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August 2004
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Anti-Cancer Lifestyle ...
"A City Herbal"
book review by Christina Francine
plus...Dandelion by Dalia Santina

bookcover: A City Herbal by Maida SilvermanA City Herbal
by Maida Silverman
Ash Tree Publishing 1990
PB 181
ISBN# 1-888123-001

Review by Christina Francine

Live in the city, but daydream about harvesting healthy herbs? You’d plant your own if only there was a place to grow them. What is a city dweller to do? Well, you go wild crafting (picking wild herbs) like country folk, that’s what. Where, you say? No need to take a long drive. Look around your area. Chances are those plants crafty enough to sprout between slabs of concrete or vacant lots are more than a “weed.” Now, you say I see plants, but how do I know what is safe? You need a reference, right? That’s where Silverman’s book comes in.

Village Mother  ©2004 DURGA BERNHARDSilverman longed for a fantasy garden once from her city home and attempted a modest version, yet it didn’t work out. Then, she realized one-day greenery already grew around her, and so, her study and involvement began. She realized later that there had to be others who felt as she did and thus wrote “A City Herbal.”

Hardy herbs/weeds manage to grow in cities. Silverman chose thirty-four plants special to her and included them in her book. She’d like others to realize that even in crowded areas with generous acres of buildings, and blacktop, special plants are found. These hardy inhabitants aren’t a weed to be spurned, but often offer natural aide and beauty. Silverman narrows the vast spectrum down to the most common.

Many herbal books are on the market, but how many are specifically for city-folk?

The Book Contains:

-Author’s Notes
-Bouncing Bet
-Clover, Red
-Clover, White
-Dock -Golden Rod
-Ground Ivy
-Japanese Knotweed
-Lady’s Thumb
-Lamb’s Quarters
-Mexican Tea

-Poison Ivy
-Pokeweed -Prickly Lettuce
-Queen Anne’s Lace
-Shepherd’s Purse
-Saw Thistle
-Wild Sumac

Silverman raises fine points and provides information and sketches of herbs often found between cemented dwellings. She offers inspiration for those aching for access to natural plants.

Readers, whether city or country, will find Silverman’s book useful in becoming acquainted with wild herbs. She’s done her homework. Her compilation is a useful and organized handbook in alphabetical order. She thoughtfully provides a glossary for quick study with meanings of herbal terms and a quick-find index.

I appreciate Silverman’s book, and even though I live in the country, will use it.

Christina Francine's published work has appreared in magazines, newsletters, newspapers, and the Internet. Fiction includes Fantasy, Children's, and Suspense. Non-fiction includes Herbs, Horses, Tips and Public-Awareness. She's published multiple book reviews for authors, publishers, and publications. Also software reviews.
As an advocate for migrainers she offers information, help and LINKS at

Her Motto: "Pursue Your Dreams and Live!"

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dandelion drawingAn excerpt from
Super Supplements for Skin, Body & Mind
by Dalia Santina, Ph.D.

From the chapter on the herb Dandelion

Dandelion is also restoring, preserving, clearing, balancing and has anti-inflammatory properties as well as some potential for fighting cancer (it stimulates white blood cells). It helps reduce cholesterol levels, and is good for anemia, gout, rheumatism, abscesses, fluid retention, constipation, and breast tumors.

Dandelion contains high amounts of potassium (an electrolyte and a natural salt) which is why it acts as a good diuretic that helps the function of the kidneys. In fact, dandelion’s diuretic and laxative effects help stimulate excretion of urea, while its bitter qualities help remove fats from the liver and the blood. Dandelion is also high in calcium which makes it a good alternative for those who can not tolerate dairy foods. It is also rich in choline, a factor of the B-complex vitamin that is so important for liver health. This is why dandelion can greatly help the liver do its job properly, i.e., detoxify and purify the blood by filtering clotting substances, drugs, hormones and any toxic accumulations.

