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~ Herbal Medicine with Susun Weed ~

February 2002 ~ Volume 2 Number 2

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Phytoestrogens - Friend or Foe?

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Breast Cancer? Breast Health!

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The Wise Woman Tradition


Wise Woman Center -- Workshops for Women

Join us this year for spirit healing and herbal medicine workshops, intensives, and apprenticeships with Susun Weed and other Wise Woman teachers. The Wise Woman Center in Woodstock NY exists to re-weave the healing cloak of the Ancients. This land, this sacred sanctuary for women is a place for the teachings of the Wise Woman way. The Goddess lives here, as do goats, fairies, green witches, and elders. Located between Woodstock and Saugerties, 5 miles from the NYS Thruway, the Wise Woman Center is easily accessible while private enough for nude swimming. You'll receive a map and directions when you register. Nourishing wild-food vegetarian meals are included with all workshops.
See the Calendar of Events & Workshop schedule (and to register) for this year, click here.



Can Plant Hormones Help Women in Menopause?
Do They Affect Breast Cancer?

c. 2002 Susun S. Weed

Phytoestrogens are weak hormones found in many plants. They are currently being promoted, sometimes in highly refined forms, for relief of the symptoms of menopause. Are they safe? Can they promote breast cancer?

We know that increased exposure to hormones -- such as those used in the cattle industry, those given to women during menopause, those taken by women engaged in hi-tech pregnancy efforts, and even those naturally produced by our own bodies -- increases our risk of being diagnosed with cancer, especially breast cancer. And many believe that hormone-like chemicals -- xenoestrogens -- increasingly found in our food and water, contribute to cancer as well. Doesn't that imply that phytoestrogens will increase cancer risk too?

Virtually everything we eat -- grains, beans, nuts, seeds, seed oils, berries, fruits, vegetables, and roots -- contains phytoestrogens. Scientists measuring the amount of phytoestrogen break-down byproducts in the urine of healthy women found that those with the least were four times more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer than with the most. Phytoestrogens actually appear to protect tissues from the cancer-causing effects of xenoestrogens and other hormonal pollutants..

This seems simple -- eat more phytoestrogens, be healthier -- and it is, so long as we restrict ourselves to eating plants. But when the difference between food and medicine is disregarded, when phytoestrogens are isolated and concentrated, sold to us in pills and candy bars, then the equation changes: phytoestrogens become dangerous hormones, quite capable of promoting cancer.

To get the greatest benefit from phytoestrogenic foods and herbs remember:

1. Isolated phytoestrogens are not as safe as those "in matrix."
2. To make use of plant hormones, you need active, healthy gut flora.
3. Herbs and foods rich in phytoestrogens need to be used in different ways.
4. Phytoestrogens may have different effects on women who do not have their ovaries.

1. Plants contain many types of phytoestrogens; additionally, they contain minerals and other constituents which help our bodies modify the phytoestrogens and so we can use them safely. Red clover, for instance, is mineral-rich and contains all four of the major types of phytoestrogens: lignans, coumestans, isoflavones, and resorcylic acid lactones. It is the world's best-known anti-cancer herb. In general, foods and herbs rich in phytoestrogens, with the possible exception of licorice, show anticancer abilities. Isoflavone, however, when isolated (usually from soy) has the opposite effect: In the lab it encourages the growth of breast cancer cells. (endnote 32 in New Menopausal Years).

2. Plant hormones, including most phytoestrogens, can't be used by humans. But we can convert them into ones we can use -- with the help of our gut bacteria. When women take antibiotics, their excretion of phytoestrogens plummets. Get your gut flora going by eating more yogurt, miso, unpasteurized sauerkraut, homemade beers and wines, picked-by-your-own-hands-and-unwashed fruits and salads, sourdough bread, and whey-fermented vegetables. (See Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon for whey-fermented vegetable recipes.)

3. Plants which are exceptionally rich in phytoestrogens are regarded as powerful herbal medicines. Plants which are good sources of phytoestrogens are regarded as foods. While food can certainly be our medicine -- a practice I advocate -- it is also true that medicines are more dangerous than foods. Foods rich in phytoestrogens are different than medicinal herbs rich in phytoestrogens. They have different places in my life.
I eat phytoestrogenic foods daily in quantity.
I use phytoestrogenic food-like herbs regularly but not daily and in moderate quantity.
I take phytoestrogenic herbs rarely, usually in small amounts and for a limited time.

Phytoestrogenic foods are the basis for a healthy diet and a long life. The first food listed is the highest in phytoestrogens. The best diet contains not just one but many choices from each list:
Whole grains (rye, oats, barley, millet, rice, wheat, corn)
Edible seeds (buckwheat, sesame, sunflower, pumpkin, amaranth, quinoa)
Beans (yellow split peas, black turtle beans, baby limas, Anasazi beans, red kidney beans, red lentils, soy beans)
Leafy greens and seaweed (parsley, nettle, kelp, cabbage, broccoli, kale, collards, lamb's quarter)
Fruits (olives, cherries, grapes, apples, pears, peaches, plums, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, salmon berries, apricots, crab apples, quinces, rosehips, blueberries)
Olive oil and seed oils
Garlic, onions and their relatives leeks, chives, scallions, ramps, shallot

The exceptions to the rule that plants don't contain human hormones:
French beans, rice, apple seeds, licorice, and pomegranate seeds contain the "weak" estrogen estrone.

Phytoestrogenic food-like herbs are generally considered longevity tonics. For optimum effect, use only one from the list below and to stick with it for at least three months. Citrus peel, dandelion leaves and/or roots, fenugreek seeds, flax seeds, green tea, hops, red clover, red wine.

Phytoestrogenic herbs are usually too powerful for long-term use. From the list below (which is in alphabetical order), it is safest to use only one herb at a time, and use it only when needed, although that may mean daily use for several months. More information about these herbs, including specific dosages and cautions, is in New Menopausal Years the Wise Woman Way.

Agave root, black cohosh root, black currant, black haw, chasteberries, cramp bark, dong quai root, devil's club root, false unicorn root, ginseng root, groundsel herb, licorice, liferoot herb, motherwort herb, peony root, raspberry leaves, rose family plants (most parts), sage leaves, sarsaparilla root, saw palmetto berried, wild yam root, yarrow blossoms.

