Wise Woman Ezine with herbalist Susun Weed
April 2009
Volume 9 Number 4
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http://alisastarkweather.com/ ALisa Starkweather founded the mystery school, Priestess Path, the Women's Belly and Womb Conference, Daughters of the Earth Gatherings, and co-founded the international women's initiation, Women in Power; Initiating Ourselves to the Predator Within. More recently she is carrying her vision out globally by launching a grassroots movement to raise a Red Tent Temple in every village, city and town. She believes that women are ready to be the change in our society where we will not only value the journey of womanhood but will also support the greater changes being called for in our culture today.



Living Gently ... exploring the depths of the well of womanhood. To know who we are, where our power lives, and what the earth needs from us. There are a number of choices that each woman can make to open her menstrual experience to a profound new feeling within her body. The first is to enter here. There are classes, mooncups, Meditation CDs, articles, vision and much more! Take the "measuring the menstrual experience" survey. It is time for a woman to stand tall in all that makes a woman whole, real and power-filled. Living Gently, with the self, with each other and with the Earth!




http://groups.google.com/group/Herbal-Healing Herbs and Wise Woman Email Discussion Group. Come share with other members in this active email discussion group as we explore: Harvesting, identifying, growing, and preparing our local wild herbs; Using the Seven Medicines to help ourselves and loved ones dealing with health concerns; and Celebrating and nourishing our vibrant health! Once a member you can read through the archives, introduce yourself or sit back and listen to others talk, sharing when and if you wish. You have the option to receive emails individually, in a digest form, or view them at your leisure online. Sit down, relax, sip on some tea or nourishing herbal infusion!! We look forward to getting to know you.




http://esoteric.2hav.net/ Esoteric Library – An online place dedicated to inform, in an unbiased fashion, on topics of interest to communities, typically involved in Wicca, Witchcraft, Paganism, Metaphysics, New Age, Alternative Health and all other Esoterically related subjects. Enjoy a host of FREE features including: Submit articles; read articles from various experts; comment on articles; etc. Simply come and find the answers you need for your journey... (with new content daily).




Womens health books
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https://www.wemoon.com.au/ Wemoon® offers you glorious comfort and absolute absorbency in reusable cloth menstrual pads. Whatever your size, shape or protection needs, there are gorgeous styles, colours and fabrics just for you! Wemoon is the healthy, natural alternative to toxic disposable sanitary products. Choosing cloth saves you money and lets you take care of your health and the earth every month! Wemoon’s unique “all-in-one” design fits easily and snugly over your panty gusset. You can also purchase Wemoon accessories from the site: the Moon Purse for carrying your Wemoon pads when you’re out and about; and the Moon Bag, a beautifully discreet enclosure for your pad soaking jar.



http://www.sacredhoop.org/ Each colourful issue of Sacred Hoop takes a down-to-earth approach to the ancient sacred traditions of the world, in ways that are relevant and practical for people today. Sacred Hoop was founded in 1993 by Faith Nolton (Jan Morgan Wood) and Nicholas Breeze Wood, who have edited, produced and published Sacred Hoop ever since. The magazine was originally established to meet the needs of the then re-emerging shamanic community, and continues to be a key forum for networking sacred traditions worldwide.




http://www.goodnaturedearthling.com/ Good Natured Earthling and Cedar Mountain Herb School - Nature at its best! Natural herbal health and body care the way Mother Nature intended. Wildcrafted and organically grown herbals created for healing, aromatherapy and comfort. Herbal workshops and apprenticeship programs based on decades of field experience, teaching a partnership of both scientific and spiritual wild plant studies. Step over to the Wild Side, where the plants have always been "Green!"




http://www.blogtalkradio.com/blackwomen The Black Women's Roundtable is a show about current events affecting African American women, specifically relationships and negative portrayals of Black women in popular culture. Gina McCauley hosts the show.

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