Weed Wanderings Herbal Ezine with Susun Weed: Book Review
September 2003
Volume 3 Number 9
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Book Preview...
Traversing the Wild Terrain of Menopause;
Herbal Allies for Midlife Women and Men
by Gail Faith Edwards

Gail Faith Edwards has released her second book on herbal healing and health, Traversing the Wild Terrain of Menopause; Herbal Allies for Midlife Women and Men. Gail's first book Opening Our Wild Hearts to the Healing Herbs contains information on 125 herbs and trees; in her new book she discusses our midlife metamorphosis and how we can use herbs as our allies during this time of great transformation.

In Traversing the Wild Terrain of Menopause, Gail illuminates the way through the deeply spiritual and transformative journey we call menopause. She challenges us to consider midlife to be a shamanic journey, then beckons us to join her on this path wrought with wisdom, grace and beauty, as well as discomfort and pain. Gail describes the chemistry of menopause in great detail, explains how hormonal changes affect both women and men, and offers groundbreaking insights into how our shifting chemistry affects our lives together as couples. You'll find comprehensive information on dozens of herbs that will help ease menopausal woes, enhance physical, emotional and spiritual health and well being, and increase sexual pleasure and performance for both sexes. You'll find plenty of herbal ways here to protect your heart, bones, and brain, nourish your immune, endocrine, digestive, and nervous systems, alleviate chronic pain, and so much more. Gail takes us on a poetic journey, shares her life and her dreams, and most of all inspires and empowers the reader to walk a beauty path through midlife leading to the door of rebirth as a wise and healthy elder person with many gifts still left to offer.

Excerpts from FOREWORD
By Rosemary Gladstar:

When you open up the pages of this book, you will step into the `wild terrain of menopause’ from a fresh and unique perspective. Though a book loaded with good advice, traditional herbal remedies and natural therapies that make this transition easier for women ~ and men, Gail goes a full step further. She beckons us along a path that leads to a simpler and saner way of living...into a realm that seems at times far removed from the busyness of the everyday world. I felt at peace here and was enthralled with these sweet glimpses into her personal life, a life of simplicity and dedication to living gently on the earth. (^ Rose Scan by Gail Faith Edwards)

Skillfully blended into the tapestry of Gail's story, are practical time tested recipes and remedies for maintaining wellness and vitality through the cycles of menopause. You'll learn about hormonal changes and how they affect both men and women. You'll discover helpful hints for maintaining strong bones through menopause. And you'll discover how to make traditional herbal brews and fermentations ~ an almost "lost art" ~ the way our ancestors did. You'll develop an intimacy with a few favorite herbs as Gail explores them in depth. Her relationship with the plants goes deep and she opens doorways of understanding that leads us into a deepening as well. Best of all, you'll discover ways to honor and celebrate the earth ~ and in doing so, celebrate your own body.

Let the magic take hold as you begin your journey into the ‘the wild terrain of menopause’ with Gail Edwards, a wise wild woman, as your guide.

Rosemary Gladstar
Cup of tea in hand
Sage Mountain, Vermont 2003

Lady with horn by Gail Edwards

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Herbs and Spirit Power
by Gail Faith Edwards

Excerpt from Opening Our Wild Hearts to the Healing Herbs

Our bodies come from the body of Mother Earth and to her body we will return. We are made of the very same substances as plants and our lives are intricately entwined with theirs. Plants profoundly affect our mind and spirit. The herbs, trees, and flowering plants actively support our growth and spiritual development. Some plants seem to occur solely for the purpose of changing our consciousness and expanding our capacity to love. Spirit is a radiant star within each of us, an inner core directly linked to the inner core of the earth and the heart of nature. From spirit, life's purpose and intention emanate, and innermost power flows. Opening our wild hearts is about cultivating spirit in relationship with herbs.


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