Wise Woman Ezine with herbalist Susun Weed
January 2007
Volume 7 Number 1
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Grandmother Speaks...
Medicine Wheel 2007
by Spider

Medicine Wheel 2007
by Spider

For those of you new to my circle and email list, each year I write a Medicine Wheel highlighting the energies of that coming year.the ART of Joanna Barnum My Medicine Wheels are based on a vision that I had many years ago, a grand Medicine Wheel of Completion of the Earth Changes that includes the years from 1987 to 2012. *(See excerpt at bottom of this email) Each Medicine Wheel is a continuation of the past year as we make our way through this journey of evolution.

The year 2000 is the Vortex at the center of the Medicine Wheel of Completion of Earth Changes. The Vortex center is characterized by chaos as it whirls energy around to create changes. The years from 1987 to 1999 lead up to the Vortex and the years from 2001 to 2012 lead away from the center into the future. These years create rings around the Vortex center year of 2000, like the ripples that occur on a pond when you throw in a stone. Two years share the same circle and the same energy in this process of evolution. For example, the first ring outside of the Vortex center year 2000 contains the years 1999 and 2001, the next circle has the years 1998 and 2002, the next circle 1997 and 2003, and so on. The coming year, 2007, is on the same ring with 1993.

We began our journey around the Medicine Wheel of Completion of Earth Changes in the year 2000 with the word Releasing, calling us to let go of lessons from the past. From there, we journeyed through the South, working with Remembering our purpose and Reuniting with like-minded relations. In 2003, we entered the West where we worked with Rebuilding sacred space, Reconciling our goals and Relearning ways to survive in the Fifth World. Last year was our first year in the North of the Medicine Wheel of Completion of Earth Changes. In the year 2006, we entered the direction of the North, where we worked with Recreating thoughts of harmony. Now, we can put into practice what we learned in the West. Have we used the opportunity to focus our thoughts to create a positive and peaceful way of living, for ourselves and the world? Most of us are still working on this as we enter 2007, the year of Rewriting. The opportunity is here for each of us to use our gifts to influence the development of the New World through our thoughts, words and actions. Kind thoughts, standing in our Truth and right actions will preserve our Ancestors wisdom for future generations. There are many waiting to follow our example. Let's be sure that we are rewriting the scripts for the good of all.

2006 just seemed to fly by with a flurry of challenges, choices and changes for just about everyone I have spoken with. Many are dealing with issues related to health, personal commitments, relationships with others, the death of loved ones, jobs and finances. In my family, the energy was particularly intense during the past three months. On the Medicine Wheel of 2006, this time is a doorway. Where we are headed may not yet be clear, but one thing is certain, things have changed and we can't go back to the way things were.



Manifest Goals ? Visualize



The four words on the Medicine Wheel of 2007 are Vortex, Visualize, Rearrange and Manifest Goals. We begin this year in the Vortex. It is interesting to note that 2007 in Western NY began with another rainy windstorm. My thoughts on the frequent windstorms is that they are manifestations of Vortex energy. The Vortex is characterized by an intense whirlwind in which things change by rearranging to conform to a specific energy vibration. In my book, Vortex Energy: Creating A Doorway For Transformation And Evolution, I give this definition of Vortex as: A doorway to wholeness, filled with non-judgmental energy, giving high respect to that which has beauty (Love). A measuring of possibilities for the future.

So, we continue through the doorway of 2006 into the Vortex of 2007. Within the swirling winds of the Vortex, things are torn apart and then they are rebuilt anew. The Vortex of 2007 brings the opportunity to release that which we need to let go of, say goodbye to things that are holding us back, and let go of all that is not in tune with our personal vibration. In many ways this is very difficult, either because we are so used to these attachments or because we can not envision what is needed to take their place. This is not the first time on the Medicine Wheel of Completion of Earth Changes that we have had opportunity to release, however each time it becomes more pressing, for we are entering the new world and we must go without baggage. The doorway that we crossed through in the fall was the first step in this process. Now, we must release before the new can manifest.

The Vortex period will last for about the first three months of 2007. Perhaps it is best to take this as a time out, an opportunity for centering, self reflection and being creativity. Work with the Cemi that we made at the Winter Solstice Ceremony. Envision life as a seed buried within MotherEarth, holding all potential yet completely giving over to the rhythm of proper timing. Look within for your potential. Breathe deeply. Appreciate the waiting season. The old must be released before the new can manifest. Let that happen without forcing the process so that you can freely change and transform.

With energy changing so fast, I suggest we adopt the customs of our ancestors who used the cold winter time with short days to sit by the fire and tell stories, create beautiful embellished clothes and works of art, rekindle friendships, sleep a lot to replenish their energy, and honor their spiritual gifts. Rest and go with the flow. This is not a time for activity, making decisions or commitments: things may change again many times while the Vortex is here. As we Rewrite, the first part of this year is a good time to take a look at the scripts that are consciously and unconsciously playing through our minds and give them a good editing. Rewrite one thought at a time, noticing unharmonious or hurtful thoughts, deleting them, and replacing them with new, positive thoughts of love and light for all.

