sexual abuse, miscarriage and abortion. There are currently three galleries featuring Sophia’s art and a selection of her article excerpts. As wildheartwisdom evolves more art and articles will be added as well as an extensive resource section. Sophia’s beautiful art and illustrations are for sale and she is currently seeking a publisher for her two books.

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