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Health Resources Beyond Vegetarianism - information and resources on raw food, vegan, fruitarian and paleo dites. Since 2003, The Free Library has offered free, full-text versions of classic literary works from hundreds of celebrated authors. Since 1980, WholeLife has been the leading source of information, products and services in the areas of natural health, sustainable living and personal development. Anna’s Health Connection provides a heart-centered approach to counseling that is compassionate and responsive to your needs, where you may come to unity within yourself. Let Leslie Cerier help you enhance your Organic lifestyle at The Organic Gourmet. Home of Going Wild in the Kitchen: The Fresh and Sassy Tastes of Vegetarian Cooking. Reliable books on vegetarian cooking, healthy traveling, kid’s health and ecology plus lots of free recipes, health and travel information from Nikki & David Goldbeck. Kofutu symbols allow individuals to access their inner resources in order to accelerate growth, discovery and healing. Offers self-publishing information and services for writers, and ghostwriters. Herbs for Health magazine. Sharing information on natural cleaning, the dangers of using synthetic cleaners and a wealth of other information. National Library for Health - offering resources for patients and professionals including clinical knowledge summaries, a range of national specialist libraries, and find a library service.   NAMTI - School of Massage & Bodywork offers a Western Herbalism Certificate Program in Sedona Arizona. Our purpose is to provide courses and workshops that bring about healing and good health through empowering both the practitioners and clients. This site is committed to bring you a variety of articles and products using sound, colour, crystals, body and mind for personal development. Health Articles Database: A meeting place for Authors and Web Publishers that deal with health related content.

http:// Minnesota Natural Health Coalition - working to ensure freedom of access to natural health care. Home Remedies: Home made cure for common illnesses. Extensive self-help and support for those with Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS), diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain, and bloating. Drug rehabilitation centers, also know as drug rehabs, provide crucial care for the drug user! Mesothelioma and Asbestos Awareness Center – MAACenter contains mesothelioma treatment options, clinical trials, news, and resources for diagnosed patients. Comfort Touch is a nurturing style of acupressure massage designed to be safe and appropriate for the elderly, the ill and anyone in need of a caring touch. Hair loss guide discussing hair replacement, temporary hair sprays, thickening shampoos and hair transplants; as well as hair loss statistics for both men and women. Soothingminds – a starting point for those interested in healing energy using sound, colour, crystals, body and mind. Take a tour of the human body by choosing a system: skeletal, digestive, muscular, female reproductive, urinary – to name a few! The edition of Gray’s Anatomy of the Human Body features 1,247 vibrant engravings from the classic 1918 publication, as well as a subject index with 13,000 entries. Info about Conditions, Therapies, Exercises, and Doctors who Treat Back Pain. Health Directory, Information, Links and more. Getting Started in Organic Gardening for Fun & Profit - the new book by Jay North.Organic Gardening Made Easy! has just been launched to support those working towards a healthy and peaceful relationship with food, their bodies and themselves. Sound Energy Healing: Events, Articles and Products for Well Being with a focus on Tibetan Bowls. Free Newsletter. ZHealth Publishing specializes exclusively in medical coding
publications, conferences, and coding services in the areas of Interventional Radiology & Cardiology Free feng shui tips & advice. The ultimate reference guide covering all aspects of feng shui. Home Remedy and Herbal remedy guide Find the latest research and itinerary of Udo Erasmus, author of Fats and Oils, and Fats That Heal Fats That Kill, and co-author of Choosing The Right Fats. Comprehensive website on Ayurveda - Science of Life ! Learn Ayurveda through ebooks, free email courses, free newsletter. 1001 Free things for Parents with direct links to baby coupons. North Country Counseling & Retreat - Reconnecting with the Earth to introduce folks to a deeper relationship with the natural world around us. Health Directory also containing information on courses and events, health business opportunities, and articles. Gaia Books continues to lead the way on natural health, mind, body and spirit as well as personal and planetary ecology.
