Herbal Ezine --  Wise Woman Wisdom
March 2005
Volume 5 Number 3

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What's Inside Weed Wanderings this Month...


Wise Woman Wisdom ...
Sky Voice & Snowy Owl
by Waynonaha Two Worlds

Sky Voice

This morning as I look out on the world from my window, I see long thick ice cycles hanging on the eves of our old house. The ice glistens with a pink glow that is reflected from the clouds. All is clean and bright again under the deep and peaceful snow blanket that has been falling for two days.

Open the door and letting in a blast of cold air, I look to the East and see the sun rising in a clear and azure blue sky. The first rays of the sun dance across the horizon and touch the clouds with a deep pink in honor of our first snow.

Trees hold thin branches up to the sky covered with snow offerings. A fat black crow comes to sit and talk as I view the wonders of the sky. His sharp cawing reminding me that it is cold and I must not stay too long here in the snow. My hands and feet tingle with the cold and my body comes alive with new and clear energy.

Art by Hrana JantoWispy swirls of pink cotton candy smoke rise in silence from the chimneys of the houses, and drift off in the still morning. All is at peace as Creator moves darkness aside and with the hand of love gifts the light of beauty for all to see.

In my heart I hear Creator saying, “here is my master piece, and now I add my signature as the final touch.” It is with this great feeling of peace that floods into my heart that I look out on a world of white, and know that we are never alone.

Some times when I am in need of an answer I only have to look up to the sky and see the message Creator had painted for today.

Now the blessing of the sun and the final touch of beauty fade as things of the moment do. I place these in my memory to take out later and see them again in my heart. This place of keeping the sacred gifts of an all loving and all knowing Creator, is full and rich from the many moments that are given for us to share. The crystal hanging in the window, reflects rainbows on the walls, bring in the brightness of love and beauty.

Today when I most needed it, my heart was lifted into a place of love and compassion to understand the many dark times that have passed in this year. It was a message that we have all survived, and will continue to survive in the future if we honor the gifts of beauty which are of the moment.

I sing a song of winter beauty in honor of these gifts from Creator, and ask for guidance in my life to continue serving and helping others. The white vapor of my breath joins the smoke in pink hues and disappears into the morning air.

For this moment I am and will always be a part of the Creators master piece. If I lose sight of this path I know that Creator will send a message on the sky for me to follow home.

Love and blessings Waynonaha

Copyright © 2004 Waynonaha Two Worlds All copyrights reserved.

Snowy Owl

Early one winter morning I was driving along Forest Avenue on my way to work in Portland, Maine. I was admiring the sky and watching the clouds drift along toward the ocean. This was always a wonderful, peaceful sight in the morning, a time for letting go of the morning stress, and clearing the mind.

Just before you enter the city, there is a large overpass. This is usually full of ice and snow like a welcome doorway. On this cold morning, as I drove to work, I looked up to watch a flock of geese that came seeking refuge from the winter cold. The pink clouds in the background of drifting chimney smoke filled my heart for the hours ahead.

Art by Jane E WardIt was my morning habit to fill all that I could with good thoughts because I knew the rest of the day may hold death and pain. A hospital is not an easy place to work when your heart is not able to shut off emotions and compassion for others’ pain and loss.

I looked up on this wonderful morning and there, on the overpass, sat a snowy owl watching the traffic. I had to look quick to realize what I had seen; it was not an illusion.

I stopped as soon as I could and proceeded to turn my little Blazer around to go back and look once more. It took me some time to find a break in the traffic that was getting heavy so close to the city. I got back on the road and returned to the underpass, where I parked near a small convenience store.

I stopped and got out to look again at the overpass. Sure enough, I was not mistaken, there it was. On that snow-covered overpass sat a very large snowy owl, it was magnificent.

Like some royal ruler of a winter kingdom, it sat and watched its frozen domain. This was truly an answer to what had just been on my mind that morning. My mind had been contemplating the reason to life and all the everyday cares that we must pass through to live and be happy.

I hold this in my heart and mind for the times when I feel so lost and alone. I will always know that the Creator is with us, if we but see the small wonders and signs sent to show us we are never alone. The snowy owl sat on that overpass for a few weeks before it decided to leave for better hunting. The Portland newspapers ran an article on it, but only as a local interest story. The true meaning of the owl was never revealed to the unknowing public. Perhaps it was not important for this to happen as we each see things in our own way and we hold that thought in our hearts forever.

Love Waynonaha

Copyright © by Waynonaha Two Worlds All publication rights reserved


Message from Waynonaha, "If your a mom with daughters or have friends of menopausal years then do them a favor and gift them the book on Menopause by Susun Weed my daughters are all so happy that they used this information. I now gift this book or recommend it along with the breast cancer book to all of my friends. I find the Breast Health book is a perfect and positive gift for any woman who even suspects, or has breast cancer in her family.
The word positive here is the key we all need to think positive about menopause not negative.

This is the best part of our lives and we need to understand that the best is yet to come. Transition need not be the horrible hot flashes or depressions it can be a beautiful transition were we honor the part we as women play in the role of life.

Our women have used these same herbs and ways for thousands of years and you never have heard true Native Indian women complaining of hot flashes. This is a welcome time to walk on and continue the work that the Grandmothers do in the hoop of life.

We will again this year honor the transition of young women and Grandmothers in the Strawberry Moon it will be held here in Lily Dale 2005 June 10-11-12 so come and see sit and learn speak and share the knowledge that is your for the asking."

Love and blessings,


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