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Susun Weed's Press Kit

Please use any of the materials found on this website
for the purpose of promoting Susun Weed and her works.
See also her new Press Kit section for more.
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Susun Weed is one of our favorite guests on 'The Woodstock Roundtable.'
Among the hundreds of nutrition and health experts we've had on the program, Susun stands out because of her in-depth research, wisdom and compassion for healing.
Doug Grunther, The Woodstock Roundtable


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Susun Weed has appeared on numerous national radio, television, and new-media venues, including National Public Radio, NBC News, CNN, and She has been quoted and interviewed in many major magazines, including Natural Health, Woman's Day, First for Women, and Herbs for Health. She is a contributor to the Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women's Studies, and writes a regular column in Sagewoman and for Awakened Woman online.

To schedule an interview, presentation, or special feature for radio, television, print media, or in person, please inquire at:



Susun Weed Video Interviews

A Chat with Susun Weed
Being a Witch Interview
Learning Herbs Interview 1.1
Learning Herbs Interview 1.2
Learning Herbs Interview 1.3
Learning Herbs Interview 1.4
Learning Herbs Interview 1.5
Learning Herbs Interview 1.6
Learning Herbs Interview 1.7
Learning Herbs Interview 1.8
Lady Liberty Interview
Bookwire's "Meet the Author"
Menopause Wisdom
Mystic Pop Interview
Journey through menopause
No sacred cows
Let 'em Talk
Future Primitive
The Wise and Natural Way part1
The Wise and Natural Way part 2
The Wise and Natural Way part 3
The Wise and Natural Way part 4
The Wise and Natural Way part 5
Menopause, Migraines &Weight Loss
Menopause Earth Changing Experience
Obsidian Magazine Interview
A Conversation with Susun Weed


ARTICLES (available for reprint)

WOMEN'S HEALTH Articles by Susun Weed
Ten Tips for Women with PMS
Feeling Frisky - Herbs for Fertility
Fertility After Forty
Herbal Allies for Pregnancy Problems
Breastfeeding Problems Natural Remedies - Pt. 1
Breastfeeding Problems Natural Remedies - Pt. 2
Healthy Bones, the Wise Woman Way
Menopausal Years, the Wise Woman Way
Taking Hormones? Herbs to Help Side-Effects
Energy & Stamina the Wise Woman Way
Minerals Make the Difference
Wild Foods for Wise Women - Pt.1
Wild Foods for Wise Women - Pt. 2
5 Easy Things You Can Do To Prevent Cancer
Eight Steps for A Woman Dancing With Cancer
Surviving Radiation - The Wise Woman Way
Breast Cancer? Breast Health!
Phytoestrogens - Friend or Foe?
Could it be Restless Legs Syndrome?

Articles by Susun Weed
Using Herbs Simply and Safely
Ease Those Bug Bites with Easy Herbs
Weeds in Your Garden - Bite Back
Remedies for Stomach ache, Ulcers & Heartburn
Strengthen Your Immune System
Chickweed Is A Star
Glorious Goldenrod
Herbal Adventures - Brassicaceae family
Herbal Adventures - Artemisia genus
Herbal Adventures - The Rosaceae family
Herbal Adventures - The Asteraceae family
Herbal Adventures - the Poaceae family - Grasses
Herbal Adventures - The Liliacea family - lily family
Herbal Adventures - The Malvaceae -- or mallow -- family
Herbal Adventures - The Polygonaceae family - buckwheat
Mysterious Mushrooms
Pine Keeps You Fine
Sage the Savior
The Joy of Purslane
Wild As A Rose

How to Make Herbal Vinegar Pt. 1
How to Make Herbal Vinegar Pt. 2
White Pine - Great Tree of Peace
What's Science got to do with it?
The Three Traditions of Healing
The Wise Woman Tradition is a Spiral
Wise Woman Tradition Empowers Women
The Goddess is Alive in Every Woman
Spirit and Practice of the Wise Woman Tradition
The Shamanic Herbalist
Blood Mysteries



Nursing yourself through COVID-19
End of Life Care
Radio Amerika interview
Nourishing the Body the Wise Woman Way
The Language of Herbs part 1
The Language of Herbs part 2
Holistic Goat keeper
The Goddess Speaks
EZ-Sleep Interview
WSCA-LP Radio interview
Interview with Dr. Lani
Herbs for Menopause
KLCC Radio interview
Beyond 50 interview
Sexual Health



Herbs That Ease Anxiety and Fear - Awakened Woman
An Interview with Susun Weed - Susun discusses herbal remedies for sleep and gets down to the basics dispelling conventional thinking: EZ Sleep Solutions


    SUSUN WEED'S weekly RADIO SHOW on blogtalk radio

Susun Weed / Ash Tree Publishing
PO Box 64 Woodstock, NY 12498
Phone/Fax: 1-845-246-8081

Susun Weed, green witch and wise woman, is an extraordinary teacher with a joyous spirit, a powerful presence, and an encyclopedic knowledge of herbs and health. She is the voice of the Wise Woman Way, where common weeds, simple ceremony, and compassionate listening support and nourish health/wholeness/holiness. She has opened hearts to the magic and medicine of the green nations for three decades. Ms. Weed's Six herbal medicine books focus on women's health topics including: menopause, childbearing, and breast health. Visit her site for information on her workshops, apprenticeships, correspondence courses and more! Browse the publishing site to learn more about her alternative health books. Venture into the Menopause site to learn all about the Menopausal Years the Wise Woman Way.