Education & Workshops MoonSunEarth: Healing Mother Earth One Person at a Time. Teacher - Julie E. Brent --Since 1986 -- Assisting in Transformation. Find out what your state's laws are pertaining to milk and if they need changing, change them! True Food Now is Greenpeace's campaign to ban genetically engineered foods by providing educational, activist and informational resources, such as the True Food Shopping List, to concerned consumers. Holistic Health Tools for the mind, body and spirit! Products, music and sound tools to enhance your "inner journey". Aalterntative health resources, articles and reports. In-depth Yoga Resource - techniques and information on Hatha Yoga, Asana, Tantra, Yantra and Karma Yoga. Your New Age Mind, Body, and Spirit Candy Store! Alternative Healing, New Age Gifts and Holistic Health: The Healthy New Age Success and Creativity Center and more. Providing consumers and professionals with responsible, evidence-based information on the integration of alternative and conventional medicine. Directory of Natural or Alternative Medical Information, Practitioners, Associations, Schools, Educational Institutes and more! The Datadiwan The Ultimate Database for Extraordinary Knowledge in Holistic Medicine and Frontier Sciences - in German and English. A list of homeopathic resources that address anthrax, smallpox, and terrorism. What is Endometriosis? Mary Rose's educational site which informs the public of Comfort Touch a nurturing form of massage which is designed to be safe and appropriate for the elderly and ill. Guide to Personal Growth, Self Improvement and Self-Help. Great Guide to Natural Health and Alternative Medicine online.


Education and Workshops Growing Herbs in your Garden Conserving Water in the Garden   "Meet Your Earth-Self" will give your body the ability to match the magnetic resonance of Mother Earth, aligning you to the correct vibrational speed for the upcoming 2012 changes. Be the Change: Voices of Action is a call-in talk show about positive changes real people are making. Be the Change airs on WVKR 91.3 FM on Wednesdays from 5-6 pm. The mission of the Joyful Heart Foundation is to heal, educate and empower survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse. Three times a year women gather together for 4 full days of inspiring Herbal and Sustainability classes and conversations with remarkable and inspiring women. A virtual museum whose mission is to educate, inform and amuse visitors through the collection, preservation, interpretation and exhibition of objects relating to the Carrot.   Langua vert - or green tongue - discoveries about plants and the lessons provided by mother nature The Singing to the Plants blog provides news and commentary on all aspects of shamanism, animism, ethnobotany, ethnomedicine, and plant healing. Life Creations Education is a conscious shift movement within self; reconnecting with your true spirit being, embracing and accepting life joyously. The complete guide to lucid dreaming: learn how to have lucid dreams and out of body experiences by training your brain in altered states of consciousness. Your source for love, abundance and health! Awaken natural creativity. Discover life passion. Free Abundance CD, Coaching and Prosperity Ezine. Accredited Holistic & Spiritual Health Practitioner Courses for Body, Mind, & Spirit! Distant Holistic Energy Healing Sessions as well! This site is full of articles, books and ebooks with green living tips and green info and ideas for ethical and sustainable living. The Weston A Price Foundation - dedicated to restoring nutrient-dense foods to the human diet through education, research and activism. Animá correspondence courses and wilderness learning and retreat centre. Online education and therapeutic support for Soulful living. Live a natural, simple, soulful life. Simplify your life and return to Sanctuary. Online, telephone and in-person. Roots of Empathy is an award winning, evidence-based classroom program that has shown dramatic effect in reducing levels of aggression/violence among school children. Ancient Pathways is a Flagstaff based company focusing on traditional living skills through immersion with the land and native culture. Helping professionals who loathe corporate politics and want to lead with integrity and compassion. Offering workshops to help people move beyond inner conflicts, open their creative potential, and develop a deeper natural intimacy in relationships. Omega Institute for Holistic Studies is the nation’s most trusted source for wellness and personal growth. Natural Body Care - celebrate your beauty with Joan Morais. Classes on making natural body care products, menstrual cycle education and