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Susun Weed's Publicity Archive


Susun Weed has appeared on numerous national radio, television, and new-media venues, including National Public Radio, NBC News, CNN, and She has been quoted and interviewed in many major magazines, including Natural Health, Woman's Day, First for Women, and Herbs for Health. She is a contributor to the Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women's Studies, and writes a regular column in Sagewoman and for Awakened Woman online.

To schedule an interview, presentation, or special feature for radio, television, print media, or in person, please write to Susun Weed PO Box 64 Woodstock, NY 12498 or send email to:


Radio & TV interviews Print Interviews Travel Schedule

What a wonderful lady Susan is. I liked her plenty. Would love to have her on again after the first of the year.
I’ve been in this field of health and healing for over twenty five years and have had the pleasure of interviewing over a thousand individuals.
Susan brings a warmth, understanding and compassion to the work that is a blessing indeed. She goes to great lengths not to be dogmatic and at the same time communicated clear, simple healing tools that the listeners and I knew where, “just right”.
Patrick Timpone, Feeling Good and Living Right

Susun Weed is an enthusiastic and well informed guest who encourages people to take control of their health.
She is the keeper of a wealth of herbal knowledge. I hope she returns as a guest soon.

- Susan Lembo, Healthy Lifestyles Radio

I was so impressed with Ms. Weed's wisdom. It is awesome and we can all benefit from being in her 'presence'
whether we read her books or have the pleasure of talking to her.

- Barbara Holstein, Enchanted Self

Susun is one of our favorite guests on 'The Woodstock Roundtable.
Among the hundreds of nutritional and health experts we've had on the program,
Susun stands out because of her in-depth research, wisdom and compassion for healing.

- Doug Grunther
, The Woodstock Roundtable

What a delight Susun Weed is to have on my show, she is always so articulate and informative, she gives practical advice and tells it like it is--my audience just loves her and her wise woman ways. If we could only live her words we would all be so healthy in body, mind, and soul. What a green sweet blessings she is...
- Frankie Boyer, The Business of Being Healthy with Frankie Boyer

LISTEN - Natural Healing and the Wise Woman Way Susun Weed Interview

SUSUN WEED'S weekly RADIO SHOW at Blogtalk radio

Radio & TV interviews...

Deborah Ray Show Randy Meyer NATL SYND / 75 stations / 25 states

WDST Doug Grunther Hudson Valley Region

Wisconsin Public Radio Jean Feraca Madison WI

WEGP It's Your Life Bill Flagg Caribou ME to CANADA

WGVU Open Mind Cecilia Skidmore

News 12 Westchester TV Christina Rios

KDHL AM Minnesota Gordy Kosfeld Fairibault , MN

KCTK/KAAA/KLAV/KZZZ Your Second 50 Years Helen McKnight Phoenix, AZ, Las Vegas, NV, CA

KSTE Wide World of Health Carey Nosler Sacremento, CA

WFHR Morning Magazine Bill Beck Wisconsin Rapids, WI

FRN Allen MCBride (Florida Radio Network) SYND / all of FLA Maitland FLA

WMUA Body Minded Healing Robert Kracauer Florence, MA

WCUB Breakfast Club Debbie Denk Manitoac, WI to Greenbay

WNN / WBYU Natural Alternatives to Medicine Nancy Loft Boca Raton, FLA New Orleans, LA

Bloomberg Radio Rebecca Morris

KSOR Healing Arts Oregon Public Radio Ashland OR

Wisdom Channel - Deep Healing webcast at

WBIX 1060AM The Business of Being Healthy Frankie Boyer/Bernice Corpuz Boston MA, all of New England States

WBZ (1030AM) Jordan Rich Show Boston, MA

WBIX 1060AM The Business of Being Healthy Frankie Boyer Boston Metro and New England States webcast:

WGFS (1430AM) Healthline Covington, GA

Health Talk w/ Shannon & Matt Shannon 40 affiliates / 20 states nationally syndicated

NPR 51% Lisa Phillips

News 12 CT TV / The Exchange, Paula Lacy - Norwalk, CT.