4. Most of the warnings about phytoestrogenic herbs center on their proven ability to thicken the uterine wall in animals who have had their ovaries removed. This could encourage cancer, just as taking ERT encourages cancer of the uterus by stimulating cell growth.. Women without ovaries are probably safe eating phytoestrogenic foods, but may want to use phytoestrogenic herbs -- especially ginseng, dong quai, licorice, red clover, and wild yam -- in small amounts and only for short periods.

Phytoestrogens can be our friends. In a world that seems increasingly hostile and threatening, green allies offer us ways to stay safe and healthy, so long as we use them with wisdom and honor. This article is based on information in New Menopausal Years the Wise Woman Way

For permission to reprint this article, contact us at:

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Breast Cancer? Breast Health!

The Wise Woman Way

by Susun S. Weed
Foreword by Christiane Northrup, M.D.
Paperback - 380 pages
Published by Ash Tree Publishing

Foods, exercises, and attitudes to keep your breasts healthy. Supportive complimentary medicines to ease side-effects of surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, or tamoxifen.


Read these Excerpts:
CHAPTER 5. Mammograms-Who Needs Them?
Using Herbs Safely
My Anti-Cancer Lifestyle


Finally, a non-threatening book about breast cancer

Can women do more than submit to a yearly examination to insure the health of their breasts?
According to Susun Weed, the highly-regarded author of Breast Cancer? Breast Health! The Wise
Woman Way
, there are many simple ways for women to increase the health of their breasts.
Unlike most other books on the subject of breast health and breast cancer, which are clinical and
frightening, Weed speaks from a place of warmth, sensitivity and compassion, giving comfort, reassur-
ance and extremely practical advice. She gives the positive message that every cell of a woman's
breasts can be nurtured, rejuvenated and healed by the energies of touch, pleasure, love, whole food,
and green, healing plants.

Ms. Weed suggests a two-fold approach to breast health: increase the foods and lifestyle choices
that are known to prevent cancer, and decrease or eliminate those things that are known to increase
cancer risk. Breast Cancer? Breast Health! The Wise Woman Way, explains all the risk factors for breast cancer, from excess hormones (especially estrogen) to tobacco smoke, radiation to poor diet. She sets out simple, pleasant, affordable ways to create your own anti-cancer lifestyle, including the best foods
and herbs to add to your diet.

But what if a lump is found or, worse yet, if the diagnosis is cancer? Ms. Weed's book gives
thorough information that helps women move through the tangle of possible options. She offers
advice that deals not only with the physical aspects of treating lumps and cancer, but also the emo-
tional, relational, and spiritual factors involved. Weed argues against taking action immediately,
offering strong support for her opinion that women must give themselves time to make wise decisions
that are not based on fear.

After a woman has chosen her treatment options, susun continues to offer her support through
the use of complementary medicines -herbal and home remedies that are proven to moderate the
side effects of surgery, radiation, tamoxifen, and chemotherapy, without interfering with their effec-
tiveness. For instance, she cites statistics showing that women who attend regular support groups
double their survival time after diagnosis, that women who exercise regularly similarly increase their
longevity, and that standard Heroic cures, including fasting, enemas, and high-dose supplements,
actually increase morbidity and should be avoided.

Ms. Weed does not avoid the difficult questions surrounding breast cancer, but discusses them without engendering fear and guilt. She writes, "So many of our modern healers, alternative and orthodox alike, fear death. When a diagnosis of cancer is made, death becomes the enemy. Fear of death -- rather than love of life -- then becomes the basis from which treatments are chosen." Ultimately, Susun urges women to find ways to love their life without clinging, and to learn to honor their death. Doing so can open many doors, including those to a longer and richer life. Metastic breast cancer, she acknowledges, is curable only by "miracles"...which definetly do happen!

Christiane Northrup, author of the best selling Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom, writes in the introduction that she learned the importance of breast health fourteen years ago when she developed a large breast abcess while nursing her first child. Due to her demanding schedule of work and devotion to the healing of others, she neglected her own self-care, resulting in the complete destruction of the structure of her breast duct. From that experience she bacame aware that we cannot nurture others fully or well unless we also nurture ourselves. "Our breasts know this. And they will not be silenced in their attempts to bring this to our attention," she states.

Susun agrees. She writes that women have a wise healer within that has been silenced, ignored, and ridiculed for the last several millennia. Breast Cancer? Breast Health! The Wise Woman Way gives explicit instructions for reconnecting with this inner wisdom, as well as detailed information about the herbal remedies mentioned in the book. An Herbal Pharmacy section contains instructions on making specific preparations (such as infusions, tinctures, oils, and vinegars) for those who want to do it themselves. All of Weed's recipes and suggestions are extremely easy to find, buy, make, or do, and do not require the fanatical extremes that are often recommended in other cancer treatment books. Her advice and wisdom can easily fit in_to the life of every woman who is concerned about good health.

Supporting women and their body wisdom unconditionally, Weed makes the process of main-
taining or regaining breast health into a magical journey of transformation and offers women the
opportunity to become healthy /whole/holy. Breast Cancer? Breast Health! The Wise Woman Way
guides the reader through her fear, to a place of action where she can honor her own integrity, and
choose the best course for her life.


Breast Cancer? Breast Health!
Author: Susun S. Weed. Foods, exercises, and attitudes to keep your breasts healthy. Supportive complimentary medicines to ease side-effects of surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, or tamoxifen.Foreword by Christiane Northrup, M.D. 380 pages, index, illustrations.

"What a gift to women of all ages! This book helped me overcome my fear of what I might discover during self-examination. I am so grateful that this book came my way and I am healthier in mind, body, and spirit thanks to Ms. Weed's wise words! All of my questions and doubts were addressed in a voice that speaks for all the wise women who have chosen the path of natural and sensible personal health. If I could, I would give a copy of this book to every woman in the world!" Read the Review

Retails for $21.95
Order Breast Cancer? Breast Health! in our Bookshop ReadersCritique:
(5 reviews - weighted average)

An empowering, well-researched book
Reviewer: A reader from Bayside, NY USA

Finally a book that gives women practical direction on how to facilitate breast health and how to deal with suspicious lumps. The medical community offers us mammograms and biopsies, but the gaps between these procedures are often filled with agonizing uncertainty for most women. Thank you Ms. Weed, for giving us the information we have so desperately needed to be able channel our energies into strengthening our bodies and empowering our spirits.

