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June 2010
Volume 10 Number 6

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Raising Our Fertility Consciousness
by Astrid Grove

Raising Our Fertility Consciousness
by Astrid Grove
mentor at the Wise Woman University

As women we are blessed with a womb that is in constant conversation with the moon. Like the ocean tides, our wombs are pulled by the waxing and the waning of the moons lunar energy. Fantasy Art of Melissa Harris Before electricity women bled on the dark of the moon and ovulated around the full moon. Now that there is electricity and thus more light, our cycles have shifted so that a woman is bleeding every moment of every day.

Wow! It is time to tune into our own body and our own cycle so that we may know when we bleed and when we ovulate. It is a step toward taking charge of our own fertility.

There are many ways to connect with our menstrual cycles and fertility. I find that there is a lot of value in charting my cycle daily. I chart my basal body temperature, cervical secretions, and cervical position. I also chart when I have had intercourse, the phase of the moon, emotions, breast tenderness, etc. By charting these three fertility signs and additional information I am aware of my fertile times and un-fertile times.

Basal body temperature: Take your temperature with a basal body thermometer every morning at the same time and before you get up or eat and drink anything. You will begin to notice a pattern after a few months of charting. You may notice that your basal body temperature is around 97 -97.5 before ovulation, and rises to about 97.6 to 98.6 after ovulation. After a few months of charting you will be able to use this sign in conjunction with other fertility signs to help determine your fertile time.

Cervical secretions: The best time to check your cervical secretions is after you have peed and done some pelvic floor exercises. Be sure your hands are washed and using your fingers check the secretions at the opening of your yoni. Without looking notice the consistency and then look and take note if it is blood (menstruation), dry (dampness that evaporates quickly), sticky, creamy, eggwhite (stretchy). It is the stretchy secretion that indicates ovulation. Check multiple times a day and chart your results in the evening.

Cervical position (height, softness, opening, and wetness): Wash your hands, get down into a squatting position and insert your index finger into your yoni and locate your cervix. Check where your cervix is…is it near the opening or pushed back far so it is hard to reach? Is it open or closed? Is it firm or soft? An ovulating cervix sits high, is open and soft.

After charting for a few months you will notice a pattern. Now you can begin to use your data in order to avoid pregnancy (or to call in pregnancy, as the case may be). Be aware that sperm can survive for up to 5 days in cervical fluid. To avoid pregnancy be sure to use a dependable birth control method

Here’s the twist. Women are now spontaneously ovulating at different times in their cycle. Even though you are charting and avoiding unprotected intercourse during your fertile time, you can still become pregnant. Take appropriate precautions. Use herbal birth control. Use a barrier method. Stay tuned into your body. Listen and trust.

Womb meditation (to be practiced daily, at least):

• Sitting cross legged, bringing your attention to your womb. Sink into your womb and be present. Breathe.

• Ask your womb where you are at in your fertility cycle. Notice any colors, thoughts, visions, sounds, smells. Trust what you experience.

• Continue to breathe and be in your womb, in your center. Feel the connection with the moon. Breathe into this connection, remaining open to emotions. Sounds are welcome.

• On an exhale extend a cord of energy (whatever color feels best) from your womb, your second charka, deep down into the earth’s core, rooting you.

• Send love and gratitude to the earth, to the moon, and any other energies you feel drawn to at this time.

• Bring your focus back to your womb.

• Breathe here. Be here.

• Open your eyes.

There are many ways to be in tune with our fertility. Find the way(s) that work best for you…and have fun doing it!

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About the Mentor:  Astrid Grove
Astrid Grove LM, CPM is a homebirth midwife, wise woman herbalist, and certified practitioner of the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage.  Her life’s passion is to create sacred space for healing to occur in on-on-one sessions and also with groups.  She travels extensively around the world sharing the teachings of the Wise Woman Way.   She currently resides in the mountains of Santa Cruz, California.







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