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Artists' Sites  Magical dreamy art by psychic and internationally published artist and author Melissa Harris. “Whirling Wisdom Creations unfolds the soul medicine journeys of Biljana BanchotovaArtwork that inspire vision, find collective light and planetary healing! Eolith designs produce limited edition sculptures from an original master sculpture whose inspiration is rooted in ancient history and spirituality. Kasi A. Kennedy is an artist working in Austin, Texas. She is a native Texan who loves to travel but appreciates and finds inspiration in the creeks, forests and wild places of her native soil. As the ancients honored the sacred feminine, Indigene presents images of women taking one to the path of feminine divine. Kissed By Fire Creations sells Figurative /Goddess inspired clay sculptures and pendants. There are also Spirit Dolls and Paintings for sale. EarthArt International~ intricate animals within animals available in fine art pieces, signed prints, Coloring books, note cards and more Uplifting Esoteric Fairy and Goddess art celebrating the beauty in the life force of living things and our connection to Gaia. Handmade one of a kind creations, wool sculptures and wall hangings consist of 100% wool fiber, no imitations, no fillers, no instructions...just a need to create. Myra Reichel, Tapestry Weaver. Contemporary hand woven tapestries for your commercial or residential areas by Myra Reichel, Media, PA. A graphic site for all your social networking needs, such as Myspace, Ning networks, Tagged, Hi5, and Bebo! Sacred Divine Feminine art by Suzanne Cheryl Gardner. Metaphysical and nature art that touches the soul. Christopher Hulme’s work attempts to express spiritual values of harmony and beauty in abstract symbolism through the different mediums he uses. Sacred Mother Arts - featuring the sacred art of Mavis Gewant. Original watercolor deity paintings on silk and paper, yantras and matted prints.  Inspiring articles and beautiful paintings honouring the mystery of the female spirit and the sacredness of the earth… Created by Roslyne Sophia Breillat… Monica Stadalski - Award winning Northern NY artist living in Evans Mills specializing in soft pastels, murals, fiber art, graphic design and printing. Vicky Lynn Macchione creates collage greeting cards, paintings, and other Soul-full artwork by intuitively employing the alchemy of words and images. Jen Otey is an artist creating intuitive works of art that speak to people on a deeply spiritual level. Phyllis's website featuring her oil landscapes and including her blog entries about personal art experiences and adventures. Whirling Wisdom Creations unfolds the shamanic soul journeys of Biljana Banchotova. Artwork that inspire vision; find collective light and planetary healing. My Pagan Land - the art of Morgaine: photographs, original paintings, prints and greeting cards.  Diana Gamerman, a Virginia-based artist, works in a wide range of media such as oil paintings, watercolors, prints and ceramics. Sue Miller Art - art is her life and life is her art. John Francis Peters Art ... Paintings with Nature in mind. Seascape, landscape, still life, botanical illustration and contemporary art inspired by the beauty of nature. Original artwork and downloadable painting demonstrations. is the home site for Aura Rose, Desert Mermaid Productions, and the Abundance Unlimited Art Gallery & Store. Figurative paintings by Mollie Kellogg explore mysticism, spirituality, and a deep connection with nature. Discover your connection to the ancient wisdom of the Egyptian Cat Beings. Download their monthly message of guidance and empowerment. Earth Art International - Original art by Sue Coccia. Paintings by Suzanne Gyseman inspired by the natural world, the faerie and angelic realms, myth, folklore, fairytales and dreams. Writer of personalised and unique fairy and fantasy stories. Also information on fairylore, fairy places, traditional fairy tales, folklore, superstitions, herbalism and crystals. Site of Julie Bruton-Seal, herbalist, writer, artist and photographer, co-author of Hedgerow Medicine - harvest and make your own herbal remedies (May 2008). The Art of Robyn Bellospirito - all are original art works in oil and other media. Kathy Crabbe is a Canadian born Southern California artist. The Faraway Hills - a collection of the art of Cathy Connolly. Fantasy and fairy art of Camilla Costa. The official art gallery of fantasy artist Marjolein Gulinski. Marla Henderson Design: Rugs, Furniture, Textiles, Spaces. These images are an expression of love and gratitude to the spirit that connects us all, I hope