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August 2005
Volume 5 Number 8

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Your Intuitive Dreams ...
We Are Spirit and Intuition
by sHEALy (Sherry Healy)

Author of Living Your Intuitive Dreams

We Are Spirit and Intuition
by sHEALy
Excerpt from “Dare to Be….Intuitive”

Humans are in a uniquely promising moment of transformation. Spiritual leaders alike are discovering more information about this abstract theory that suggests all life forms within the universe are a creation of this Spirit energy that resembles human intelligence. The evidence is mounting that Spirit energy exists throughout the entire human body and is interconnected to the entire universe. Accessing this energy helps you follow the voice of your inner conscience. When you listen to this voice, you know better how to create good relationships, careers and life circumstances.

Through intuition, your connection to Spirit-energy is available always but your ability to focus upon this wisdom may need practice. One means of becoming present with this energy is allowing yourself to feel, hear and understand your own inner wisdom without the distractions of doubt. You can experience this lesson as you focus upon that which you want to achieve.

As you focus your mind upon your desires, you are allowing your intuitive wisdom to manifest into actual physical forms and actions. Allowing desires to materialize is not a difficult task. As you think, so you will create. A rule I live by is “belief creates manifestations and doubt dissolves opportunities. You must trust in your own intuitive voice to guide you toward what is best for you. Then, believe that you will have what you desire. Then watch manifestation occur.

The process of trusting my intuition, believing that I will attract my desires and then experiencing the process of manifestation is a constant in my life. The universe is constantly working with me helping me, through my intuition, to see the next best step I am to take. Listening to this universal wisdom allows my life to unfold into the scenario that I desire. Presently, I am the host of a popular talk radio show. The realization of a show that presents transformational truth to others has been my dream.

As I have always had an interest in the metaphysical and spiritual, I desired to learn and work in this field. As I worked to achieve this goal eventually I found success by simply allowing myself to focus upon the desires. In the process of focusing upon my goals, I learned to ask for what I wanted.

And while it may sound simple in nature, as I asked, the universe answered. Then my goal became clearer. I desired to work with the leaders in this field. And again, I simple asked and the flow of my own desires began to manifest.

Hosting a spiritually minded radio program gives me the opportunity to meet and ponder face-to-face with the most influential leaders of our time. As such, my dreams have come true. I came to realize my dreams by following a particular intuitive path. When asking for what I wanted, I tuned into the intuitive intelligence and then listened to what my own inner voice told me. I trusted this intelligence and then made choices based upon my own common sense. At times, I did not know where my intuition or asking would lead, but I knew I would achieve my dreams if I continued to listen to my own desires, then ask the universe to grant me my desires and then trust.

As you experience the thrill of having your dreams come true, an interesting phenomenon will occur. While feeling fulfilled, you will begin to experience an authentic relationship with your intrinsic self. You will find new parts of yourself. You will desire more from life.

As I achieved my own dreams, I too coveted more from life. Living with a true connection to spirit became my new dream. Eventually this desire aided me in obtaining my present life and work as a spiritual healer and teacher. And eventually, I found the means to share with others through the vehicle of radio. For me, sharing with others is essential to living a spiritual life. As a radio host, working with those who travel a higher path, I am granted the means of sharing transformations with many. Once again, my dreams have come true. And I promise you that yours will come true as well.

You know what is best for you as most people truly know what is best for them. The problem many have in the attempt of creating a satisfying life is difficulty trusting their own intuitive signals. Because you live in a society that has not nurtured the intuitive, you may have lost direction and motivation. You may feel confused and lack the ability to look within your own self for answers. In this text, you will discover that looking into your own intuitive self allows you to know your own dreams. And, knowing your own dreams is a first step toward creating those dreams and then creating a joyous life and eventually spiritual enlightenment. And you will learn through experience and exercises presented, that how to access your own intuitive authority.

The growth of your intuition is an experiential process. While it seems easy to know your own desires, you will find that you have been conditioned to doubt yourself. Thus, you will need some guidance as to how you can begin the process of knowing this inner wisdom. Intuition speaks to and through your human body and mind through several avenues. You must learn to develop and understand your night dreams and day dreams to fully hear your intuition.
During conversation, begin to take a closer look at your words.

When you are speaking to a person who you trust, you are able to better access and allow your own truth to come through. And when you are the speaker, you will notice that you are the listener too. Your body is constantly tuning into your surroundings, even when you are speaking. In fact, it is wise to remember that your body is always listening to the environment which surrounds it. And, your body is always attempting to communicate with you. All that you ever have to do is stop and hear. Thus, you have found your intuition.

When your physical body communicates, it does so through physical sensation. For example, if your body feels unsafe or unheard you might experience tightness in your chest. If your body senses fear, you might experience a sensation of anxiety. As your body continues to experience sensations, it speaks to you accordingly.

Other ways intuition speaks through the unconscious mind or body may vary. A bodily reaction to a pain or pleasure situation might act as a warning or a sensation of joy. So, when you feel a reaction in your body, know once again that you have found your intuition. Listen to the reactions that fall present within your physical self and your mind will respond appropriately.

An individual who has experienced a variety of intuitive experiences will usually agree that intuitive insight comes from a mixture of abstract and concrete avenues in addition to bodily sensations. This is why intuition is often claimed to be an emotion or even a memory-like event. As I tune into my own intuition, I sometimes see a visual picture in my mind, similar to that of a memory. I see color, images and motion. As I view these visual stimuli I can at times access intuition through audio channels. I can at times hear a name, number or even a sentence. Because I regularly practice connecting with this universal energy, I can see it, hear it and use it to better my own and the lives of others.

(As we work to better know our chakra system, the above information taken from my newest publication, Dare to Be…Intuitive, will be an effective method of helping the reader and chakra student access chakra energy.)

by sHEALy


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