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Requests to Reprint Articles by Susun S. Weed

The following is a sampling of the email requests for Susun Weed's articles. Do you want to reprint any of Susun's articles? Please contact us at

I'm a homebirth midwife of 13 years and will be giving a presentation about herbs this September and would like to use your article Using Herbs Simply and Safely as an overview and as a handout; so the student can refer to it long after I'm finished speaking.... I use your book frequently and have always had good results. In fact, I have several copies to loan out to clients to read up on what interests them on their own, as well as referring to your suggestions as labor progresses-or not! Thank you for all your work and information about the practical application of herbs in our day-to-day lives.
Jenny West, LM,CPM

Wow! I'm so impressed with the quantity and quality of the articles you sent to me. Thank you, so much, for your time. I'll keep them all in a database. I would like to submit one to the publisher for each issue this year. We will post the bio and web addresses at the end of each one. I'll look into sending copies to you. :) Susun, "thank you!" from all of us at the Aromatherapy Journal! I have recommended your books to others and I will continue to do so. You are truly a healer and teacher. We are honored to have your writing featured in our beautiful journal. :)
Jennifer Tan, Journal Editor, Aromatherapy Journal,

I'm seeking permission to reprint your article from WEED WANDERINGS---"Using Herbs Simply and Safely." I would like to include it as a handout at the Texas Nurse Practitioner conference in September. I am speaking on the topic of alternative approaches to menopause. Your knowledge has been invaluable to me in my past women's health care lectures. I await your response.
Brightest Blessings, Mary Raines, RNC, FNP

We came across your website and was immediately drawn to the topics and subjects listed there. My name is Renee and we have recently started our new age business in Singapore. I am writing to you to ask if it is possible to have some of your written articles be posted on our website? Also, would be grateful if you could add my email address in your mailing list. Thank you.
Best regards, Renee Chan, Manager, New Age Circle

We are New Visions Magazine, a monthly publication, free to the public, offering holistic health information to our readers. I would like permission to reprint your article Fertility After Forty in our May issue. Also, could we use the graphics from your website. Please let me know what credit you would like. Thanks again for all the good work you do.
Namaste, Barry Joshua

This is a request to share 'THE GODDESS IS ALIVE IN EVERY WOMAN' with my group I found the article to be empowering and inspiring.
Blessings, Ravenna

I'd like to be included on your Weed Wanderings mailing list. Also, I'd like permission to copy the article from NEHA, Weeds in Your Garden?--Bite Back! to use as a handout for a class on growing and eating herbs. Bless, Jean Larivee

May we re-print the article Using Herbs Simply and Safely in our online newsletter at Mountain Rose Herbs, with all credit and links back to your site? It's a terrific article - straightforward, informative and easy to understand. This is our second request for this article; 1st one was 3/2/02. Thanks I know you're busy. Best wishes and SPRING Greetings! Julie Bailey

Could I post some of your articles on my website? We would link back to you. Jess suggested Be Your Own Herbal Expert. Do you also have a general article about the Wise Woman Tradition? I love you! I'm thinking a lot about Red Moon starting an apprenticeship program, probably in 2004. I'm so excited about carrying on the Wise Woman Tradition. Love, Corinna

We would like to use Susun's articles on our newsletter. Do we have permission to use them with appropriate by lines? Michael OReilly, MD, Founder,

I am writing to request permission to electronically reproduce your article, Feeling Frisky? Herbs for Fertility. I am the managing editor of the website ChildbirthSolutions. Our company's goal is to inform women and their partners worldwide about the childbirth options that are available today. We hope to educate women and their families without steering them in a specific direction so that they can make informed decisions regarding their pregnancy -- from preconception through postpartum care. Information is presented in the form of articles, birth stories and an interactive message center. You will receive full credit for the article and I will include a link to your site at the end of the article.
Sincerely, Patricia Cusimano,

Would like permission to copy your, Ten Tips for PMS article for distribution at Freshfields in Philadelphia as part of a hand-out with talk on general health. Lynn Kelly, DC

Just wanted to let you know that I've scheduled your article Minerals Make the Difference for our March/April issue. Once again, I'll include your bio at the end and publish the ad which we published the last time we ran an article by you. And once again, we'll send you a copy of the issue. Thanks!
Wendy Priesnitz, Editor-in-Chief, Natural Life Magazine