fertility awareness. Website of NY Yoga teacher/therapist J. Brown. School of Natural Medicine. Evolutionary self-healing empowerment - celebrate becoming independently healthy with laughter and love. Certification and diploma trainings. A co-ed Quaker boarding and day school and working farm for students in grades 9-12, preparing students with life skills as well as academic knowledge. Looking for a California massage therapy school? California Massage Therapy School will prepare you for a rewarding career in massage therapy. Offering a 4-year program in the esoteric teachings of Sufism, and courses for the general public integrating ancient, classical, and contemporary modes of knowledge and practice. Welcome to one of the most comprehensive botanical picture databases in Europe with approx 3000 photographed species. Offering complementary therapies, qualification courses in healthcare and Wise Woman Tradition plus distance learning courses in astrology. Students at the new School of Sustainability at Arizona State University will embark on a unique educational odyssey. Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE). The Colorado University CU Environmental Center educates, activates, and inspires the campus community to understand and engage in local and global environmental issues. Brutus of Windhorse healing arts and holistic academy. New Age Studies Universal Center - courses, workshops and memberships. Educational programs offered in the areas of: living in balance with Earth; self-development; healing the body, mind, and spirit; and creative work. Transformational articles and tools by Linda Heron Wind and the Dancing With the Music of the Spheres Mystery School. Sudbury Valley School - the cutting edge school for independent children. At Seasoned Books, we provide books and resource materials on sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, homesteading skills, wilderness survival, self-sufficiency, and rural enterprise. Learn all about growing winter squash naturally with our expert squash growing tips. Parallel View books are designed to arrive at a point where we are all in agreement. The Parallel View aligns itself, by taking here a little and there a little, because the truth is everywhere. Online educational guide for massage lovers, dedicated to provide information about massage therapy, massage schools, massage spas and all other massage related topics. Introducing the Number One Remote Viewing Training that will teach you to access Theta and help you to develop you psychic powers, increase telepathic abilities and heighten your intuition. University Of Metaphysical Sciences - Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate, D.D., Ph.D., low tuition, payment plans as low as $50/month. Free newsletter. Natural health education and service organization blending science with natural health care. We offer traditional natural health care, books and publications, classes, and more.  Mandala Hoops are extraordinary hula-hoops for dance, yoga, fitness, meditation, and play.  We offer workshops, classes, demonstrations, events, performances, and custom  Explains pros and cons of various water filters and treatment systems; includes clinical research about benefits of ionized water.  Hands On Rhythm and Drum School – teaching healing art of hand drumming, percussion, and group rhythm-making in a supportive, creative, and inclusive environment.  Health Habitravels – Pilates and Yoga tours and retreats with Tannis Kobrinsky  Scientific research into the physics and metaphysics of the worldwide non-manmade Crop Circle phenomenon and 'UFO' reality. The Everyday Goddess Conference & Retreat, April 7-9, 2006, Aurora University on Lake Geneva in SE Wisconsin. Provides natural fertility courses and advice for women and couples, The Certificate in Natural Fertility Education for health professionals and a range of organic cotton pads for menstruation or incontinence. Berkley Psychic Institute - developing psychic abilities through classes in meditation, healing, male and female energy, and clairvoyance. Beyond Tantra Alchemy of Bliss Kamasutra Workshops. The Infography, published by Fields of Knowledge, is a reference resource in which thousands of experts recommend the best sources of information about specific subjects. The University of Bridgeport. The College of Metaphysical Studies – a leader in the field of metaphysical/spiritual education since 1986. Shamanism articles, free classes, online courses, free consultations with a Shaman. Remember your skills for Shamanic healing using Spirit and nature. Herbs 'n Honey - offering workshops on herbal pharmacy, botany and field identification, full moon weed walks, holistic