Highly recommended to all women Reviewer: Rose from Oregon

Every woman should read this book, most definitely so if you have cancer. The positive and very well researched suggestions for a healthy lifestyle by a very experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate herbalist will improve the quality of anyone's life and health. Many are easy to incorporate, even pleasurable. There is something here for everyone, and if you do have cancer, there is no better place you could turn. The recommended reading list is excellent. The ideas presented will strengthen you, soothe you, help you withstand the effects of chemotherapy and strengthen your immune system to help your own body fight the cancer. No dangerous remedies here. All very safe and gentle (with appropriate warnings and toxicity's mentioned in the few cases where appropriate). Very effective ideas. Any of us can benefit by strengthening our immune systems and by avoiding toxic substances.


Breast Cancer? Breast Health! The Wise Woman Way by Susun S. Weed


"The voice of women's wisdom sings on every page of this magnificent book." Christiane Northrup, M.D.

"I was touched, moved, and empowered as I read each page of this extraordinary book. It is not only the most informative book I've found on the topic, but truely the most inspiring." Rosemary Gladstar

"A major work that will have a profound impact on the field of holistic medicine. The clarity and compassion that fills these pages makes them essential reading for all."
David Hofffman

"The perfect antidote to the fear that surrounds breast cancer."
Carolyn De Marco, M.D.



Breast Cancer? Things strongly implicated in the initiation, promotion, or growth of breast cancer.

Hormones, especially estradiol and progesterone.
Sources: Your ovaries, commercial meat and milk, hormone pills, progesterone creams, steroids, cortisone.
Reduced by: Strenuous physical activity, pregnancy and lactation, menopause, wise lifestyle and food choices, high levels of phytoestrogens in the diet..

Organochlorines, pesticides, herbicides, bleach, plastics.
Sources: By-products of bleaching paper, drinking and bathing in chlorinated water, use of bleached tampons, chemical farming practices, water pollution.
Reduced by: Eating organically-grown food, filtering drinking and bathing water, using unbleached paper, using less plastic, buying fresh (not canned) food.

Radiation, especially when young.
Sources: Mammograms, fallout, x-rays, cell-phones.
Reduced by: Avoidance. Doses are cumulative.

EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields)
Sources: TVs, hair dryers, microwave towers and ovens, computer monitors, all electrical appliances and lines.
Reduced by: Distance; shielding does little.

Vegetable oils, hydrogenated & partially-hydrogenated fats.
Sources: Corn, sesame, canola, sunflower, soy, flax, and other seed oils; margarine, commercial baked goods and snacks.
Reduced by: Avoidance; read labels. Use organic butter and olive oil exclusively.

Excessive use of alcohol
Excessive calories in the diet
Sources: Easy availability, peer pressure, convenience.
Reduced by: Wise food choices, herbal infusions, hugs.

Growing older
Source: Living long.
Reduced by: Dying young. (Not worth it.)

Breast Health! Things that counter and reverse the initiation, promotion, and growth of cancer.

Consumption of phytoestrogens
Sources: Red clover infusion, lentils, miso, tamari, roots.

A diet rich in cabbage family plants, grains, and beans.
Source: Semi-vegetarian diet.

High dietary intake of carotenes
Sources: Dark leafy greens, orange and yellow produce.

High dietary levels of vitamin C complex
Sources: Six to eight servings of fruits/vegetables daily.
Reduced by: Oxidation from washing, heating, aging.

High dietary levels of vitamin E
Sources: Olive oil, nut butters, freshly-ground flax seeds.
Reduced by: Heat, light, time.

High dietary levels of selenium
Sources: Organically grown garlic, onions, mushrooms.

Sufficient production and absorption of vitamin D
Sources: Sunlight, 10 minutes daily; sardines, tuna.

Adequate levels of melatonin production
Sources: Darkness, low-calorie diet.
Reduced by: Alcohol, beta-blockers, lights on at night.

Regular, significant exercise throughout one's life.
Sources: Active lifestyle, yoga, dance, moving!

Important: Supplemental vitamin C and E are known to promote cancer. Avoid pills. Get nutrients from whole foods, weeds, and herbs.

Breast Cancer? Breast Health! The Wise Woman Way copyright 2000, Susun S. Weed

This excerpt can also be found online at:

Feminist Women's Health Center

Wise Woman Herbal Series
Get all four of Susun S. Weed's best-selling herbal medicine books together and save 20%. The Wise Woman Herbal Series includes:
~ New Menopausal Years the Wise Woman Way (for Women 30-90)
~ Breast Cancer? Breast Health! The Wise Woman Way
~ Healing Wise
~ Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year ( in its 29th printing)
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Wise Woman Herbal Series

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Extra Feature...

The Wise Woman Tradition
by Susun S Weed

The Wise Woman tradition is invisible. Without healers, without diseases, without cures, without certificates, without guarantees, it exists. It has no rules, no right answers, no promise of life eternal. The Wise Woman tradition is a spiral of uniqueness, everchanging, like a woman, steeped in and rising out of the blood mysteries, the wisdom of womb-ones, the knowledge of those who hold their blood inside.

The Wise Woman tradition honors the ordinary and avoids the exotic, works simply and steers clear of complication, accepts failure, chaos, and the eternal void with humor instead of fear and dread. The Wise Woman tradition is compassionate and heart-centered. It honors the Earth. It is local and ecological and urges us to use our dooryard weeds instead of the latest miracle herb from far away.

The Wise Woman tradition maintains that health is best defined as flexibility and that deviations from normal (that is, problems) offer us an opportunity to reintegrate parts of ourselves that we have cast out, emerging healed/wholed/holy. Illness is understood as an integral part of life and self-growth, with healer, patient and nature as co-participants in the healing process.

This is in marked contrast to other traditions of healing. In the Scientific tradition the doctor is highly visible and the patient is reduced to a body part or a disease designation. In the Heroic or Holistic tradition, the healer is the one who knows the right way to do things and the patient must follow the rules in order to get well. Most so-called alternative medicine comes from Heroic traditions, which emphasize fasting, purification, colonic cleansing, rigid dietary rules, and the use of rare botanicals in complicated formulae. Metaphysical healing also is applied that way: It views illness as a failure rather than a natural and potentially constructive process.

