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March 2005
Volume 5 Number 3

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The Goddess Speaks ...
In the Midst of Her Grace

by Lisa Sarasohn

In the Midst of Her Grace
by Lisa Sarasohn, author of The Woman's Belly Book

Last fall I was visiting friends in Boston. Before I'd left home in North Carolina, a friend instructed, "Go see the glass flowers at Harvard's Natural History Museum. Don't miss it! Just go--that's all I'm going to tell you." My friend is a glass artist; I was guessing she wanted me to deepen my appreciation of her craft.

I found my way to the exhibit on the museum's third floor--and spent one of the most erotic hours of my life there.

Art by Jane E WardThe flowers in bloom, their petals, stems, and leaves--all rendered in exact detail--were exquisite. How could any human hand replicate nature's intricacies with such precision, with such a fragile material? The craftsmanship was magnificent.

As marvelous as the flowers were, it was something else--something totally unexpected--that drew me into communion with the Sacred Feminine.

Displayed next to the modelled flowers were small circles of glass. These circles soon absorbed my total attention. Their fading labels read "transverse section of the ovary."

Peering into case after case arranged along the six or seven aisles, I must have seen more than a hundred of these sections. Each was unique in its shape, its patterning, the way the incipient seeds were grouped, arranged, attached to the ovary wall. They embodied rhythms of three and five; their beauty coded the essence of regeneration; they made the Sacred Feminine, her pro-creative power, manifest.

I left the exhibit feeling infused with Her mystery, Her immanence, Her immediacy. I felt as if I had been drenched in Her presence and was now soaked through with Her truth, every cell bathing in the liquid light of Her being.

The Goddess is in our midst; that hour placed me in the midst of Her grace.

©Lisa Sarasohn 2005
author of The Woman's Belly Book

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Initiation 2012:
Awakening Your Sacred Center, Part I

Mentor: Lisa Sarasohn

The year 2012 heralds a revolution in human consciousness. The signs suggest that the Sacred Feminine will be informing, and reorganizing, every aspect of human experience. As we embody the Sacred Feminine, we’ll be equipped to participate in — and shape — this evolution of human awareness with wisdom and grace.

This course is the first part of an ongoing process through which you embody the Sacred Feminine by energizing your body’s center with breath, image, story, and movement.

As a first step, this course focuses on befriending your body’s center and learning yoga-based movement and breathing exercises that will form the core of your practice. (Even if developing a movement practice isn’t for you at this time, you’ll still find a process that engages and rewards your participation.)

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About the Mentor, Lisa Sarasohn

This workshop flows from my quest for the Sacred Feminine blended with my experience practicing and teaching yoga.

I’ve been a Kripalu Yoga instructor since 1979. I’ve also trained as a yoga and bodywork therapist.

From 1981 to 1988, I served on staff at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in Lenox, MA. During this time, I led yoga classes for thousands of guests, conducted a practice in bodywork th erapy, designed workshops on many aspects of holistic health, and trained yoga teachers and bodyworkers.

In the course of my continuing yoga studies, I learned how cultures around the world have valued the body’s center as sacred. Delving deeper into this subject revealed connections between the body’s center and qualities of the soul, the extent of women’s power in family and society, and the degree of a culture’s reverence for Sacred Feminine.

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