WCBM, 680 AM Your Prescription for Health

WXPN- FM 88.5, 104.9 /WHPH 88.1 Amazon Country Debra D’Alessandro - public radio / University of Penn / airs Philadelphia, Lehigh Valley, and Harrisburg, PA) webcast:

WMKT (1270AM) Health Healing & Happiness - Petosky, Mississippi

KDNK 90.5 FM What's Growing On Lulu Sopris Carbondale, CO

KLMO / KSKE / KDMN / KWYD All About Health Dr. Frank Martin Boulder /Denver CO

Healthy Lifestyles Susan Lembo Spiritkeeper Radio WDVR

Gary Null Natural Living WBAI 99.5 FM 12:30-1 ET Inc. 70 markets coast to coast, Chicago, L.A., FL, AZ TX, Talk Radio Network

American Breakfast Mike Adams (NPR / On the Couch) 70 markets nationally

Wake Up To Dr. Steve Wechsler 570 WSYR Syracuse NY

Gary Null Natural Living WBAI 99.5 FM

KFLO Strategies for Living ~ Shreveport, LA

City TV Breakfast Television - Toronto

Mojo Radio for Guys AM 640 Hot Flashes For Hubby

University of Toronto Radio CIUT 89.5 FM

WFHG The Barbara McFaddin Show Bristol VA, Kingsport & Johnston City TN

Jump Start Your Health Radio with Luc Chaltin and Robert Bell Syndicated Broadcast

The Enchanted Self ~ Barbara Becker Holstein online at

Next Dimension Radio show ~ Patte Purcell on Talk America Network and live on the internet.

The WoodstockRoundtable WDST FM 100.1 ~ hosted by Doug Grunther ~ Woodstock, NY

WBCB Family Matters Phila, PA; Bucks Cty, PA; Trenton, NJ; Mercer Cty, NJ

WSVA Speaking of Medicine ~ Mike Schickman airs VA, W.VA, and MD

WWOW 1360AM Louie Free Radio Louis Youngstown OH / internet radio

The Next Dimension ~ Patty Purcell Topic - Green Witch, Wiccan High Priestess

KPAM Radio' Morning Drive Portland, Orgeon, Van Couver 10 minutes Topic: male menopause

WRUW The Healthy People Radio Show Helene Berk webcast NG, Ohio and Canada

WEGP It's Your Life / Nita Moser / Cary Medical Center / Caribou Maine to Canada.

WDVR-FM Healthy Lifestyles Susan Lembo / Achieving Calm in Radical Times

KTKK InterViews & InterActions ~ Linda Strasberg TOPIC: fibromyalgia / Epstein Barr. Salt Lake City and all of N. Utah

Powernomics Radio / Tom Pope Show airs CT, MA, NC, SC, OH GA, VA, PA, webcast: - topic / menopause

KFPK 98.7 FM Feminist Magazine - Josy Catoggio Santa Barbara Cty / So Cal.

The Star Beacon / Carl Feather / Ashtabula, OH. Topic: Breast Health

A Touch of Grey / Carole Marks / natl syn / Topic: Breast Health

Kent & Allen Morning Show / “Bras across Lake Washington” event, Seattle, WA

Talk One Webcast Radio Network /The Healthy Self / Dr Michael Schwartz, 12 stations: TX, NM, GA, MD, OH, MA, RI.

Dr. Anthony Mustello. Topic: Breast Health
Phila, New Hope PA, Trenton/ Mercer Cty NJ / Bucks Cty, PA.

WKZE People are Talking Sally Spillane Sharon, CT

WTKF Positive Living / Pat Raskin Carolina + column Carteret News Times   

KPFK 98.7 FM / Feminist Magazine / Josey Catoggio
Breast Health / for live Fund Drive Show, Pacifica airs all of So.Cal, Santa Barbara CTY.