The Wise Woman Tradition reminds us that wellness and illness are not polarities. They are part of the continuum of life. We are constantly renewing ourselves, cell by cell, second by second, every minute of our lives. Problems, by their very nature, can facilitate deep spiritual and symbolic renewal, leading us naturally into expanded, more complete ways of thinking about and experiencing ourselves.
The Wise Woman Tradition encourages us to work towards good health from the inside out. And to remember that our healing choices influence not only ourselves but the entire planet.

To learn more about the Wise Woman Way, see Healing Wise by Susun Weed.

Read one woman's life changing experience of the Wise Woman Way

~RECIPE of the MONTH ~

How To Make an Herbal Infusion

A tea is a small amount of fresh or dried herb brewed for a short time. An infusion is a large amount of (not fresh) herb brewed for a long time. An infusion extracts more nutrients than a tincture and more medicinal qualities than a tea. Most infusions are short-lived; they stay good for only two or three days.

Prepare infusions in pint/half-liter and quart/liter jars with tight lids. A teapot is not as good, but acceptable.

Usual dose of infusion is 1-2 cups (250-500 ml) a day, taken hot, chilled, or at room temperature. Infusions may be seasoned with sweeteners, tamari, milk, or any other additions that please your taste. Infusions can also be used as soup stocks, bath waters, hair rinses, facial washes.

Summary of Infusion Data


Plant Part



1 oz/30 g.
1 oz/30 g.
1 oz/30 g.
1 oz/30 g.


pint/500 ml
pint/500 ml

Length of Infusion

8 hours minimum
4 hours minimum
2 hours minimum
30 min. minimum


Nettle (Urtica dioica), 1 ounce/30 grams, dry
Horsetail (Equisetum arvense), 1 tablespoon/2 grams, dry
Sage (Salvia officinalis), 1 tablespoon/2 grams, dry

Crush sage between palms and drop into a quart/liter container with the two other herbs. Fill jar with water just off the boil, cap tightly, and set in a cozy corner to brew for at least four hours (overnight is fine). Strain; drink as is or heat and add honey. also nice iced. You can substitute red clover or oatstraw or raspberry for the nettles.

Each cup contributes as much calcium as a cup of milk.

Excerpt from Susun Weed's NEW Menopausal Years the Wise Woman Way

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Mendocino Sea Vegetable company - Visit this delightful site to learn about and order quality sea vegetables and healthful green tea. Since 1980 the Lewallen family, living in harmony with the ocean in Mendocino, California, has devoted their life to providing quality wildcrafted sea vegetables and information. Learn about Dulse, Wakame, Kombu, Nori, and more. We love their seaweed and you will too! Site features plenty of great recipes to help you learn to cook with wonderful seaweed - Plus you can order their great cookbook too! - Its mission is: to disseminate information and provide resources to midwives, aspiring midwives, midwifery students and midwifery consumers; to provide a forum for dialogue and strengthening of ties among all midwives; to increase visibility of the midwifery profession; and to inform the public about the excellent outcomes associated with midwifery care.
 From one of the original authors of Our Bodies, Ourselves, comes the first inspiring guidebook for the growing multitudes of older first-time moms. "Hot Flashes, Warm Bottles: First-Time Mothers Over Forty" by
Nancy London, M.S.W., distills the wisdom, insight and practical advice gathered during her years as a therapist and support group leader. With tips for renewing physical and sexual energy, balancing mid-life hormones while breastfeeding (!), parenting after adoption and infertility, balancing work and kids, and caring for elderly parents, the personal stories from these older first-time moms are filled with trials and triumphs, comfort and reassurance. "Hot Flashes" brings a powerful sisterhood to modern motherhood. READ CHAPTER TWO (click here).

Elizabeth's Kitchen - Welcome all to my Humble Hearth. Relax and bask in the warmth, love & wisdom of Mother Nature. In here, you shall discover various information on healing , plants and herbs , healthy living, recipes for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike and many more! Those who would like to link with me and vice versa, please e-mail me at Updated weekly or every fortnightly this website shall be, so stay tuned ! Do enjoy your stay here at Elizabeth's Kitchen! Have a nice day!

Holographic Meditation - a unique approach using "holographic mudras" and other innovative tools for accelerated personal growth and Self-realization. HM is a unique synthesis between science and mysticism designed for life challenges in the emerging holographic age. HM facilitates perceptual enlightenment, enabling practitioners to develop a holographic perception of the world. This is a superior way of cutting through the veils of the senses and removing the sense of separation right at the core where it arises - at the level of visual perception. The HM philosophy and techniques are presented in the book Holographic Meditation: The 12 Elixirs of Life. Yoga and meditation workshops, healing programs, teacher training, spiritual retreats (Hawaii).

Zenzibar Alternative Culture is an alternative portal and directory of alternatives to Western mainstream culture. In every field there are thinkers and experimenters looking for different ways of living, playing, worshipping and working. Zenzibar was created to make alternative culture sites and information easily accessible. Our goal is to make Zenzibar an entertaining and useful site for those interested in information on alternative subjects from Aliens to Zen. - The only place you'll find "Humor Replacement Therapy!" Meet "Minnie Pauz", the first and only cartoon character who faces the REAL issues women face every day, but with a sense of humor! Menopause, hot flashes, or just aging issues in general, join her in the search for her REAL self (or ways to cool off)! She's the ORIGINAL "Rebel with the Pause." Minnie Pauz, created by Dee Adams, features over 100 cartoons all about women and menopause, as well as articles, a list of menopause events, a directory of clinicians, greeting cards, merchandise, and more.

Natural Health Web "The most complete directory to information
about Natural Health and Alternative Medicine on the Internet."

Know of a good site to recommend?

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Try chickweed tincture and castor oil packs for ovarian cysts
Poultices of comfrey leaf often resolve cysts
Dandelion tincture and yogurt cure stomach bloat
Just say no to colonics - your body is not dirty!
Witch hazel bark infusion reduces hemorrhoids
Wise Woman cures her hernia - despite doc's disbelief!
Burdock is the ally for skin problems
Burdock, Aloe, and Yarrow help for acne
Using the six steps of healing to increase fertility
Comfrey leaf sitz bath for postpartum bottom
Comfry leaf infusion for prolapsed bladder
Nettle, Red Clover, Oatstraw, and Comfrey for fertility!
Using the six steps of healing to ease pain!