I'm asking permission to use the article "The Goddess is Alive in Every Woman" I received in the Weed Wanderings Newsletter-- I would be making about 100 copies and distributing them to my students in a class I teach at Brookdale Community College, Research Writing (English 122). I'd like to use it in context with a critical thinking exercise on origin stories or creation stories. My intention would be to provide an opportunity for students to compare and contrast (and perhaps research further) different views of creation and/or the creator.
Thanks, Marc David Bonagura, Brookdale Community College

Hi, Demetria here. Is it still okay if I use an article for the upcoming issue of Green Tit. I am interested in the pregnancy one. Thanks, Demetria,

Kathleen Gould of the Southeastern Center for Herbal Studies in Lake City Fl. Is having a "Women's Gathering" in April and has asked me to teach making the 'Godess Crown'. May I use Your article in the Jan Newsletter? Love, Rhonda

I know menopause is a new book and site but tara ( – new site) likes the excerpt at and wants to know if she gives full credit- links and puts the book ON THE ARTICLE PAGE can she reprint it? Let me know either way. Thanks!
Love, Aimee

I would like permission to reprint the article by Susun Weed entitled "Healthy Bones the Wise Woman Way" on my site at .
Namaste, Loretta, Holistic Health Tools

I used your article "Afraid of Anthrax? Strengthen Your Immune System!" in the Jan. issue the newsletter Herbal Remedies and would like to know if I can use "Herbs that Ease Anxiety and Fear" for the Feb. one? I will insert any links you would like and if you have other articles that mention herbs and supplements allot I would be interested in them also. I do newsletters for several websites and am always in need of good articles.
Thank and best wishes from the creek, Deb Jackson

I would like to request permission to reprint your wonderful article Using Herbs Simply and Safely by Susun S. Weed to my ladies in EatingFromGodsGarden. This is a private Email group. If you need more information, just let me know! :-) Thank you!
In Messiah, Fern

Hello. I would like to request permission to run some of the articles you have available on your press kit page for reprint in our Community Magazine. Having read and studied some her work myself, we are more than happy to promote Susan and her work. Our magazine is a monthly lesbian community magazine which encompasses womyn and issues of every kind. Thank you for your consideration.
Wacipi/Pat Myers,

I have finally put one of Susun's articles on our homepage. It is her article titled: 'Fertility After Forty' and gives details about Susun and her good work. Please let me know if you are happy with the results. I thought we would try one article and take it from there. I would like to get her books online in the near future. I will contact you shortly about this.
Kind regards, Steven Layer,

I am a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Homeopathic Physician. I have enjoyed your books and guides even before I was in Medical school. Now I am writing an article on menopause and would like to use materials from your website and book. Of course I would give you full credit and would also like to put your website address in the article. The article will appear online on the professional homeopathic publication, The Prover at Our membership is made up of MD's. Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, DO's, Vets, Pharmacists, and now that it is online anyone else who wants to access it.
Thank you for your consideration, Dr. Solara Attatharya,

What a wonderful article, Afraid of Anthrax? Strengthen Your Immune System! May I post this as this months' feature? I think this would be a fantastic month to post such information.
Take Care, Julie,

Susun, I attended your Friday night session at Mpls and enjoyed your talk. Today I am on your website and would like to copy for my own use, the article on Healthy Bones, the Wise Woman Way. I have been using your books as reference for the past 10 years and I need to get back to making herbal infusions. Thanks, Arlene Beal

Greetings to you! I am a midwife preparing to go soon to a third world nation to serve needy people. I own your book "Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year." This book is an excellent resources and feel that it will be VERY valuable for serving childbearing women in needy areas. Unfortunately, as we prepare to move overseas we are very limited in the weight of our possessions that we can carry. We plan to travel to very remote areas where we cannot take much weight. For this reason, I ask that you would grant me permission to scan this book and save them onto a CD-ROM for my personal reference (so I can use it on my laptop). I will not distribute the scanned pages or give them to others without your permission. I plan to keep the actual copy of the book in my library here in the states. I plead with you to grant me permission to scan this valuable resource. If I am not able to, I may not be able to bring this valuable book overseas because we are very limited in what we can take.
Thank you so much for hearing my request. Sincerely, Jennifer M. Fox

I am preparing the next Mabon edition of my newsletter "The Dragon's Tooth" and would appreciate your permission to use the following article. I pulled this from an article that you wrote about preparing vinegars. I've not changed any of the wording, but I have pared it down to fit a single page. Please let me know if this is ok?? If so, would you like me to mail a copy of the finished newsletter to you? Also, do you have a particular sign-off you'd like me to use?? and may I direct readers back to your website? Thank you so much for all that you do!! Bright Blessings, WyndStarr.

RESPONSE: Yes, please do use the excerpt. and send us a copy, and credit us. And, thanks for wanting to use it! Dont know how much space you have to credit minimum please add Susun Weed's name, address, email , and website address...If you have more space you could list her books... but of course if its a printed item space is at a premium, unlike on the internet where we have as much as we can use....Here is the credit line to use:

Susun S. Weed - PO Box 64, Woodstock, NY 12498 (fax) 1-845-246-8081

Visit Susun Weed at: and

For permission to reprint this article, contact us at:

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