you enjoy them. GODDESS ON EARTH is a collection of powerful and life-affirming photographic images of women as the Goddesses. Fairies and enchantment await within the watercolour visions of artist Linda Ravenscroft. Margaret Kalms’ photography explores ideas and symbolism about womanhood, menstruation and female sexuality using props, costume and the female body. Camias Jewelry Designs - creations forged from the heart. Mosazone - the world and work of Mosa (Mimi) Baczewska - Musician, Artist, Vocal Workshop Facilitator; Mimosa Music, DrumStuff, Gemstones and more. and - the sites of fantasy artist Myrea Pettit. Joanna Barnum’s work explores various archetypes through personal and traditional symbolism. She works as a freelance illustrator across several genres. Welcome to the world of fantasy art by Josephine Wall. Anna Jarrett is an internationally acclaimed storyteller living in Australia. Creative story and energy work bringing light and healing for body, mind and spirit. Paintings by Wendy L Wilkerson. John Francis Peters art.Colorful, Vibrant Art with Nature in Mind The site of artist Maria van Bruggen (“Elfies”). Stephanie Hager Photography. Specializing in architecture, location, people, and active lifestyles. Judi Silvano - vocalist, composer and musician. Featuring song, dance and inspiration from songwriters Soroca and Allocca.  Leather masks and purses with faces molded in bas-relief. Celebrating our deep connections as children of the same Great Mother.   I create these ancestrally inspired sculptures to honor my relationship with spirit. Each piece weaves together the mysteries, myths, and truths that make up the human experience. Color Bakery - Beautiful and unusual art gifts and home decor accents for the unapologetic color addict. Features the gouache paintings of Wendy Wilkerson. The art is her response and attempt to represent diverse religions, cultures, and races. Sue Miller Art - art is her life and life is her art. Elaine Silver - Music, Recordings, Performances. Woman-owned business featuring notecards with prints of original art, mostly watercolor, all nature-oriented. Blank inside, ready for your unique message. France Garrido - Seduction into another world...A world of vision and dream. Lauren Curtis enjoys creating spiritual & nature-based artwork in a variety of mediums for herself, exhibitions, and clients across the country & abroad. Thea’s Kitchen features musical journeys, recipes, herbal medicine, poetry, photography and more. Welcome to the home of Gypsy Butterfly! A website designed to help you build spiritual, mental and physical strength! Kanika African Sculptures and Black Art: African masks, figurines, ethnic goddesses and angels, breast cancer survivor jewelry, and more hand-sculpted from clay and adorned with African fabric, leather, and beadwork. Artist Mara Berendt Friedman - Images Honoring the Sacred Feminine. Sharae Taylor is an internationally recognized Intuitive Visionary Angel Artist whose Angel paintings hang in the homes, galleries, offices and healing centers worldwide. Thea & the Green Man are singer-songwriters Cynthia Stacey and Chuck Willhide. Marina Petro - gifted visionary artist and psychic. Gallery featuring healing art, original paintings and prints. Raw Art by Kelly Moore - "My work is primarily about the integration of the Light and Dark within myself." Ethereal Art of Marcia Snedecor. Oil paintings and prints inspired by Nature, mythology and the Divine Feminine will touch, nourish and inspire. The Illuminating Silence – Mary Baker, contemporary realist painter in Newburyport, MA, known for her crisp realistic paintings. The enchanted art gallery of mythic fantasy artist Jessica Galbreth. Hrana Janto – illustration and illumination. Website of Dawn “The Faun” McCarthy. Stephanie Lewis Robertson – Fabric Artist. Specializing in custom dyed and printed fabrics which celebrate and honor the spiritual journey. Instructor Leslie Zehr teaches the Alchemy of Dance as a way to experience the strong transformational energy of the Goddess. Images celebrating woman’s love of life, beauty, nature and magic. Shankar Gallery - art for the soul. Kathi Anderson – visual artist. "Percussion is just the beginning!" Two empowered, versatile, female hand drummers - changing the world, beat by beat, song by song. Linda’s Creative Outlet - Realism, impressionism, abstracts, drawings, paintings, graphic design, striking photography and name plaques for children. Maya Kearn Fine Art. Paintings on display at The Londonderry Inn Gallery, Innovative Native American jewelry site located in Tucson, Arizona with designs by Ron Henry, a Navajo designer Greenlee’s