Wise Woman Ezine with herbalist Susun Weed
August 2007
Volume 7 Number 8
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The Polishing Stone magazine offers practical ideas and encouragement for enhancing the quality of our lives, creating community and caring for our world.

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New! The Wise Woman Center and The Polishing Stone have teamed up through a Fundraising Partnership. Now you can support the ongoing work of The Wise Woman Center to help women rediscover these ancient Wise Woman ways, passed down through countless generations, while enhancing your own quality of life.


http://www.thefarawayhills.com/ The Faraway Hills - a collection of the art of Cathy Connolly. My website features my colourful paintings and detailed pen and ink drawings, handmade greetings cards, needlepoint pictures and wallhangings and photographs illustrating my deep and abiding love of strong vibrant colour and graphic black and white design. My inspirations are many and varied but are encapsulated by my love of nature, the English countryside and all natural and growing things, especially trees, leaves, birds and animals. I also enjoy illustrating the myths and legends of England, Ireland and all nations of the world.



http://www.creativesoulworks.com/ Creative Soul Works is the website of Emily Hanlon, creativity coach, novelist and gardener on the path of spiritual growth and healing. Emily's work is based on her belief that the multifaceted journey of creativity is not limited to the arts, but nurtures life at the most profound depths, those of the soul journey. The website offers a variety of workshop, retreats and private mentoring that explore creativity and memoir writing as tools for inner work. Join us for the Women, Creativity and the Journey of the Soul: Reclaiming the Gift of the Shadow workshop - August 22-26, 2007.


http://www.amma.org/ Amma comforts the hearts of thousands of people with her unconditional love. Amma has inspired and started innumerable humanitarian services. She has earned international recognition for her outstanding contributions to the world community. She is recognized as an extraordinary spiritual leader by the United Nations and by the people all over the world. For the past 35 years Amma has dedicated her life to the uplifting of suffering humanity through the simplest of gestures – an embrace. In this intimate manner Amma had blessed and consoled more than 25 million people throughout the world.



http://www.laughteryoga.org/ Laughter really is the best medicine. Laughter Yoga is a simple and fun laughter exercise system that requires no special clothes, training or equipment. It provides a gentle aerobic workout and has a profound positive effect on our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Children laugh up to 400 times a day, but adults are lucky to laugh 10 or 20 times a day - a sad fact of modern life. Science shows us that laughter dissolves stress and depression, makes us healthy and less prone to getting sick. In fact it has proved that people who laugh often live longer and healthier lives.

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http://www.cafepress.com/groovygoddess?PID=8825661 The Groovy Goddess® line of apparel and goods embodies the timeless messages and stories of empowerment through the ages and archetype of goddesses encompassing and unifying all cultures. Rather than a heavy handed epistle, the line impacts in a fun, hip, and contemporary way, appealing to a wide female audience. As she delved more into her inspiration, the artist, Corinne Wayshak, came to the conclusion that a “face–lift” was needed to bridge the original women’s movement with a more modern face of female empowerment. Through creating a line of statement clothing, her goal is to support and encourage the social and cultural evolution going on around us.



http://www.theforgivenessproject.com/ The Forgiveness Project is a charitable organisation which explores forgiveness, reconciliation and conflict resolution through real-life human experience. Our aims: 1. Awareness - raise the debate by collecting and sharing personal stories (and images) 2. Education - encourage and empower people to explore the nature of forgiveness and alternatives to conflict and revenge 3. Inspiration - engage civil society, as well as transform hearts and minds



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