New Dimensions Radio / Justine Toms ~ Ukiah, CA

WAPN Bobbie Thomas Survivor Show, Grace Flores / producer
breast cancer survivor show airs Holly Hills, Orlando, Ocala. Topic: New Menopausal Years


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Susun Weed Print Interviews

Physical Magazine Shannon Entin article on garlic - Feb., 2002

Albany Times Union interview Feb 19, 2002

Moon Magazine March, 2002.

Prevention Magazine Mother Natures Miracle Medicines 10 prescriptions for Women 3,152,814 circulation - April, 2002.

New Living article+ 100,000 circulation - March, 2002.

Let's Live Magazine review 1,927,587 circulation - May, 2002.

New Directions Magazine 40,000 circulation - May, 2002.

Better Nutrition article - nutrition in menopause 464,191 circulation - July 2002.

Vegetarian Times lifestyle section 357,897 circulation - July 2002.

Sagewoman Magazine regular column 50,000 circulation.

Witchcraft Magazine Australia Interview with Susun Weed by Spiraldancer - Dec 2001

Susun Weed reveals herbs that help in times of crisis Interview by Maralyn Lois Polak - World Net Daily

An Interview with Susun Weed - Obsidian Magazine

Other Susun Weed Interviews

Menopause As An Earth Changing Experience: An Interview by Randy Peyser

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2023 - Travel Schedule

May 26-28: Midwest Women's Herbal Conference - in person -

2022 - Travel Schedule

May 27-29: Midwest Women's Herbal Conference - in person -
Sept 9-11: Goddess Festival with Z Budapest, La Honda, CA -
October 15 - West Virginia herb conference - Contact:

2021 - Travel Schedule

November 10-17: Costa Rica; Healing Retreat in Costa Rica

2020 - Travel Schedule

May 17: NY, CoSM ,
June 5-7: CO.; Abundantly Well Weekend & book signing, Astrid Grove (
June 11-14: Denver, CO; Abundantly Well at INATS
September 10-13: CA; Goddess Fest in the Redwoods with ZB,
September 24-27: WA; Pacific Women's Herbal Conference,,
October 3: VA; West Virginia Herbalists' Fest, contact
November 11-24: Nepal; Trip to Nepal and Bhutan, contact (

2019 - Travel Schedule

May 28-30, May 31-June 2: Midwest Women's Herbal Conference,
June 6-9: Wheaton MA. International Herbal Symposium,
June 15: Berlin, CT; Weed Walk and Talk.
July 7-12: Rhinecliff, NY: Omega Institute,
July 20?: NY, CoSM: Plant Spirit Medicine,
August 22-25: Whidbey Is, WA: Pacific NW Herbal Symposium,
Sept 12-15: Simi Valley, CA: Goddess Spirit Rising,

2018 - Travel Schedule

March 24: Healthy Skin and Hair; Mirabai, Woodstock, NY;
April 20-22: MidSouth Women's Herbal Conference; AL; website
May 10-13: Women's Herbal Gathering; Lawrenceburg, TN; Email
July 14: CoSM: Plant Spirit Medicine: Fairies and Devas, NY,
Sept 6-9: Goddess Festival, with Z Budapest, CA, website
Sept. 14-19: Green Goddess Week; Seattle, WA; website
Sept 21-23: Pacific Women's Herbal Conference, WA, website
Oct 11-18: Psilocybin Retreat, Jamaica, website

2017 - Travel Schedule

April 7-9: Eureka Springs, Arkansas - Green Blessings,
June 4: CoSM: Green Blessings, NY
July 22: Val David: Green Blessings, Quebec, Canada, (819-322-1561)
August 19: Red Earth Herbal Gathering, CO, website
August 24-27: Pacific NW Herbal Symposium, Whidbey Is, WA, website
Sept 7-10: Goddess Spirit Rising, Simi Valley, CA, website