If you have a personal health question for Susun, she has a free hotline every Tuesday evening (from Mid-April to the end of October) from 7:30 to 9:30 EST - Call: 845-246-8081. NOTE: It is helpful if you have read Susun's article and books before calling her, as you will find answers to your preliminary question there and so Susun will be able to help you with more indepth questions you may have.

Legal Disclaimer: This content is not intended to replace conventional western medical treatment. Any suggestions made and all herbs listed are not intended to diagnose, treat,cure or prevent any disease, condition or symptom. Personal directions and use should be provided by clinical herbalist or other qualified healthcare practitioner with a specific formula for you. All material on this website/email is provided for general information purposes only and should not be considered medical advice or consultation. Always check with your personal physician when you have a question pertaining to your health and healthcare.

Subject: Help for Ovarian Cysts

greetings and merry solstice to you, i am seeking information about ovarian cysts
my sister who is 19 has been painfully bleeding for several weeks has just found out via ultrasound that she has a cyst onn her ovary, "too big to drain"
what to do, what herbs would be supportive for her,?
a quick reply would be wonderful
blessed be

Subject: Try chickweed tincture and castor oil packs for ovarian cysts

Susun's Response:

Try chickweed tincture, a dropperful four times a day. Continue for as long as it takes. I have known several women dissolve very large ovarian cysts this way. If you want it to go away faster, you could also use castor oil packs. Info on those in my book Breast Cancer? Breast Health!

Green Blessings,

Susun Weed

Subject:Need help with cysts

I am a 43 year old male, generally healthy. In the last two years I've had two cysts on my lower lip (which I've had surgically removed), and for the last year I've had a Baker's cyst behind my right knee, which sometimes causes it to be swollen and stiff. I am wondering if you have
any wisdom to share about cysts and if they represent some type of broader systemic imabalance.

Subject: Poultices of comfrey leaf often resolve cysts

Susun's response:

Cysts simply are. Perhaps we could say they are a result of being alive and getting our lumps.

Poultices of comfrey leaf often resolve cysts but you have to do it daily for several months. Castor oil packs are also really excellent for dissolving cysts. Same deal, poultice at least once a day for months. If you want to take something internally, chickweed tincture, a dropperful 2-3 times a day for a few months is also useful. Hope this helps.

Green Blessings,

Susun Weed

Subject: Will try the poultices

Dear Susun,

Thanks so much for your informative reply. I'll try the poultices.


Subject: Problem with bloating - will cider vinegar help?

hi i was reading your article on apple cider vinegar and was wondering if this would help with bloating. all at once i am feeling very bloated after a meal and i am very uncomfortable and sometimes feel like i am going to be sick. i have used gasx but was wondering if apple cider vinegar would work just as well and be safer. thanks so much

Subject: Dandelion tincture and yogurt cure stomach bloat

Susun's response:

Cider vinegar could help, but it might upset your stomach, too.

I would first try taking 10-20 drops of dandelion tincture just before eating. Let me know if that helps. If not, try eating half a cup of yogurt daily for at least two weeks. That should do it.

Green Blessings,

Susun Weed

Subject: Why are fasting and colon cleansing harmful?

Hi Susun
I was at a workshop with you in boulder and you spoke about why colon cleanses and extreme fasts in general are harmful to the body, but I don't remember the details or facts of what you said. Some of my friends do colon cleanses and extreme fasts (over a week) on a regular basis and so, I would like more details about how you see colon cleansing affecting the body.

Subject: Just say no to colonics - your body is not dirty!

Susun's response:

There are sphincters that protect the inside of the body from the outside world.

If you put your fingers down your throat and throw up you have to push past a sphincter. Do you think bulemia is healthy?

If you put something through the cervix into the uterus, you have to push past a sphincter. Do you think that is healthy?

You have two sphincters protecting the gut. To do an enema you have to push past both of those. How can that be healthy? Medical textbooks say that it takes up to a week for normal intestinal functioning to resume after an enema. How could that possibly be healthy? The colon is lined with tiny little hairs (cillia) that point toward the exit (anus). Those hairs are broken off by enemas and colonics and may not grow back. That is definitely unhealthy.

The body is not a bag of filth. The colon is not a repository of old gunk. I have asked over 5000 medical professionals to tell me what they have seen in operations opening the abdominal cavity. Not a single one has ever seen anything stuck to the colon. In the hundreds of animals I have autopsied I have never seen anythink stuck to the colon.

Heroic thinking makes you sick and it makes the planet sick. Fear is not healthy. Thinking of yourself as filled with shit is not healthy. Find new friends, one who love themselves and their bodies. Look for wise women who nourish and forget about cleansing, for your health, and mine, and the health of the sweet mother Earth.

Green Blessings,

Susun Weed


Subject: Needing help for hemorrhoids

Dear Susun,
I read your interview in witchcraft magazine. I think your truly on the ball. Hopefully by the time I am your age I may be as wise. I too am self teaching in herbal lore, aromathearapy and making natural products for myself friends and family. They sort of think it's odd that I don't own a novel or book of fiction. I just find it a waste of learning time. I read many different things like the above as well as spirituality literature. Anyway I am 25yrs not that I believe in age (it's a state of mind!) but it may help you answer my question I am female and I have very bad haemorrhoids so dose my mum and sister. However I refuse to ever be operated on. I eat 6 prunes a day usually drink at least 1-2 litres of water/day. I drink every 2nd day a tablespoon of pysillium husks in water and I use a cream with essential oil of geranium, cypress and lavender. I am also on a herbal tonic my herbalist made for me but she hasn't disclosed what's in it. However I don't have the qty recommended because I feel the taste is a shock to my body (20mls 3x daily in water) I have it on an energetic level (10 drops in water 3x daily) but I am still in pain and bleeding. What else can I be doing? I haven't had kids yet and I am a little scared of child birth for this reason.
Thanks from Aussie.

Subject: Witch hazel bark infusion reduces hemorrhoids

Susun's response:

Sounds like you are doing good things for yourself. I am sure you will be more and more wise as you wish :)

Have you tried using witch hazel to reduce those hemorrhoids? Best is to buy the bark and make two quarts of infusion (instructions in my books) and sit in it. You can reuse this over and over. It ought to shrink them as well as relieve the pain and itch.