Forest – handcrafted jewelry and wearable art, using the finest semi precious stones, sterling silver, artisan beads, Balinese silver and things found in nature. Ethically produced Gold and Sterling Silver Celtic jewelery authentic in it's Celtic design and beautifully hand carved by Celtic jeweller, Desmond Mackenzie-Harris D. Ua. Suzanne - The artist who paints the magic of life. Artist Deborah Koff-Chapin shares a wealth of images and inspiring stories about Touch Drawing and SoulCards. Find her teaching schedule, products, articles and more! Sally Mc Kenna is a professional artist and sculptor for over twenty years. Sally's imagery stems from natural life forms in various stages of growth and flight. Gentle original art for the gentle soul. Jennifer's paintings are stories about our connections to people and places. Enjoy the mystery. Sacred women's music by Lisa Thiel. Aviva Gold and Painting From the Source workshops. Esoteric artwork by Carol Herzer and Dirk Gillabel, including tarot decks, singing bowls, and paintings. Celebrating women's love of life, beauty, nature and magic. Montserrat - an artist that wishes to inspire healing, universal love, and the preservation of Mother Earth. Art of Max Dashu - This whole universe comes out of that Goddess. Emily Duffy - Fine Artist - creator of the BraBall, worth a look-see... Women En Large - photos by Laurie Toby Edison. A tarot deck for women that is based on 30,000 years of symbols that celebrate Goddess cultures throughout the world. Created by Karen Vogel and Vickie Noble.

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Galleries & Networks Seniwati Visual Art Galleries - Supporting the women and children artists of Bali. “Today’s enjoyment and tomorrow’s keepsakes”. The Bone Art Place is a collective of some of the finest artists and crafts people from around New Zealand. Woman Made Gallery supports all women in the arts by providing opportunities, awareness and advocacy. Art Gallery Worldwide is the virtual gallery of artist Veronica Piastuch, her colleagues and her art students. Women’s Network - Goddess Network A gallery of over 200 original works of art by illustrator/artist Durga Bernhard (as seen in Susun Weed's herbal book Healing Wise and forthcoming Healing Well). National Museum of Women in the Arts The World's Women Online Electronic Art Network Women make movies..

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Publications Goddess Alive! magazine, a magazine of Goddess celebration and research. Goddess research articles, news, reviews, events and regular columns. Linda E. Savage, Ph.D. author of Reclaiming Goddess Sexuality, which presents a powerful new way of understanding women’s sexuality. Where the recently published book PaGaian Cosmology: Re-inventing Earth-based Goddess Religion by Glenys Livingstone Ph.D. is freely available to read. ART TIMES, published since 1984, provides commentary and resources for the fine and performing arts. MatriFocus is a seasonal ezine for Goddess Women and others. The Lunar Calendar provides a key to the language of poetic myth, sparking inspiration for people who follow many spiritual paths. Welcome Durga Maa and celebrate this auspicious occasion by sending lovely Durga Puja Cards, Greetings and Ecards. Starhawk, the author of The Spiral Dance, The Fifth Sacred Thing, and other books that link an earth-based spirituality to action to change the world. We’Moon is an astrological moon calendar, an ecofeminist appointment book, a daily guide to natural rhythms, and a lunar perspective through the 13 moons of the year. Pagan publication of art, philosophy, and belief. Wild Heart & Sacred Arts : A Journal of Women's Arts

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Resources MoonTree~ Transformational Journeys with the Sacred Feminine. Ancient History sacred seminars, year-long programs. Center for Independent Artists. Providing papermaking kits, related materials, workshops, handmade papers and bookbinding supplies; specializing in custom built wove and laid molds. Healing through photography. Commissioned portraits and photographic symbology workshops in Hawai'i and BC to create awareness with which to guide your life. Goddessworld - web of connections - dedicated to the international world of the Goddess, the Female Consciousness, the Creatrix in all her forms, the Female within us all. This site is designed to help people access a spiritual connection to goddess-related art, sculpture, books and other resources. Feed your heart - fuel your art - promoting and supporting female artists. Arts & Healing Network: a resource healing potential of art. Includes directory.