2016 - Travel Schedule

January 11-17: Costa Rica Healing Adventure
March 3-6: Medicines from the Edge,
March 12: Master Gardener Symposium, Manchester, NH,; 603-796-2654
March 17-21: Indigenous Peace Cultures, Torino, Italy,
April 5-7: Ozark Mt. Transformation Conference,
June 3-5: Midwest Women's Herbal Conference,
July 16-17: Paganfest, Canada, website
July 30: Mirabai, Weed Walk, Woodstock, NY, - website
August 26-28: New England Womens Herbal conference,
Sept 9-11: Goddess Fest in the Redwoods with Z Budapest,
Sept 30-Oct 2: Wild Wise Woman Conference, Kansas,, Email:
Nov 11 - 27: Australia, Anique Radiant Heart - website:
January 2017: Costa Rica Healing Adventure with Susun -

2015 - Travel Schedule

January 12 - 18: Costa Rica Healing Adventure
April 24: Mirabai, Weed walk, Woodstock NY, 845-679-2100, ,
May 3: Free Herbalism Project with Mountain Rose Herbs (Mount Pisgah Arboretum in Eugene, OR.)
May 9: Healthy You Conference, (Saratoga Springs NY)
August 27 - 30: NorthWest Herbal Symposium, (Whidbey Is, WA)
Sept 10 - 13: Goddess Spirit Rising , (Simi Valley CA)
Nov 6 - 8: Healthy Heart, (Rowe, MA) 413-339-4954
November 13 - Energy Healing, Energy Health at Mirabai (845-679-2100)
January 11-18, 2016: Costa Rica Healing Adventure with Susun -

2014 - Travel Schedule

January 18: Meta Center, NYC, Women’s Health Symposium with Susun Weed, Annelie Whitfield, Susan Willson & Suzy Meszoly.
    Contact Suzy: 845-616-0860 ~ website

February 27-March 2: Orlando FL, Holistic Living School Conference, contact
April __ : Woodstock NY, Mirabai, 845-679-2100
Sept6-8: In the redwoods of CA, International Goddess Festival, website:
Sept 19-21: Frost Valley, NY, Green Nations Gathering, contact

Dec. 21-Jan 18: Health and Well-Being Adventures in Costa Rica with Susun

2013 - Travel Schedule

April 5: Fairy Frolic - Woodstock/Mirabai,   845-679-2100
April 11: Herbs for a High Energy Lifestyle at Albany Holistic Nurses
June 7-9: Midwest Herbal Conference, contact Linda Conroy -
June 28-30: International Herb Symposium, Wheaton MA
, contact
July 18-21: Montana Herb Gathering, Montana, contact
Sept 6-8: First International Goddess Fest, CA contact Anique Radiant Heart
Sept 28-29: Saugerties Garlic Festival (not teaching there)
Oct 11-13: Southeast Women's Herbal Conference, NC, -
November 16-17 Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors - Convention Toronto, ON - website

2012 - Travel Schedule

March 17: A Big Smile (Herbs to Cheer) - Woodstock/Mirabai,   845-679-2100
April 13: Workshop Sexy Herbs at Inquiring Mind, Saugerties NY - see website
June 22: Mirabai of Woodstock, NY - see website
June 29-July 1: Midwest Herbal Conference, contact Linda Conroy -
Aug 31 - Sept 2: Floyd Yoga Jam, Willis, VA - see website
Sept 7-9: Goddess Festival, California
Sept 21-23: Green Nations Gathering, contact Rowe Camp & Conference Center
Sept 30: Digestion the wise woman way, Mirabai, Woodstock, NY - 845-679-2100
Oct 12-14: Assn Perinatal Naturopath's Doctors Conference, Ontario; - contact Jennifer Liu 905-274-4375

2011 - Travel Schedule...

