Wise Woman Ezine with Susun Weed
December 2005
Volume 5 Number 12
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Dare to Be...Intuitive
Transformational Teachings
Ask Sherry Healy

Transformational Teachings

by Sherry Healy

When Sherry responds to questions, readers understand OUR BELIEF SYSTEM CREATES OUR FUTURE.

Sherry Healy (sHEALy), a professional in body, mind and spirit integration, answers your questions concerning love, money, health, happiness or anything your heart desires.

Dear Sherry,

I had an interesting experience last night and wanted to share it with you. I was in bed talking to my sister on the phone; I saw from a reflection off my dresser mirror...what appeared to be the white shoulders of someone peering into my bedroom. The image shocked me so much that I got out of bed to see who was there! No one was...who is this and is it an angel?? Does it have anything to do with the intuitive reading you performed? Is this typical after an intense reading like the one I had?

I don't know what to think.
L. L.

Art by Aumrita CrystalDear L.L.
Right now, the intuitive part of yourself is speaking to you saying “get up and seek; you will find there is more to life than you can now see with your human eyes.” You have begun a new spiritual journey. You can travel the path as far and as joyously as you choose. Today it is not essential “who” visited you. It is essential “how” you continue your intuitive journey.

Yes, an intuitive reading can open your spiritual channels-if you allow. Insights, synchronicities and visitors from the other side are new to you. Relax and trust and they will identify themselves soon enough.

I can read from your question that you are open “to see who is there (in your life.” This is a good thought to ponder. Are you seeking a “new who?” I suspect that a new “who” is around many corners. Just keep pondering.

To one who dares to be intuitive,

Sherry Healy (sHEALy)

Dear Sherry,

My father passed away last year. The family has been holding together well although expenses have been more difficult than expected. I think I am doing well recovering from grief yet friends tell me I need to “get out” more. I prefer to heal at my own rate. How do I tell them this?

Happy for your insight, Chris

Dear Chris,
You did a good job writing your thoughts. You are clear and honest. My advice to you is simple. Speak the truth. The correct words role off of your tongue, when you speak only truth. As I read your words, I see a strong woman seeking to make life the best it can be. I hear concern for family-love and the desire to remain close in relationships. You are finding a means of supporting yourself while helping others to do the same. As for your friends, they are fortunate to have you. You are concerned for their feelings even in a time of your own grief.

Trust your friends enough to understand you and your inner emotions. While some friends think they are helpful when pushing you to do that which you do not desire, eventually they “get out” of their own thoughts enough to see that you are traveling at your own rate. Hold tight to your convictions and this difficult time will pass.
Speaking the truth always resonates well with friends,

Sherry Healy (sHEALy)

Dear Sherry,

Can you tell me if my financial situation will be better in the next year? I don’t know what I should be doing.

Dee Dee

Dear Dee Dee,
Art by Aumrita Crystal When you are scattered, you get scattered in return. When you do not know what you should do, the Universe does not know how to help you and what you want. Under these circumstances, your financial situation will most likely not “be better in the next year.” However, you can sit down and change this present reality.

Dee Dee, I encourage you to see your strengths and shout them into the Universe. Decide that you want to be a woman who knows her strengths. Then, decide to be a woman who uses those strengths.

When you have found and claimed your personal power, the feeling of scattered will disappear. Focus upon that within yourself that you love and trust and then your financial situation will be changed forever too. You can do it. You!

The future is always manageable,

Sherry Healy (sHEALy)


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