I would never ever put essential oil on hemorrhoids. They are inflammations and essential oils increase inflammation.

I would never take any herbs unless I knew what they were. Who is this person who withholds important information from you? Not much of a healer by my lights. Even MDs tell you what you are taking. Is she afraid you will steal her formula? My advice, ditch her/him immediately. I actually doubt that a tonic will do much good for your problem.

The psyllium husks may also be contributing to the problem. Are you constipated? Is that why you are eating prunes and psyllium ? If not constipated, you may want to eliminate the psyllium and cut down on the prunes. Remember the hemorrhoids are blood caught in the veins. Prunes and psyllium draw more blood to the area.

What you want are astringents, not tonics, not laxatives.

I read a lot of novels. Many times they help me understand different people and different ages. Try a novel by Barbara Wood. Or look for The Heart of the Fire, a great novel about women herbalists. Too much dry info will make you old before your time my dear. You need to nourish your imagination too you know.

Green Blessings,

Susun Weed


Subject: hernias

mountain greetings,

I''ve just been diagnosed with a small hernia - wonderfully ironic that i develop just that which, they say, can only get worse and can only be remedied by surgery! A herbalist, i'm going to try a three - four month treatment before going to the surgeon:

*witch hazel compresses day and night
*comfrey root poultice for half an hour morning and evening
* St johnswort oil with lavender gently massaged in - once a day
*my mama, ex-nurse antibiotic freak turned recently herbal suggested a dr CHristopher mix ; comfrey, marshmallow, slippery elm, calendula, white oak , mullein leaves, skullcap
* integrate visualisation sessions into my altarwork
* pretty much rally what healing help i can from those women practising in the valley
* deep meditations with my old friend comfrey

do you have any experiences with hernia's - what did you find helpful? What sort of time frame? ...i wish my old mentor/teacher was still alive....

thanks for your time, blessed be

Subject: hernias

Susun's response:

I have lived with a hernia in my groin for nearly twelve years despite my MD friend who told me it had to operated on. NO pain NO problem NO stress.

Where is yours?

No herb that i used did anything!! Teasel root tincture is the specific for tears inside the belly (including hernia).

Green Blessings,

Susun Weed

Subject: Wise Woman cures her hernia - despite doc's disbelief!

my hernia is also inguinal - the treatment i've been doing has been have no pain, no swelling and today it couldn't be found on palpation - (comfrey root poultices with hot water bottle on top twice a day felt sooo gooood!) i have a deal with my village doc that if i have another ultrasound in a few months and the hernia cannot be found she'll pay for it and start sending me patients. In her conventional-homeopathic view hernias never go away and must be operated on - he he, be lovely to have the proof on ultrasound pictures!

somehow, though i'm not pleased you have one, knowing that you 've lived with a hernia these twelve years helped - bless you for those few lines of email in that moment! I've since heard many more stories - hernias seem to be another of these 'unutterables', don't get to hear about them until you're 'in the club'.

it was highly unusual for me to go to a classical doctor and i feel having a diagnosis so early on was important - i rested alot and really focused on healing the week after, visualisations and ritual - no hauling sacks of goat manure around for me in the next wee while.

I hadn't heard of teasel used medicinally - she is cordially invited into my garden now.

I received info about your work / workkshops this week - i have been feeling quite isolated living up here on my mountain and it is always a joy to touch base with other women sharing their knowledge - the description of your day workshops could be of ones i have run. i have decided to inscribe to the spirit and practice correspondence course as a gift to myself in this stage of change, to help support - use it as framework to explore deeper....thanks for doing what you do!

I'll write a message to justine about signing up for the course - i understand she's the wonder in charge of such things?

in the spirit of the greening to come,
from the outer reaches of mediteranean mountain winter


Subject: advice for dermatitis and eczema

Hello, Susun
I found your web page, and was wondering if you can give me advice for dermatitis and eczema, skin conditions? thanks

Subject: Burdock is the ally for skin problems

Susun's response:

Burdock in any form has been used by many to relieve skin problems. See my book Healing Wise for more info on dosage and how to use.

Yellow dock root tincture can also be helpful, as can dandelion. You can take any one of these, or all three together, as you like.

Skin problems often have an emotional component, too.

The skin divides inside from outside. If we feel trapped in our skins and unable to be touched, we open our skin with eczema. Conversely, if we feel abraded by life, our skin itches and breaks. Which side of this are you on? How could you help your skin feel less dense or less fragile?

Green Blessings,

Susun Weed


Subject: Needing help for acne and rosacea

Dear Susun,
I have problem skin. I have acne that takes forever to clear up and rosacea. I have been going to a dermatologist who prescribed some medicine. Here's the catch for me, the medicine has left me with yeast infections and vaginal itching and swelling. Needless to say I would much rather live with the bad skin! Do you have any recommendations for what I can use to treat the acne and rosacea. I have also noticed that the breakouts occur at about the same time in my cycle every month. I have been reading up on herbal remedies but since I am a real beginner I find it a little confusing. I have heard that evening primrose oil and chaste berry are good. Could you help? Thank you for your time and any information.

Subject: Burdock, Aloe, and Yarrow help for acne

Susun's response:

Three possible remedies for you to try:

Burdock root or seed tincture; 30 drops three times a day. Continue for as many years as needed.

Aloe vera juice, internally, best if from the fresh plant. And use it externally too.

Yarrow tincture sprayed on the face at least three times a day. Let it dry on your face.

Additionally, drink nourishing herbal infusions, especially nettle.

I would not like to mess with your hormones directly, but instead, bring you to a better level of overall health, then you won't break out premenstrually. Do you get enough fat in your diet?

Let us know if any of these work.

Green Blessings,

Susun Weed


Subject: Needing encouragement to conceive

Hello Susun,

I am so glad I found your web site, it is so full of useful news. I read your article on Fertility After 40...and it gave me great hope! I have found my soul-mate at age 43, which is wonderful, but he's never had kids at age 40 and really wants to have some-soon. I have 3 older kids, and would love to have more now. The problem is that since going off the pill in September, I haven't had any periods... so I'm surely not ovulating, and so not getting pregnant! I've been taking Primrose oil to help bring on memses, so far it isn't working, neither is acupuncture.