Feb 17: Seattle, WA; contact Jennifer S. 360-579-2319          
Feb 18-20: Seattle, WA, Women of Wisdom Conference -
registration (206)782-3363
Feb 21: Eugene, OR; Sexy Women & Weeds - Tsunami Books - (541) 683-5403
Feb. 22: Eugene OR: Down There Day Workshop - call (541) 683-5403
Feb 24-26: Ashland, OR; Down There Intensive - call - (541)-324-6021
March 13: NYC: Women's Herstory, Toby Liederman, 718-885-3423
March 26:
Cornwall, NY:  Getting Older? Getting Better! Call 845-246-2713          
April 3: Pelham NY. Midwives Talk, -contact Susan Brockmann
April 9: Merrick, Long Island NY. Workshop for Doulas, contact Laura Gigantino, 914-374-1523
April 29 – May 1: Luray, VA; Nettle Festival
April 30: Nourish the Wise One Within with White Feather
May 1: Wolf Clan Circle with White Feather
May 15:  Woodstock NY, Women's Herbs Weed Walk at Mirabai
May 24-25: NYC, NY; Book Expo America
June 10-12: Duluth, MN: Anahata Apothecary – call 218-727-8883
(June 24-26, Susun away at IHS, but not teaching there)
July 16: NYC, NY: Edgar Cayce ARE, contact 212-691-7690
August 19-21: New England Women's Herbal Medicine Conference
August 27: (2pm) Down There: Sexual & Reproductive Health, Woodstock NY
Sept 24-25(not teaching, Garlic Fest in Saugerties)
Oct 8: NYC, NY: Edgar Cayce ARE, contact 212-691-7690 
Oct. 9  - (2pm) Sexy Herbs Workshop Woodstock NY
Oct 21: Boston, MA; AHG pre-conference workshop, contact 857-350-3128
Oct 22-23: Boston, MA; American Herbalist Guild Conference call 857-350-3128
Nov 4-6: Rowe MA: Rowe Camp and Conference Center


2010 - Travel Schedule...

March 19 – NYCHerbs for Healing Cancer -
March 26 - TN, Herbs for Nutrition - Amy (423-488-8929)
March 27 - TN, Especially for Women- Amy (423-488-8929)

April 11: New Windsor, NY - Safe & Effective Use of Herbal Medicine, (845-246-2713)
April 30-May 2: Pagan Odyssey, CT Alicia

May 7-9: Wise Women of Pine Crone; Austin, TX (512-636-2510) 
June 18: Woodstock NY, Weed Walk at Mirabai: (845-679-2100)         
Sept 24-26: Green Nations Conference, MA, Pam 

Oct 23-24:Veterinary Botanical Medicine Association, KY.


2009 - Travel Schedule...

February  15: talk in Gainsville FL (352-475-1258)
April 18:  Chronic Problems at Mirabai, Woodstock (845-679-2100)
June 19-21: International Herbal Symposium (802-479-9825)
July 17-19: The Peaceful Gardener in Nova Scotia (Camelia, 902-624-1979)
August 21-23: Northeast Women's Herbal Conference (802-479-9825)
Sept. 19: United Plant Savers Benefit, RI (802-476-6467)
Oct 2-4: Southeast Women's Herbal Conference
Oct 9-11: Moonwise, Sheboygan, Wisconsin (920-452-HERB)
Nov. 13-15: Magical Plants, Rowe Camp and Conference Center, 413-339-4954


2008 - Travel Schedule...

February 14: Gainsville FL, 352-475-1258
March 14: Weekend at Pine Crone, Austin TX (Fern, 512-581-9939)
March 30 : Whole Life Expo in NYC (516-897-0900)
April 25: Menopause at Earth Spirits, Sturbridge MA (508-347-1180)
May 15: "Menopause Can Change Your Life!" Ashland, Oregon or (541)324-6021.
May 16-18: Wesak Gathering at Mt. Shasta CA (888-926-9255)
June 6-8: Midwest Herbal Conference in Winona MN (507-523-2447)
June 20 - Summer Solstice Weed Walk at Mirabai, Woodstock NY (845) 679-2100
July 28- Aug 1: Goddess Conference, Glastonbury England (011-44-1458-833-933)
August 5-8: Findhorn Foundation, Scotland
September 5-7: Womens Mysteries with Z Budapest, Santa Cruz CA
September 19-21: Green Nations Gathering (802-293-5996)


2007 - Travel Schedule...

