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April 2005
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Care of the Caregiver
Staying Connected with Nurturing Massage
by Mary Kathleen Rose, CMT

Care of the Caregiver - Staying Connected with Nurturing Massage
by Mary Kathleen Rose, CMT

“It felt so good to be nurtured – I was able to forget about my work and worries for a while. I could feel my priorities shift, knowing that it is essential to take care of myself. Now I feel more capable of taking care of others.”

“As I was touched I felt the tension melting away…”

“For an hour I felt like I was the most important person in the world.”

These are the words of people who are talking about their experiences of receiving massage. As caregivers we know the importance of caring for others, but sometimes forget the importance of caring for ourselves. Whether professional, volunteer or family caregiver, we touch others in many ways, providing needed services. Just as there are numerous ways of giving care, there are many ways of caring for ourselves, including good nutrition, exercise, rest, and social and creative pastimes. Another way of caring for ourselves is to receive a therapeutic massage.

There are many different styles and techniques of bodywork – from deep tissue therapy and acupressure to integrative massage and body energy therapies. Designed to bring relief from muscle pain and tension, as well as to improve circulation of blood and lymph in the body, massage also contributes to a sense of wholeness and well-being. Receiving a massage – letting yourself be cared for – is also a way to be reminded of the importance of receiving. Enjoying a nurturing massage does in fact remind us of the value of what we give as caregivers.

As caregivers we respond to others’ needs. We reach out and touch others – physically, socially and emotionally. Being touched through massage is a way to connect back to our own sense of self, and source of energy and inspiration. Opening to the touch of another mirrors our own love of giving. It connects us to our sense of vulnerability, and increases our awareness of our most fundamental needs and priorities. As the recipient of attentive care we are in a position to say, “Yes, this is why I do what I do. It does feel so good to be heard, to be touched and to be cared for.”

So take some time for yourself and enjoy a massage. Ask a friend or health professional for a referral to a certified massage therapist. Or call one of the local massage schools and ask about their student massage clinics. Let the therapist know if you have any particular needs or concerns. Remember, this is your time to take care of yourself…

Relax...breathe deeply…let yourself feel like “the most important person in the world.”

Mary Kathleen Rose 2005

Mary Kathleen Rose, BA, CMT has been practicing and teaching massage and wellness education for over twenty-five years. She is the developer of Comfort Touch – Massage for the Elderly and the Ill, and producer of a video with that title, as well as author of numerous articles on massage and healing.


This beautifully produced video introduces the viewer to the principles and techniques of Comfort Touch, a nurturing form of acupressure massage designed to be safe and appropriate for the elderly and the ill. Drawing on her many years of experience practicing and teaching this work in home-care and medical settings, Mary Kathleen Rose shares the essential elements of Comfort Touch with demonstrations of its applications in the seated, supine and side-lying positions.

This program will inspire the viewer - whether healthcare professional or family caregiver - to offer the benefits of touch to those for whom conventional massage may cause discomfort or even injury. While Comfort Touch provides soothing relief for the elderly and the ill, it can enhance the quality of life for anyone in need of a caring touch.

Includes 40-page Video Guide, complete with Principles and Techniques of Comfort Touch, Benefits of Comfort Touch, Precautions in the Use of Touch and Self-Care Exercises for the Caregiver. Yours for $29.00 plus shipping.

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