Weed Wanderings Herbal eZine with Susun Weed
March 2004
Volume 4 Number 3

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Jamie Wood faery art


http://www.jamiewood.com/ Goddesses, grab your wands because you are going on an enchanted tour into a magickal world of love and support, gilded with sparkling light. Within this faery realm, you will discover a monthly musing page about the Spirit that lives within you. At each turn of the Wheel, you will be gifted with a recipe and ritual for the eight sabbats. A tithing page supports worthy causes in need of loving attention. You will also be made privy to the latest information on The Wicca Herbal, The Wicca Cookbook, or Jamie's teenage diary (written in reverse): The Teen Spell Book.

Blessed Maine Herb Farm sponsors the annual Wildgathering!,
May 28-30 2004 - Join Gail Faith Edwards for a three day celebration of the Wild Earth, held each Memorial Day weekend, at the Athens Maine Fairgrounds. Admission is Free, weekend camping is $10. On-going classes, workshops, and presentations on a wide variety of topics related to personal and planetary health and well being, a marketplace filled with earth oriented goods and services, great food, music, camping, community spirit, and lots of fun! Proceeds support programs that teach children to be loving caretakers of our planet.

http://www.jocelynallen.com/ Jocelyn Allen teaches culinary, curative, cosmetic and ceremonial uses of herbs. Her enthusiasm is contagious whether it be in person, on TV or in her writings. To see a complete listing of her classes, line of herbalware, or soon to be released recipe cards …. please visit www.jocelynallen.com

Karen Bergeron the tree hugger

Karen Bergeron lives in Tennessee Ridge, Tennessee and is editor of Alternative Nature Online Herbal at http://altnature.com/ , an extensive site with herbal descriptions, hundreds of herb photographs, as well as articles and links related to herbs and alternative medicine. She also makes Amazing Jewelweed Remedies, which are used for poison ivy, oak and skin conditions. Karen has a huge collection of herb photographs she takes for educational and commercial use.

100 Fires bookstore banner
http://www.100Fires.com/ Extraordinary Books for a Healthy Planet - Thousands of titles from dozens of independent publishers - on Greening Cities, Feminism, Corporate rule vs Democracy, Nature Conservation & Restoration, Spirituality, Racial Justice, Media, Kids and more! Susun Weed's Wise Woman Herbal series offered here too!!


http://www.themommyspa.com/ A Wellness Resource for Women and Their Growing Families; founded by Lindsay MacInnis CMT. A graduate of the Body Therapy Center in Palo Alto CA, and AMTA member, Lindsay has studied the modalities of Swedish/ Relaxation Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and Trigger Point Therapy. Inspired by the discomforts of her first pregnancy, Lindsay turned the focus of her practice to working with pregnant and postpartum women. Her vision is to offer massage therapy as adjunctive healthcare during the birthing year including prenatal and postpartum therapies. The Mommy Spa offers pregnancy massage and couples massage clinics in Los Gatos, CA.

The Mommy Spa banner


Witch Haven Celtic Spiral art bannerhttp://www.witchaven.com/ We are a group (Grove) of Witches of different practices who have formed a fellowship to provide information, education, support, a shop and news to the Worldwide Craft community. We have an emphasis on Traditional, Hereditary Witchcraft, Pagan and Wiccan Craft. We also have a Yahoo group set-up in order to responsibly promote and support the Crafting world and also help non-Craft users by taking some of the mystery out of what we do and put it into a more "straightforward and matter of fact" perspective.


Plant Spirit Photography by Judith Garrisonsagevox@lightsourcephoto.net Plant Spirit Photography by Judith Garrison. Plant spirit photographs reveal the power, beauty and intelligent generosity of the plants, trees and earth in this vast web of interconnectedness. The current photo galleries are from The Hawaiian Island Archipelago, the most remote place on earth, vibrating with the raw energetic power and spirit that animates all living things. Matted prints are available, titled and signed by the photographer. Judith is available to photograph your sacred places, animals. Contact Judith at sagevox@lightsourcephoto.net.


Sunstone Herb Farm in the Catskills Mountains, New York
http://www.sunstoneherbs.com/ Sunstone Herb Farm is a women-owned and operated herb business committed to living in community with the green world. Located in the foothills of the Catskills, we joyfully and respectfully wildcraft and cultivate herbs for drying and for use in our products. We are not resellers so quantities are limited and vary with the seasons. See our website for our current schedule of plant walks, workshops and song circles or to ask for our free brochure. Blessed be!


http://www.cafeshops.com/drtonya Welcome to Mama's House! Come right on in and learn about the symbol of the Yoniverse that is displayed on the items for sale in this store. Yoniverse is a graphic description of the transcultural divine femi-nine principle. It is a composite of four ancient symbols: The Triangle, The Moon, the Sun and the Star. The positioning of the cosmic forces - Sun, Moon and Stars, form the metaphysical HexAlpha (Star of David) that represents the ultimate harmonic balance. Become one with the Yoniverse symbol and enjoy the experience. Mama's House banner

Acufinder.com bannerhttp://www.acufinder.com/ Acufinder.com, the leading online acupuncture referral service, has become a prime source for acupuncture and Oriental Medicine information designed for patients who desire details about an acupuncturist before visiting the office. Visitors are directed to the customized listings of acupuncturists in their area that best suit their needs. Acufinder features dynamic search features to aid in connecting the right acupuncturist to the right person. Not only can you search by type of acupuncture, areas of expertise, languages spoken and location; the search results will tell you the distance to each practitioner, show a photograph of the acupuncturist, and allow you to print out directions to the office.

students at the Wise Woman Center, Woodstock, NYhttp://www.wise-woman-center.com/ Wise Woman Center. The Wise Woman Center exists to re-weave the healing cloak of the Ancients. This land, this sacred sanctuary for women is a place for the teachings of the Wise Woman way. The Goddess lives here, as do goats, fairies, green witches, and elders. Located between Woodstock and Saugerties, 5 miles from the NYS Thruway, the Wise Woman Center is easily accessible while private enough for nude swimming. You'll receive a map and directions when you register. Incredible wild-food vegetarian meals are included with all workshops. Two- and three- day workshops (limited enrollment) include camping or indoor sleeping space and meals. Want to visit? Don't have money for a class? Join us for a work-exchange retreat or come to a moonlodge. There's no charge and its lots of fun. Please don't expect Susun to consult with you privately when you're here. Instead, call our free herbal/health hot line (845-246-8081) Tuesday evenings, 7:30-9:00pm ET, from Mid-April to the end of October.


photo: Susun S. WeedCome join Susun in Austin, Texas!
March 18th - 21st 2004
Menopause from Three Directions

Green Blessings, Earth Magic, Herbal Medicine

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