pet care and more. Psychotherapy, training and resources with holistic and non-traditional approach; expertise in trauma, creativity, addiction and practice-building; free e-mail newsletter. Integrated Medical Clinic and Ayurveda School The Crossroads Lyceum is a modern-day mystery school within the Fellowship of Isis, a world-wide multi-religious organization offering a wide range of home study courses in various spiritual topics. Re-discover the Wise Woman Way with herbalist Susun Weed. Celtic-based online school offers Herbalist Training, Wiccan Clergy Training and Reiki Training and Attunements. Affordable Tuitions. Special Offer: Enroll now for $10.00 store credit. The Academy of Human Sciences: Intensive Diploma courses in Clinical Psychophysics (scientific psychic healing) and Clinical and Humanistic Hypnotherapy. Also correspondence courses in Raja Yoga. The Southeast Women's Herbal Conference is an annual September conference in Black Mountain, North Carolina, organized by Red Moon Herbs. Robin Rose Bennett offers classes, community rituals, weed walks, private consultations and more in New York City. Sample resume writing tips and tricks designed to scientifically optimize your chances. Resume writing services also available. Reiki Blessings Academy. Home Study Courses in Holistic Healing for the Body, Mind, & Spirit. Gardening Power Zone – Gardening news, tips and information. How to Survive Caring for Aging Parents. Eldercare Expert, Jacqueline Marcell, answers your caregiving questions. Balancing Emotions with Flowers! - Global Wellness Center that offers an online solution for correcting emotional imbalance and personality development. Record Online from the Times-Herald Record. Information on shamanism, holistics, dowsing, divining and shamanic healing practices in Ireland - including courses, holidays and small group tours to Irish sacred sites. The first Australian online school, completely devoted to an open-minded and uniquely uninhibited journey into all forms of White Magic. Alok Holistic Health Center. Supporting body-mind-spirit growth and well being through nutrition counseling, live-food, meditations, yoga, reiki, massage, parties, events, exotic retreats, & celebration. Misinformed Consent – women’s’ stories about unnecessary hysterectomy by Lise Cloutier-Steele. Judy Cullins’ Bookcoaching. Book writing and marketing solutions. Harmonik Ireland for Living Water Workshops and a wide range of herbal formulas for the treatment of various physical imbalances. Explore the Natural Areas of Virginia Beach with Naturalist/Tour Guide Vickie Shufer, and Discover its Hidden Treasures. The Tang Center at the University of Chicago is one of two Tang Centers worldwide, dedicated to promoting herbal use based on evidence-based research and investigating the safety and efficacy of medicinal herbs and dietary supplements supported by worldwide collaborations. Find happiness and Self-actualization. A treasure chest of self-actualization tools to help you find happiness, including the free "Happy Class" and "Your Daily Dose of Happiness". NewHeavenNewEarth - News, information, and consumer protection for people all over the world who are seeking to unravel the fundamental mysteries of life. The people’s voice for family peace. Alternative HealthZine is a site listing articles from my ezine. We specialise in advising people how to get healthy with alternative medicine. Open Circles - Personal Development and Leadership Education. Improve your communication, relationships, physical and emotional health, self-esteem and creativity, gain emotional freedom, increase your self-confidence and reduce stress and anxiety in our training programs, courses, seminars, workshops and retreats. Extraordinary books and more for a healthy planet. Empowerment! Self-esteem, doing what you love, tools for business success. This site is all about getting inspired. BrightFlame brings forth Womyn's Mysteries as a Teacher Priestess Writer. The Omega Institute for Holistic Studies. Unitarian Universalist Camp and Conference Center (Susun teaches here!) The largest holistic learning center in the United States with over 600 programs annually on Society, Spirit, Psyche, Body and the Arts. Directory of online courses, online learning and online education. A center for learning which seeks to transmit many types of women's knowledge--written, iconographic, emotional and intellectual. Woman Wisdom™ is a feminist oriented, personal growth training in women's spirituality which celebrates the Goddess within every woman. Learn about reiki, yoga, reflexology, acupuncture, and more. Participate in free online classes, read informative articles, and your aromatic horoscope.