You indicated that Dong Qui isn't good for older women, which is what I was going to use. Can you advise me on how to best get my periods started and increase my fertility? I got some red clover blossoms and chaste tree berries for tinctures. Is wheat germ oil / vitamin E really helpful for increasing fertility? I'm told by doctors that my fertility is now at just 50 % due to my age. How can I best combat this?

I sure hope you can give me some helpful advise, as I'm feeling at a loss as to what to do, and doctors just make it worse by discouraging me from having a baby at my age. I anxiously await your reply

Subject: Using the six steps of healing to increase fertility

Susun's response:

First, before you start taking everything possible to help you conceive, go read the page on the Six Steps of Healing

So, start with step 0: Do Nothing. In your case, that means sleep in the total dark. Light at night is the greatest disruptor of regular menses. You can read more about Lunaception on page 5 in New Menopausal Years the Wise Woman Way.

It is important to have a time limit for each step. 3-6 months is a reasonable time to work with step 0.

Step 1. Collect information. Is your husband's sperm strong? How long does it usually take to get pregnant after stopping birth control pills? Is it necessary to have a period in order to get pregnant? (NO, it is not!! I met a woman who conceived three years after her last menstruation!!) (What other questions do you need to know about?) And gather wisdom. What does you body tell you? What does your intuition say?

You can do step 1 while you are doing step 0.

Step 2. Engage the Energy. In Australia the aboriginal people believe that one must pray to the spirit of the baby to come before intercourse will cause pregnancy. As you said, it is important for you to believe that you can do this. Engage the energy that you want to manifest. Don't direct it, engage it, invite it, seduce it.

You can do step 2 while you do steps 0 and 1. You can do many forms of step 2: prayer, visualization, affirmation, energy work, reiki, etc. As with step 0, 3-6 months is a good time frame for this step.

Step 3. Nourish and Tonify. Here is where drinking red clover infusion (not tincture) helps. And taking chasteberry tincture. Get your vitamins from food. Nourish yourself and your sweetheart with whole grains, lentils and beans, cooked fruits and vegetable soups, organic meats and cheeses, nuts and olives. Avoid supplements; they are drugs and may harm the fetus. (Women who take 10,000 units of vitamin A a day are seven time more likely to have a deformed baby, oh my.)

You can include step 3 with steps 0, 1, and 2. They all work together.

The last three steps are dangerous and are best left until after you have decided that the above steps have not worked.
Step 4. Stimulate and sedate (dong quai, wheat gern oil)
Step 5. Take drugs (evening primrose oil, vitamin E)
Step 6. Break and enter (invasive tests)

Green Blessings,

Susun Weed


Subject: herbs and midwifery

Dear Susun
Hello, I am a midwife from England in my final year of training to be a medical herbalist. I am currently searching for information for my dissrtation which is on herbs used for post natal perineal healing and wondered if you could make any suggestions?
I would be very grateful for any help. Many thanks and best wishes.

Subject: Comfrey leaf sitz bath for postpartum bottom

Susun's response:

Comfrey leaf sitz baths are my favorite. Of course, if you use them prenataly, there won't be any tearing. Comfrey ointment helps too. Or poultices. (I once reduced a labor-induced hemorrhoid the size of a grapefruit to nothing in two days with comfrey poultices!)

Plantain leaf ointment or poultice. Especially if there is pain or itching.

Yarrow flower tincture is a good application to prevent infection.

Green Blessings,

Susun Weed


Subject: prolapsed bladder

Dear Susun- Blessed Greetings!

During childbirth I had a lot of internal tearing which left me with a
prolapsed bladder. I was wondering which herbs, in addition to the Raspberry
leaf I am already using, you feel would be helpful for this condition. I
am doing loads of Kegel exercises and using my raspberry leaf infusion, but
instinct tells me that there are some herbs I am overlooking.

Thanks for your help! I've met you on two occasions and found both to be
very empowering and inspiring. Green Blessings

Subject: Comfrey Leaf is the herb for you!

Susun's response:
COMFREY LEAF is the herb you are missing. Use lots.DRINK THE INFUSION at least three times a week.

SITZ BATH TOO and you can reuse the infusion you sit in. Try to do it at least twice a week for a month.

Green Blessings,

Susun Weed

Subject: Comfrey leaf

Ah Ha! I knew I was missing something. I have lot's of comfrey leaf on
hand so will start using it right away.

I and my bladder thank you....


Subject: Trying to avoid another miscarraige

Dear Susun,
i am 44 and have had two miscarriages.. i am starting again this month to try and conceive..i just read your information suggesting clover, comfrey and other herbs..i am thinking it would benefit me to speak with you you take phone appointments..martha marable

Subject: Fertility Help

Susun's response:
First, check out my article online Feeling Frisky? Herbs For Fertilty also go to another on my articles Fertility After Forty - these two articles on fertility will help you.

I do free phone consultations from late March to Halloween on Tuesday nites from 7:30 to 9:30 east coast time.

Green Blessings,

Susun Weed

Subject: Needing to speak with you...

how would i speak with you otherwise..especially since it is January and i would like to talk before it possible..?

Subject: Consult the wise woman in yourself!

Susun takes the winters "off" so she can continue to write books and so she can continue to study and learn more...not to mention spending a bit of time alone and with her family..Even in her "down" months she is busier than we can imagine.

The only way to communicate with her until late March is via email. You are welcome to ask another question via email if you like. She visits me usually once a week and she answers the medical questions which I reserve for her expertise. Of course, in late March you can call for a free phone consultation as well.....

If you really need to speak with someone you may consider finding a like-minded woman to consult with, possibly a midwife or doula. Do you know anyone in your area? You might consider visiting the website of a great woman who has apprenticed with Susun a while ago, her name is Sheri Winston. Among other things, she does childbirth and pregnancy counseling. Her website will tell you more about her and from there you may find out if she could be of help to you.

Also , I might remind you to have faith in your own Wise Woman self too!!!

Love, Justine

Subject: suspicious of comfrey

thank you..
i will drink the red clover but without speaking with susan i will wait to use comfrey leaf..happy new year..

Subject: do what makes you feel good/safe!

