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The Rose Family part 3

c. 2012, Susun Weed

This is the last week of our month devoted to the rose family. So much more could be said about them, so we will return again and again, to make rose petal honey, hawthorn flower wine, apple butter, so much more. Five-petaled, numerous-stamened flowers are the primary characteristic of the rose family, but herbalists sometimes need to recognize plants when they aren't in flower. Look closely at the base of the petiole (the leaf stalk) of plants in the rose family and you will see tiny leaf-like shapes called "stipules."

These stipules, along with compound leaves having an odd number of leaflets, are strong secondary characteristics of the Rosaceae family. Rosaceae improve health in many ways. For now, let us make a classic astringent tonic that capitalizes on one of the rose family's most potent powers: the ability to tighten and contract tissues, that is, astringency.

Rosaceae Tonic Tincture

Dig roots* as early in the spring as possible.
Soak in cold water to loosen soil and gently remove dirt with your fingers or a gentle brush.
Rinse well, chop coarsely, fill your jar with the chopped roots, add 100 proof vodka right up to the top, seal, label, wait six weeks, then use.
Dose is a dropperful at a time, repeated as needed to counter diarrhea, tighten gums, and eliminate water retention before menses and during menopause.

* The roots of any rose family member may be used for this remedy, but blackberry, cinquefoil, avens, and agrimony roots are considered the strongest acting and are therefore the best choices.  

To distinguish blackberries from raspberries, look for the white bloom on the canes and leaves of the raspberry.


And remember that not all cinquefoils have five-part leaves; some have seven-part leaves, like this marijuana look alike, Potentilla recta, or silverweed (Potentilla anserina) which has nine or more leaflets.

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