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April 2005
Volume 5 Number 4
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sHEALy Energy Therapy-Our Belief System Creates Us
by sHEALy (Sherry Healy)

sHEALy Energy Therapy-Our Belief System Creates Us
by Shealy (Sherry Healy)

A Free Lesson In Healing

sHEALy Energy Therapy involves experiential learning through a process that includes but is not limited to the education of the history of energy therapy, level initiations, and treatments. Those who learn and practice sHEALy’s particular energy therapy, have been known to experience changes is physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health.

sHEALy Energy Therapy as a healing modality is an attunement process, which is a series of initiations, using ancient energy practices. When learning the sHEALy Energy Therapy, the teacher transmits energy to the student, in an amplified state. The energy creates an open channel for cosmic energy to flow in from the top of the students’ head through the upper energy centers and out through the hands for use in future treatments. The teacher transmits healing energy into the student with the use of intent and human touch, thought, emotion or dreams that perpetuate intent.

The first process of learning this particular healing process is to familiarizing oneself with the charkas as part of the energy body.

Enchanted Art by Jessica GalbrethHow does it work?

Class One-sHEALy Energy Therapy

The human body contains hundreds of locations of focused and concentrated energy. Seven of these centers are most powerful and commonly referred to as "chakras." The chakras are similar to wheels that look like spinning vortexes of energy. In actuality, they are centers of force located within our etheric body, through which we receive, transmit, and process life energies.

Each chakra in the body is a focal point for life-force relating to spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental energies. The chakras are the system which the mind, body, and spirit interact as one holistic system. The seven major chakras correspond to specific aspects of our consciousness and have their own individual characteristics and functions. Each has a corresponding relationship to the seven colors of
the rainbow spectrum.

The main purpose in working with and understanding the chakras is to create integration and wholeness within ourselves or others. It is possible to bring various aspects of our consciousness from the physical to the spiritual, into a harmonious relationship. We are able to acknowledge, integrate, and accept all levels of our being.

To help us in this process it is important to understand that the chakras are paths to our consciousness. They are windows used to allow emotional, mental, and spiritual forces to flow into physical expression. They are openings through which our attitudes and belief systems enter into and create our mind/body structure. The energy created from our emotional and mental attitudes runs though the chakras and is scattered to our cells, tissues and organs.

Realizing this process brings great insight into how we ourselves affect our bodies, minds, and circumstances for well-being. As we work to understand this process, we eventually come to realize that our belief system affects through our energy centers our health from a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual point of view.

Next month: A Closer Look at the Chakras

by sHEALy

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