And, further, only drink what you are comfortable with. Red Clover is an excellent infusion for you....if you are ill at ease with the Comfrey then by all means don't do it.

Subject: concerned...


Subject: domestic comfry leaf is safe.

Read what she says in the message from the link i sent you, she says only leaf and only leaf from domestic plants NOT wild and NOT root....the rest should be in her book...but, she will be here on friday and hopefully she will be able to answer your question....If you wnat to ask any more details send the message and she will answer Friday, Love, justine

Subject: fear of comfry - trying to conceive

you are so very kind..thank you..i am reacting from fear..i am taking a deep breath and going forward!. thank you..thank you for your emails..i was not able to email it too late to email now.. my question has to do with fertility and the use of comfrey etc..i am planning to try to conceive next weekend and want to do all that i can to maximize that event..i will follow the emails but should things be more specific for the individual..thanks

Subject: Comfrey Loves You!

Sounds like your baby will be getting the best you can give it. What a great start!

Enjoy your conception rites and night. As you know, good nutrition is the best start. Eat foods rich in vitamin E and folic acid and avoid pill supplements.

Nourishing herbal infusions provide lots of folic acid and other nutrients needed for healthy babies. I use four herbs, one at a time, that are exceedingly rich in minerals and proteins. Each has something special to offer baby and mother. It is important to use these only in a water base. Pills and tinctures can have a detrimental effect on mom and babe.

Nettle leaf is loaded with folic acid and calcium, lots of minerals, and tons of vitamins, including E. It strengthens hair, blood vessels, and the kidney/adrenal complex. It is considered as safe as kale.

Red clover blossoms are given to cows to improve fertility and increase milk production. Does the same for women. It is the single best herb to increase the chances of conception I know of. Red clover is considered as safe as lentils.

Oatstraw is the grass of the plants that make oatmeal. It makes a mellow brew that strengthens the nerves and improves sexual functioning. It is a favorite with many women. It is considered as safe as oatmeal.

Comfrey leaf (not root) contains special proteins used in creating brain tissue. It is one of the best herbs for pregnant women as it improves the strength and flexibility of all tissues, helps prevent miscarriage, and promotes a safe delivery. Women in England at a special research facility have been eating comfrey leaves as a cooked green to test their effect. This experiment has continued now for four generations, with women eating comfrey leaves throughout pregnancy and lactation. Their daughters do the same, and now the great grandkids are doing the same. No problems of any kind have been detected. In addition, the herbalist of North AMerica asked a lab to look for PA's (the problem alkaloid in comfrey root) in comfrey. THey could not find any. I personally have drunk 4-10 cups of comfrey leaf infusion a week for more than twenty years and my liver is just fine.

Do what makes you comfortable and happy. Lots of women have healthy children without drinking comfrey infusion. It has lots to offer, but not if you are frightened of it.

All plants contain some poisons. It is important to take the right part of the plant, in the right form, in order to avoid some substances and utilize others. I am beginning a series of articles explaining how to know all this in eight easy lessons. Why don't you read the first installment - Be Your Own Herbal Expert -part 1

Green Blessings,

Susun Weed

Subject: help - I have a pain in my side!!

Dear Susan,
Help! I am in alot of pain on my right side abdominal area . My naturopathic doctor thinks it an intestinal infection and my medical intuitive friend said my right ovary isn't working. I started last month using herbs and infusions , inspired by my friend, who has studied with you. I bought herbs from Blessed herbs and Red Moons herbs. I mostly using Menopause tonic (Black coshosh, hawthorn, vitex) and infusions of nettles, red clover and oatstrw. I switched lately to the Bonny Bony Brew. Also, some St Joans, dandelion,ckickweed tintures. I quit using my estrogen viginal cream, and started eating more cooked foods ( I been on a mostly raw food diet including meat,eggs,milk,butter for over 3 years.)

Now I'm having vaginal dryness, itchy and hot flashes, I feel like I'm in a constant state of low grade infection. I'm doing great otherwise and study your new book like the Bible. Am I doing anything thet could be aggravating the situation? I don't think i'm overdosing but I could be detoxing. My intuitive friend (who is vey conservative and healed herself with alive foods) said that the herbs aren't working and that I need estrogen cream. I'm so confused !
Thanks for any help you can give me .

Subject: Using the six steps of healing to ease pain!

Response from Susun

Seems to me that you are doing everything at once and no wonder you can't tell which is up and which down. So far as I am concerned, and I am surprised that your friend did not tell you this in no uncertain terms, there is no such thing as detoxing. I have never seen it. It cannot occur so far as I know. We are designed to rid ourselves quickly of what we can't use. Detoxification usually destroys and damages the very organs that are responsible for clearing undesirables out of our bodies. We can't store such stuff, so there is no where to go get it when you are "detoxing." Either your liver and kidneys are healthy and doing their job, or they are not and they need to be nourished and built up.

Are you taking all those herbs to help deal with the pain? Stop! Too much. You are completely overdoing it. Slow down. Does the estrogen cream stop the pain? Are you in menopause? Past? How long? Why are you using the estrogen cream?

Is the pain there constantly? If the pain is not constant, when is it present? Perhaps you have a simple ovarian cyst. Pain from that would occur at roughly two week intervals. If it is a cyst, chickweed tincture can dissolve it. But if it isn't chickweed won't do much at all. I prefer to use chickweed as a simple when dealing with cysts.

Check out the six steps of healing listed in my books (good chart in new meno years). Start with steps 0, 1, 2, and 3. For now, avoid steps 4, 5, and 6.

Step 0: Meditate on the pain. Go into it. Listen to it.
Step 1: Talk with other women who have had similiar pain. What did they do? What are all possible causes of this pain? List them: appendix, cancer, cyst, . . . .
Step 2: Create a visualization that helps heal you. Do it at least twice a day. Have a reiki session. Ask you guardian angels for help.
Step 3: Nourish with nettle infusion, oatstraw infusion, and comfrey leaf infusions. Have a quart or more of each one per week. Take a dropperful of yarrow tincture once a day for three weeks or more to combat the low grade infection you mention.

Step 4: this is where black cohosh, St J's, vitex, and hawthorne go.
Step 5: estrogen cream
Step 6: invasive diagnosis

That should clarifying things for you. Let me know how it goes.

Green Blessings,

Susun Weed


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