Networks, Groups, Community A Spiritual sanctuary for all Earth-based religions and/or pagans to come together in peace and security to share, learn and grow. The Enchanted Forest - The Place To BE !!  6000 Members and Growing Fast.  A place to share all Paths without Judgement.  Busy Chat Room. ATH ( is a community of dedicated individuals and organizations promoting alternative healing of mind, body, spirit and the planet. The Findhorn Foundation is a spiritual community, ecovillage and an international centre for holistic education. A supportive and growing network dedicated to soap and lotion makers. Resources, recipes and raw ingredients. On one level, World Café is a process that awakens and engages collective intelligence through conversation about questions that matter. A depression and mental health community support group. CarePlace is an online community for people interested in health conditions. Share pictures, write in journals, post in forums, and send private messages. Circle of Healers - connecting the holistic health community. A place for the holistic health community to meet, learn and share. Planet Thrive: a grassroots community for personal wellness, to connect with others around the world inspired to live healthier, more conscious lives. Interact with a range of natural health and healthy lifestyle experts, read and share a few of our hundreds of practical and inspiring articles and even make a friend or two along the way.    A group for men by men to bring to light the overwhelming power and control that doctors have over our wives.  The Virgin Coconut is a website dedicated to provide needed information about virgin coconut oil; from basic facts, to health benefits, to latest researches and news about it.  Wrap Them in Love Foundation is a non-profit, tax exempt organization createdto help needy children of the world. The world's central online community for holistic health. The Old Schoolhouse Magazine is a quarterly 200-page full color, glossy, Christian homeschool magazine packed with support and fun! Please visit the Holistic Health Network at the Theta Network! A meeting place for all Pagans over the age of 18 who have an interest in learning more about Celtic, Shamanic and Native American ways, traditions and spirituality. A Friendly Group to join to learn ways to heal and enjoy life after suffering through illness or trauma. Our endeavour is to establish a loving and inclusive community where sharing and learning is encouraged.. These pages are dedicated to nature's magic in whatever form it comes, everyday natural magic, designed to improve our lives. Melbourne's online and real life home birth network. We seek to encourage community among homebirthers, midwives, birth attendants and doulas. Parents and Friends Connect at the Station! Women`s Network by She Unlimited Magazine: We Put Women's Needs First. A place for all Pagans to discuss gardening and Herbalism. A place to get your fingers dirty! All Paths welcome. A group where people may learn hedgewitchery, we lay no claims of ancient lineage but learn and teach equally. Wystira's Herbal Garden Group is for Pagan herbalists. There are many different areas covering gardening, herbs, aromatherapy, animal herbs, essential oils, etc. The Seed Savers’ Network – preserving the genetic basis of tomorrow’s food. Please come and visit my group. A place where I hope to provide a haven for people to discuss what they may not be able to in their local area. Progressive Radio Network is committed to bringing you the latest holistic knowledge on the areas of health, beauty and mental and spiritual growth. Dragon Dream is a goddess-centered women’s spirituality group with an emphasis on speaking our truths and honoring our paths. "Coping with Caregiving" Internet Radio Program, hosted by eldercare advocate, Jacquelie Marcell. Listen Saturdays 3-5 PM PT or to archived interviews. Ireland's Holistic Health Website. Dallas/Fort Worth’s attachment parenting and natural family living resources. Herbalists Meetup. Meet up with other local individuals interested in or already working with herbs for health. Welcome to the canvas we call SpiralMuse, an organization to connect and inspire women as community, manifesting their visions and living their dreams. Whatever the Pagan needs in her study or worship, it is our concern to do everything possible to help each other. Senior is the “E-cyclopedia” of housing options and information for retirement, finance, insurance and care, and a free monthly ezine. It’s how nurses surf the web. Discussions, news, live chat and a health information library. Wise Woman forum, join us to share your knowledge, concerns, dreams, aspirations, and more. EarthWalk provides support, guidance and programs for "highly aware" children and families to better understand and appreciate their multi-sensory and multi-dimensional abilities and to learn practical tools to live with wholeness, harmony and joy. The Burning Branch Coventry of the Feminine Divine is dedicated to restoring spiritual balance by restoring the Divine Feminine to her rightful place by assisting women in their personal and spiritual development. On diseases, disorders, & chronic illnesses - community, resources. The online simplicity village... Welcome to the American Dance Therapy Association. Panic Attacks, Anxiety and The Option Institute. Connecting people with nourishing foods.

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