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Goddess Culture The Goddess Studio is dedicated to honoring the Sacred Feminine and empowering women. Women of the Sacred Feminine priestessing the earth towards peace and prosperity. Goddess Statues, Miniatures, Tapestries, Jewelry, Drums, Sistrums, Candle Shrines, Rubber Stamps, and Stickers. Ancient 'Herstorical' Wisdom and museum reproductions. Downloadable audio rituals for lunar phases and seasonal holy-day, including altar decoration, grounding, elemental invocations, circle casting, lore and ritual activity. Glastonbury Goddess Conference celebrates the Wild Maiden Goddess. Paintings of goddesses with their accompanying mythology from cultures around the globe by Sandra M Stanton. I'm Lunaea Weatherstone. It has been my privilege to serve the Goddess community for more than twenty years as priestess, writer, artist, and tarot counselor. 32,000 years of goddess images - because the feminine is simply divine. Goddess Conference 2007 (1st-5th August) in Glastonbury - Celebrating the Crone Goddess at Lammas. Goddess Gift: Discover Your Personal Goddess Type offers a rare look into what it really means for a woman to find her inner goddess and deeply connect with it. The Female Metaphor in Her triple aspects of Virgin, Mother and Crone may be celebrated in all Being – re-creating ourselves. We are a community of womyn, a tradition of Dianic, Goddess-centered, earth-based spirituality, and a ritual circle. Jodine Turner’s visionary fiction trilogy shares the story of the Goddess and Her priestesses during three critical eras of spiritual transition. Feel beautiful, sassy and inspired when you reconnect with your inner goddess at The Goddess Dancing is a group of master belly dance teachers dedicated to empowering people through the dance. This exquisite set of 54 cards contain insightful words and images of women between the ages of 50 and 100. Sacred Source: Ancient Images, Ancient Wisdom. Goddess and God statues and museum reproductions from many cultures and eras. Also books, music and jewelry. Wild Earth is committed to the creation, promotion and prosperity of women’s sacred art. All our products are ethically made and environmentally friendly. Motherpeace Tarot – by Vicki Noble and Karen Vogel. Zsuzsanna Budapest -- Psychic, Wiccan, Author. Founding mother of feminist spirituality movement. learn about the Goddess, ourselves as women, and the natural world. The Goddess Network is a resource for helping women achieve balance by bringing the Divine Feminine Spirit into their personal and organizational lives. Come home to your Body, the Temple of your Soul and re-emerge as a Temple Belly Dancer once again! One of a kind, personalized goddess figurines by Joanne Dorsch.

http:// Goddess Art - Creations of Jeniffer ZimmerWoman. Body Temple is a spiritual opera, a tantric circus, a performing mystery school, a shamanic journey. Goddess Pages: A journal of Goddess Spirituality in the 21st Century. This site is dedicated to the female aspect of Creator and Creation – She whose back we walk on and whose food we eat. Mother Earth. This site has lots of information on everything you ever wanted to know about “all this Goddess stuff”! Goddess Temple at the Spiral Goddess Grove. The darker side of the Goddess and the goddesses -- essays, graphics, research and prose, counterbalancing all the sweetness and light imagery." a tour of the World of the Goddess and Her Sacred Trees. Sacred Earth Designs: Original goddess jewelry, shrines, and sculptures honoring the feminine divine.

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