Wise Woman Ezine with herbalist Susun Weed
August 2007
Volume 7 Number 8  
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Wisdom Keeper...
A Talk with Creator
by Grandmother Waynonaha


A Talk with Creator
by Grandmother Waynonaha
 Author of " Voices: A Collection of Native American Stories"


My morning conversations with Creator are often done over a cup of coffee. Yes we talk like old and trusting friends I can share my inner most thoughts at these times. I have asked many times why life has to be so hardbut that question never gets answered. It reminds me of when I would talk to my Father and he would just ignore my question, or drift off into one of his trance like states leaving me to sit and wait for the answer. the ART of Cathy ConnolleyBeing younger then I always looked outside for the answers, instead of taking that time and trust to look within.

My mother however had much more affective ways of teaching me lessons.

Children are so in awe with the many things others consider every day occurrences that they miss the every day going on around them. When I was little all my mother had to do to keep me busy was point out the ants that were crawling across the porch. I would sit and watch them for hours wondering where they were going and if they had a home or little children just as we did. I saw many amazing things that the ants taught me in these times of observing them. My Mother would, when she was done with her chores, tell me stories of the ants and relate them to the way humans once lived in communities. She would relate this to our own big clan of aunts and uncles and to Grandmother being the Queen ant that held it all together.

I know now that my father and mother understood these things and just waited for me to figure them out myself.

Some times when I did not try to find the answers they would guide me with a story or a teaching to the place where I could relate them to the things that were happening in my own life. It was like a door opened and you just stepped through to the light and truth of the answer. After that you could always refer to this when a similar thing happened to you. This made the processing of life much easier as it became more and more complicated. Many times I have had to bring out these teachings for my own children and for my own use in these later years.

I miss those talks and time alone with my parents and the wisdom that they shared without even knowing how much I would need them in this life. I was told to hold these in my heart as it would be the last time we could speak of such things.

Time passes and we are busy with our lives and families. The raising of children, school and work, can consume our days and nights. Even the well meaning can forget to sit for a few minutes each day and have a good long talk with Creator. I would love to have a garden some day for people to come and talk with Creator. Perhaps in this way they too would understand that we each hold in our hearts a Sacred Space for the keeping of these memories.

One of my Grand Mother’s favorite sayings was to catch a song bird you must first put salt on its tail. I never really pondered this logic until I was older. In other words, you cannot sneak up on a wild bird long enough to put salt on its tail so therefore you cannot catch a bird. At one time to get me “from under foot” as she put it, she did give me a salt shaker to try and catch a bird. Need I say more here, it was the final lesson in bird catching for me.

My Grand Mother was, (as were all of the old people) full of what she called “hill sayings”, or hill wisdom. These teachings were done in some story telling, but mostly in only a few words that brought up whole stories to the mind. I think of it today as a key word teaching, a few simple words that open volumes of teachings.

Now alone here I will always be connected with them in my heart and through my morning talks with Creator.

I still ask why, and often seek answers to questions I should know and chose not to see. Yes Creator can at times be harsh in letting you know you have over stepped the boundaries. Or just ignore you completely until you figure it all out yourself and come to realize it was around you all the time.

Sometimes we are forced to look face to face at hard times and also sometimes the good only comes after along suffering that makes us realize that we are humans. It is in the understanding of the reason for the teachings and they ways of our Creator that we grow and learn a better way of life here on this Earth Mother.

In panic we sometimes cannot process events that happen; but given time for silence we can understand them. I am grateful for all the many lessons in life they are hard and they seem long at times but I know that they will also help me in the future to understand life and help others find their path.

Life is an ever open, never ending road, the true adventure is in the traveling of that road. I look forward to my morning coffee and my talk with Creator. the ART of Cathy ConnolleyThe message that is given is to be patient do not move fast or make decisions just yet. To make me listen to this I was given physical, and financial reasons to not move fast or make any decision at this time. I must at this time focus on my every day needs and not look too far ahead into the future.

I wait to see the reason behind the latest events, and look for the signs to be given that will help me find the answers.

The day of my accident (fall in the market) I saw three red tail Hawks circle in the sky over the post office of Lily Dale. Red Tails do not often fly this way and in the winter months are usually out hunting in their own territory.

So to see them was an out of the ordinary thing on the morning of December 30 2006. For those of you who know the significance of the Hawks as the messengers to Creator you will understand this better.

Susan Glazier and I stood and watched them for a few minutes commenting on the beauty of nature. Susan also ask what that could mean and I had no answer for her at that time. Now I know part of the answer but not all of it is being shown yet. The three messengers in time will come and tell us what to do, of that I am certain.

Lift up your eyes and look to the Creator and the sky world for the answers, this is truly the place of the Great Mystery from which all answers flow, my elders say. In time as we are ready the answers will come to those who seek guidance and vision. For now I put that morning before the accident in my heart and hold it there for the future. For now I must tend to the healing of my own body and finding a way to stay quiet and in this place of healing.

I will always remember the Hawks so beautiful flying and spinning in round circles like Eagles on the wind. I will remember I had to look twice to make sure that they were Hawks. There was no doubt in this, as they were very close and the sun was shinning on the red feathers making them appear to be on fire. I am truly glad that Susan was there to see them and share in this, or perhaps I would have thought it a vision. I await the message from the Hawks and continue to have my morning conversations with Creator.

love and blessings to all for the coming year may it bring peace to
Mother Earth and to all that live here.
Mitakuye Oyasin
Waynonaha Two Worlds

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