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December 2005
Volume 5 Number12
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Wise Woman Wisdom ...
Dream a Mythic Dream with Me
by Margaret Heart Lewis

Dream a Mythic Dream with Me (part two)
by Margaret Heart Lewis
(part one)

Are you enjoying your Mythic Dreams?

In this second part of Margaret Lewis' article on dreaming we will continue our discussion of your soul's mythic journey and we will take a closer look at the symbology of your dreams. I hope you are savoring this new Dream Diet! Remember you can feast on all the symbolism you desire. Leave not a morsel on your plate! Each and every symbol is nourishment, which provides the sustenance you need for each step of your soul's mythic journey. The symbols on your feasting table reflect the self-trust, deep knowing and the wildly creative ingenuity of your soul's vision. How much you take from this table is entirely up to you. So let's chew on it, digest and assimilate the power and wonder of your dreams!

Ideas to ponder:

• Carl Jung said that dreams are private myths where myths are public dreams.
• Dreams are the imagery of the inner world; the earth and all its creatures are the imagery of the outer world; both worlds are real.
• When you look at the world of dreaming, the world of dreaming looks back at you.

Let's add a new game to our nighttime play - don't worry it is easy! All you have to do is lie back, close your eyes, and activate your imagination. It's just like when we were kids - it's child's play! Our new game is called the Dream Flyer. As with all dreaming games, this game is playful not mindful. The object of every dreaming game is to have fun. You are building your intent to dream, so don't try - just intend to dream.

Art by Aumrita CrystalTo spread the wings of your Dream Flyer, you lay in bed on your stomach or on your side as you are readying to fall asleep. Feel your body growing heavier as your muscles relax and your bones settle. As your body becomes heavier, your spirit feels lighter and it gathers between the wings of your shoulder blades, preparing for its flight into the realm of dreaming.

Move your focus and attention to this place on your body at the center of your back between these bony blades. Release any tension you may be carrying there. Let the worries of the day fade and allow yourself to feel your spirit rising, light as a feather, carried on a dry arid wind.

Maintain this sensation of feathered lightness of being as you imagine your wings unfurling at your shoulder blades. See these wings uncoil and release your majestic feathers of flight.

To fly, you must use your psychic back muscles. My daughter, who is a dancer, tells me that her arms will look like spaghetti if she fails to use her back muscles to propel her arms through space. Therefore, we must exercise our psychic back muscles at the center of our back in order to shift our mode of perceiving that takes us into dream flight.

So loosen up your physical muscles so your psychic muscles can move freely. Lift your sternum up and roll your shoulder blades toward each other and then down your back. My yoga teacher like my daughter's dance teachers, advises that I press the top of my shoulders down and allow my shoulder blades to release down my back. We tend to hold the weight of our stress on our shoulders and we hunch them up to our chins, as our burdens grow ever greater. So release all that now. Let it all fall away as your wings unfurl.

Visualize your wings. What do they look like to you? Are they white and pure like an angel's? Are they multi-colored like an exotic bird of paradise? Are they the wings of great hawks and eagles, or the soft compact blades of a songbird? Visualize them now to the best of your ability. As the wings of your inner vision crystallize, see them growing bigger and bigger until they fill the entire space of your bedroom, touching the ceiling even!

Your wings continue to expand, reaching up through your bedroom ceiling, up through the top of your house, up past the trees and up into the night sky. Your expanding wings reach high up through any cloud cover, up higher and higher and soon they are rippling in the air currents that encircle the globe and yet, they reach higher and higher still until you find them among the stars. Unfurling your wings shifts your perception into dreaming awareness. Hold this vision as you drift off to sleep. Fall asleep with your wings propelling you into your dreaming realm.

When you awaken in the morning, before you get up for the day, imagine your wings unfurling again into the higher cosmos of dreaming. Touch your dreams with the tips of your wing feathers and see if any dream memories surface. Lay there for a moment and muse over any image or memory that comes. If you do remember the dream, slip back into it for a moment and feel its fullness, the rich emotions it invoked and the messages it conveys. Relish all that comes back to you and play with its meaning.

Question to ponder: How will your day tomorrow be dreamt by you tonight?

About Margaret Hart Lewis

Margaret H. Lewis is a highly regarded professional speaker, workshop facilitator, business and personal development consultant, gifted spiritual practitioner and author. For over 20 years she has provided countless training seminars and workshops on a wide range of life management and personal development skills. Margaret’s first book, Wisdom Walks In Circles, The Spiraling Journey of Your Inner Voice offers a compelling story of a hero's journey to the heart of intuition. Woven within this tale are the essential elements needed to forge a deep and lasting relationship with your inner voice of intuition. Among the numerous titles written about accessing intuition, none have taken this unique storytelling approach. While whisking you into the center of sacred wheel teachings, Margaret offers empowering strategies to break through the internal and external challenges we face when attempting to access our often-elusive inner voice of wisdom. Visit Margaret at www.wisdomwalks.com

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I just started reading your book, Healing Wise. Your humor and approach to life seem so "down-to-earth", just like your favorite powerful weeds. Thank you for sharing and nourishing! ~ Diane



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