April 21: Syracuse NY, ICAN Conference (585-241-9649)
April 22: Ithaca NY, Herbs for Women (Marie, 315-476-1256)
May 18-20: New Lebanon NY, Green Hermeticism (Alia, 518-794-7834)
June 22-24: Wheaton MA, Int'l Herb Symposium (802-479-9825)
July 21-22: OR, Northwest Herb Fest (Sharol, 541-736-0164)
August 24-26: NH, Northeast Women's Herbal Conf (802-888-3736)
Oct. 26-28: North GA,Womb Wisdom (Lori, 706-965-6650)
Nov. 2-4: Rowe MA, Juicy Women Weekend (Rowe Center, 413-339-4954)
Nov. 9-10: Bloomington IN, Holistic Health Net (Patricia, 812-331-0886)

2006 - Travel Schedule...

Jan 14 & 15: Austin, TX; Pine Crone Labyrinth Retreat Center; Fern, 512-581-9939
Feb 10: Woodstock, NY; Wombspeak; Ursula
Feb 16: Gainsville, FL; Florida School of Massage: Magical Plants; Cate, 352-475-1258
Sept 9: Baltimore, MD; Green Blessings, contact Lisa Hogan 443-846-2310
Sept. 22-24: Rowe, MA; Green Nations; Pam Montgomery, 802-293-5996

2005 - Travel Schedule...

Jan 15: Oceanside CA,contact: Diane; 1-760-439-8488
Jan 16: Costa Mesa CA, contact: Kristen; 1-800-909-8333
Feb 14: St. Augustine FL, contact Diane Di Longo; 1-904-824-8970
March 4-12: Costa Rica Adventure, Sherri Brown; 541-683-5403
 March 17: Austin TX, Evening at El Interior, contact Marcia Lucas; 512-474-8680
 March 18-20: Austin TX, Pine Crone Retreat Center; 512-581-9939

April 1-3: Rowe, MA, Wild Weeds & Magical Plants, Rowe, 413-339-4954  
April 9: Woodstock NY, Spring Fling, Mirabai; 845-679-2100
June 10-12: Lily Dale NY, Strawberry Moon Festival; 716-595-8721
June 23-26: Wheaton MA, International Herb Symposium; 802-479-9825
August 26-28: NH, Women's Herbal Conference; 802-888-3736
Sept 16-18: Black Mountain NC, Southeast Herbal Conference; 888-929-0777
Sept 30-Oct 2: TORONTO, Canadian College of Naturopathic Med; 416-498-1255 x 255
Oct 3,4, & 6 Goodwood ONTARIO; Jocelyn Allen, contact:
Oct 21-23: Mendocino County CA; Herbal Energetics, Mary Pat Palmer; 707-895-3007
Nov 4-6: Susun Weed teaches in Arcata, CA, contact: Sarah; call 707-822-5296
Friday night--Menopausal Years, Sat.--Wise Woman Tradition, Sun.--Cardiovascular Health
November 9- Healthy Women, Healty Children --Santa Barbara Graduate Institute
-- Contact: Michele Daniels 805-245-1060 or doula
Nov 10: Susun Weed teaches Green Blessings, contact Michelle 805-964-8096
Talk is from 7-9p.m. at Santa Barbara Public Library’s Faulkner Gallery
Nov 11: Susun Weed teaches in Oceanside, CA; Magical Plants, contact Diane; 760-439-8488
Nov 12: Susun Weed teaches in Costa Mesa, CA; contact Kristen 800-909-8333

2004 - Travel Schedule...

