Wise Woman Ezine with herbalist Susun Weed
June 2007
Volume 7 Number 6

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What's Inside Wise Woman Herbal Ezine this Month...


Healing Wise ...
Being a Witch Interview –
Susun Weed & Debra H. of Keys of Knowledge


Being a Witch Interview –
Susun Weed & Debra H. of Keys of Knowledge



1.) How did you know that being a witch was right for you?
In 1975 I was initiated by Z. Budapest the grandmother of women’s spirituality. I have an eclectic religious background: Jewish, Catholic, Baptist, and Buddhist as well as being a high priestess of Dianic Wicca.

the ART of Marjolein Gulinski

2.) As a witch do you follow more of a traditional way or a Wiccan way? Explain?
There is no “traditional” witchcraft. Witches who burned were midwives and healers, not pagans who honored the Goddess. I practice “woman-centered spirituality.” I initiate green witches. I believe all acts of joy and beauty are in honor of Her.

3.) Do you belong to a Coven, Circle, Group or do you practice alone as a solitary?
My first coven of three women was “Coven of Warm November.” After three years we expanded and became the “New Moon Coven.” I no longer work in a “visible” coven; my coven is the Ancients. I’m not solitary; I am a free agent.

4.) Are you open about being a witch to others?
Yes. A witch is a woman who knows that her spirituality is her life and that her life is an art. As a green witch my art is the wise use of the green. All of my publicity and my website are open about my being a witch. Yes, I have lost jobs because of it.

5.) How do you celebrate Beltane?
I celebrate everyday as a Holy Day. Each day is sacred. I turn the Wheel of the Year everyday. But I don’t do High Magic rituals except when asked.

6.) In your book "New Menopausal Years the Wise Woman Way" you give several options to help aid with menstrual cramping. Have you ever talked with someone in the medical profession that has agreed with any of these methods?
The term “medical profession” covers a lot of ground. Many MD’s agree with me; most ND’s – who practice heroic medicine – do not. But what I like is that women find my information helpful.

7.) Also in your book under your Emotion Uproar section you mention it is good to chew on a piece of licorice when you feel like biting someone's head off. Why is that?
When we are tense our jaw tightens. The motion of chewing helps us bite through the tension and keep it from turning into a disease state. Any hard root will do, but licorice is sweet and people seem to like that.

the ART of Marjolein Gulinski

8) What inspired you to write this book?
When I turned 44 I realized my mother wasn’t going to give me a “little book” about menopause. So I wrote one for myself. I’d heard I could lose my mind/memory and wanted something to refer then. At 56, after menopause, I wrote "New Menopausal Years the Wise Woman Way". It’s one third bigger and I wanted to highlight the new studies showing how unhealthy it is to take hormone replacement.

9.) Your six steps in healing format you have throughout the book is very helpful. Could you explain the Step 0 - Do nothing.
In order to receive you have to open yourself. Let go of time, the phone, email, and take time to meditate so that you can receive messages from the Universe. Surrender.

10.) The Crone rituals are very moving, what kind of feedback have you received from other women who have done them?
I rarely receive feedback on specific parts of my book. Most women tell me my menopause book is their bible.

11. Your book provides many good to know options to many problems women face during menopausal years. Why do you think doctor's seldom give us this many choices?
MD’s are limited to drugs and surgery. A midwife, a book, or a forum (such as the one at my website) will usually be more helpful for women in menopause looking for information, than a doctor of any kind.

12.) Do you find a difference between male and female dotcors when dealing with menopause?
Female doctors are often more frightened and more likely to urge you to use hormones. Younger doctors of either sex may be more open minded, more educated on alternatives.



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Healing Wise

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I just started reading your book, Healing Wise. Your humor and approach to life seem so "down-to-earth", just like your favorite powerful weeds. Thank you for sharing and nourishing! ~ Diane


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