Main benefits: Dandelion enhances bile flow which is essential for liver function and immune health. Studies have shown that dandelion prevents or treats congestion and inflammation of the liver , thus helping prevent cirrhosis, as well as the gall bladder, helping prevent the formation of gallstones. Due to its liver healing effects, dandelion has been used in medical practice to successfully treat hepatitis, swelling of the liver, jaundice, and dyspepsia with deficient bile secretion.

Other uses: Dandelion has the ability to help do the following:

• Strengthen the kidneys to remove excess water from the body without the depletion of potassium.

• Stabilize blood sugar level that may, otherwise, lead to unhealthy eating patterns and hypoglycemic symptoms such as fatigue and irritability.

• Clear the complexion from blemishes, age spots, and other skin problems caused by toxic liver or digestive problems such as acne, blisters and warts.

• Relieve constipation, headaches, joint pain, arthritis, spleen ailments, edema, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), and anemia.

• Reduce the frequency of gall bladder attacks.

• Improve appetite as well as heal minor digestive problems.

• Facilitates absorption of fat including fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K and the carotenes) which is essential for energy and strong immune system.

• Help fight cancer.

In general, dandelion root is good for all kinds of liver and gallbladder problems. It actually rejuvenates the entire body....

About the author:
Dalia Santina, Ph.D., is a dedicated international author, licensed aesthetician, nutrition consultant, aromatherapist and iridologist. She earned her doctorate in Holistic Nutrition from the Clayton College of natural health, with an emphasis on natural healing therapies. In keeping with her major interests in nutrition/beauty research and education, Dr. Santina was awarded numerous training diplomas and certificates from leading American and European aesthetic schools and cosmetic companies. Her many years of experience in running her successful skin-care business "Dalia's Skin Club", led to the publication of her two books "Holistic Skin is…IN" and "Super Supplements for Skin, Body & Mind". Other books on related issues are to be published in the near future. Through her well-received seminars, Dr. Santina updates both, the public and professionals (skin/hair/nail) on the very latest in nutrition and aesthetics. Dr. Santina has been a welcome guest on KDOCTV. She has also been featured in some of the most prestigious skin care and fashion publications including Skin Inc., and Dermascope magazines. Dr. Dalia Santina is listed in Marquis Who’s Who for the year 2002.

Click here to read an excerpt from Holistic Skin is... in by Dalia Santina, Ph.D.

Join Waynonaha this fall at the Wise Woman Center
Woodstock, NY:

Waynonaha, teacher and story-teller of the Bear Clan, is a certified nutritionist and a spiritual healer; She is a descendent of a line of traditional Healing Women.

October 16, 2004
Each Workshop: $50-75. $25 deposit.

We are spiritual beings, we are light, we are energy. All beings are created from energy; it is the essence of who we are.

As we walk upon the Earth we focus our energy on our earth path and the truth of who we are. Everything that we do uses energy as we invest the essence of who we are in the things that we do. The energy that we invest must be replaced in order for us to walk in a whole manner, centered in our truth. Join us as we explore who we are as energy beings in relation to our connection to the Earth. We will travel back in time by journeying to the drum into the Great Mystery, the place from which we came, and all that is. Bring open hearts and open minds for sharing.

October 17, 2004
Each Workshop: $50-75. $25 deposit.

Learn to heal yourself and others with the aid of nature and natural law with Grandmother Waynonaha Two Worlds who has traveled extensively around the world and throughout the United States. We share a common thread that connects all cultures. The knowing of joy, love, and the grief of loss are common human issues.

In this workshop we will be going within to fill our own inner void; then redirecting this energy for transformation. As we view the process of how nature grows we see the connection to our spiritual learning. In planning our movement toward goals and change in the physical world, we will create a new link into the spiritual world. The focus will be learning about our own boundaries and acceptance in the sacred hoop of life. This is a life experience sharing circle.

Objectives: Accepting Loss; Filling the void; Letting go; Forgiving; Achieving Balance and Harmony; Learning to assert your self; Finding the right tools.

How do these issues fit in life’s larger picture? What do I do after a devastating loss? What are the characteristics of a healthy relationship?

Trust that you like these they are very good life based programs for survival. Love, Waynonaha

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