April 16-18: Boulder CO, Catherine Birdsall 1-303-437-4667
April 19-20: Denver CO, Auraria, Linda Wilkins-Pierce, 1-303-556-6954
April 23: Woodstock NY, Herbs as Nourishing Powerhouses, Mirabai, 1-845-679-2100
May 1: Kenmore WA, Bastyr University Bookstore, contact Ken, 1-425-602-3027
May 2: Olympia WA, Evergreen College, Herbal Faire, Healing Arts Collective, 1-360-867-6143
June 4-6: Ann Arbor MI, Seven Generations, Paula Steele 1-734-904-1168
June 18: Toronto, ON, The Yoga Sanctuary, Cynthia Funk, 1-866-461-YOGA
June 19: Toronto ON, WonderWorks, Mary Anderson 1-416-323-3131
June 20: Goodwood ON, Richters Herb Specialists, Cathy Avery 1-905-640-6677 x201
June 21: Uxbridge ON, Beautiful Things & Bright Ideas, Jocelyn Allen 1-905-642-1566
July 10: Woodstock NY, Weed Walk and Talk, Mirabai Books, 1-845-679-2100
July 16-18: Traverse City MI, Bedazzled, Sharon Jones 1-231-882-7765
August 21: Bristol CT, Church of Eternal Light, Marie Langer 1-860-583-7515
Sept 17-19: Rock Hill NY, Green Nations, 1-802-293-5996
Sept 24-26: Cincinnati OH, Shine Yoga Center, Wendy Andersen, 1-513-533-9642
Oct 7-9: NH, American Herbalists Guild, Aviva Romm 1-770-751-7548
Nov 12, 14: Encinitas CA, N.H.I., 1-800-559-4325
January 15, '05 - Oceanside / contact: Diane 1-760-439-8488
January 16, '05 - Costa Mesa / contact: Kristen 1-800-909-8333

2003 - Travel Schedule...

Jan 12-22: Hawaiian Adventure, Kutira, 808-572-6006
Feb 14: Gainsville FL, Optimum Nourishment, Wild Iris, 352-378-7891
Feb 15-16: With Florida Apprentices
March 21-22: GA, The Goddess and Fertility, Vimila, 770-297-8715
April 4-6: Madison WI, Canterbury Books, Tara, 800-838-3855
April 10: Woodstock NY, Hands-on Herbal Medicine, Mirabai, 845-679-2100
April 12: Syracuse NY, evening talk, Marie and Jo, 315-476-1256
April 13: Syracuse NY, workshop at
Natur-Tyme, Wendy, 315-488-6300
April 25-27: Rowe MA, New Menopausal Years; Rowe Center, 413-339-4954
May 2-4: Kansas, Sunflower Healing Festival, PrairieWise, Kahla, 816-361-4081
May 24-26: Eugene OR, Sherri Brown,, 541-683-5403
May 27: Portland OR, Jewelie,, 503-281-6422
May 30-June 1: Vancouver BC, Don Ollsin, Herbal Healing Pathway, 250-592-7523
June 20-22: Boonville MO, Celestial Body, Anni Harmon, 660-882-6858
July 11-13: Philadelphia PA; Spring Haven Center, Sue & Hemetra, 610-644-4200
August 9: Peterborough, ON; Thirteen Moons, Louise, 705-652-9329
August 10: Mono Centre, Ontario, Kindred Tree, Lisa 519-940-0030
August 22-24: NH, Women's Herbal Conference, 802-888-3736
Sept 4-7: Minneapolis MN, Old Arizona, Elizabeth & Darcy, 612-871-0050
Sept 20-21: Rock Hill NY, Green Nations, Pam M. Partner Earth, 802-293-5996
Oct 4-5: Mechanicsburg PA, Rosemary House, Suzanne, 717-697-5111
October 10-26: Ireland, Sally McKenna, 011-353-94-93-82184 or 480-585-7200
November 14, 16: Encinitas CA, Natural Healing Institute, 800-559-4325
November 15: Oceanside CA, Green Witches of So CA; Diane, 760-439-8488

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Susun Weed / Ash Tree Publishing
PO Box 64 Woodstock, NY 12498
Phone/Fax: 1-845-246-8081

Susun Weed, green witch and wise woman, is an extraordinary teacher with a joyous spirit, a powerful presence, and an encyclopedic knowledge of herbs and health. She is the voice of the Wise Woman Way, where common weeds, simple ceremony, and compassionate listening support and nourish health/wholeness/holiness. She has opened hearts to the magic and medicine of the green nations for three decades. Ms. Weed's six herbal medicine books focus on women's health topics including: menopause, childbearing, and breast health. Visit her site for information on her workshops, apprenticeships, correspondence courses and more! Venture into the Menopause site to learn all about the Menopausal Years the Wise Woman Way.
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