In the spring, we will emerge from the Vortex like the seeds that send their shoots up to seek the light of the sun. The fast paced whirling energy will start to calm down. It's time to Visualize on the Medicine Wheel. During the rest period of winter, we had a chance to dream our dreams for the future. Now, at the Spring Equinox Ceremony, the women plant the Sacred Foods, each with a prayer for manifesting food, life, health, abundance, happiness, peace, love and good relationships for all of the Two-Legged Community. Take a few seeds of your own, hold them in your hands, and breathe a clear vision for that which you wish to manifest in your own life. Give gratitude to MotherEarth and the Plant Spirits. Then, tenderly plant the seeds in the soil in a special place. Water them when needed, sing to them often and walk gently, each step of the way affirming the envisioned reality as part of your life. Rewrite your script with a positive self image, personal growth and envisioning new beginnings where your contributions are appreciated. Rewrite one word at a time, think before you speak, and then share only positive ideas, refraining from comment rather than perpetuating hurtful or negative feelings.

the ART of Joanna BarnumAs the Summer Solstice approaches in June, things begin to Rearrange. We will find situations presenting themselves, circumstances changing, our health and well being shifting to reflect the thoughts and feelings that we have envisioned for the past few years and planted in our seeds in the spring. It may seem like nothing is happening during these few months, but trust that the process of rearranging is occurring within our most subtle energy vibrations. You can not perceive when the seed is ready to emerge before it actually pops out of its shell, yet much is happening inside the seedcase. Manifestation is a process through which we create using thoughts and feelings; they travel out through the Web of Life to touch All Our Relations; and continue on throughout the Universe looking for the energy vibration that matches the original thought or feeling. Much is happening now, even if we are not aware.

Again, relax and go with the flow. You have already done the work. Keep your thoughts positive and your vision clear. Acknowledge new opportunities with an open mind to see if they are what you need but proceed slowly as the energy has not yet solidified. Get out and enjoy simmer activities. It is important to stay grounded and summer is perfect for sitting on the earth connecting with MotherEarth's heartbeat. Be sure to care for your seeds and be grateful for whatever sprouts. Walk slowly, noticing plants, trees and creatures as you pass. Send them each a greeting from your heart and watch their responses. Take time to honor Grandfather Sun and energize with the sunlight (using appropriate sunscreen, of course). Sparkle your eyes for everyone you meet. Continue Rewriting your script through making choices that create personal stability. Rewrite by thinking before you act and building positive relationships with everyone you meet.

Finally, in the fall, we have the opportunity to Manifest our Goals. This can be a time of health and abundance or scarcity and dis-ease, depending on how we have prepared. The vision that you put out earlier this year will return in the fall as physical manifestations. Expect the pace to pick up again. Opportunities presented earlier will reveal additional details and new situations will manifest. Now is the time to make choices on how we walk our Earth Path. This is a time of activity, of meeting significant people, and making long term commitments. Relationships with others, living arrangements, working situations, and how we commit our time and energy will all be seen in a new light. We may experience increased health and vitality if this was our goal. We may make connections to help us with the work on our EarthPath. Or we may have entirely new situations cross our path that merit consideration. Effortless effort is the key here. It is certain that your energy vibration has brought these things to you for a reason. If you are trying too hard and nothing is happening, then perhaps something else is meant to be. Observe things as they manifest and see how they fit in with your vision. Focus on the positive gifts during this time. Honor messages and guidance from your Guardian Spirit. Stay grounded so that things don't get overwhelming as things may happen very fast.

Rewrite your script with acceptance, for situations may manifest that seem completely unconnected with your goals, yet they may lead to places way beyond your expectations if you are open to new possibilities. Rewrite your script by sharing your abundance with others and acting with peace and kindness for the good of all. Open your connection within the Web of Life and share your good energy with All Our Relations.

When we are in the direction of the North, the Trickster Spirit is usually somewhere nearby, waiting to bring us a lesson. Approach your lessons with an open mind, for within the hard times are gifts to be claimed and wisdom to be gained. All we have to do to find them is focus our attention away from the pain and hardship and look for them. Nations as well as individuals encounter the Trickster Spirit, and we can find many examples of lessons faced today by every country in the world. Each person must find our own inner peace during this time and create a new way of living based on sharing. People are coming together to create alternatives in almost every area of living. New ways of building houses, using resources, alternative energy sources, homeschooling, natural healing methods, workplace shifting to home businesses and co-ops are providing new role models for living together in harmony. These are some of the gifts that have been developed out of the lessons of the Trickster Spirit. My trust is that this year we begin to implement alternative ways to take care of the environment and that all nations of the world implement policies of peace.

The chaotic energy will continue into 2007, and the weather that it manifests will shift the winds, further changing the seasons. Magnetic fluctuations around the planet are becoming faster and more intense, manifesting magnetic storms that not only bring destruction and shift land masses, but disrupt our personal energy vibrations, making it more difficult to function and carry out our goals. You may feel tired because of this and need to allow yourself extra time to adjust and adapt. Keep your energy aligned and select food, herbs and activities that strengthen your immune system and promote calmness. Time is changing also (Last Jan 1st, they adjusted the atomic clock to reflect a shortening of our day. The cycle of night/day is not changing, but the time it takes for the sun to rise and set has quickened.). Days are not as long as they used to be, so we must slow down, focus priorities and simplify. In this time of so much information and so many activates available, we are asked to remember our Earth connection and the reason that we are here. We are living in an unprecedented time of personal and planetary evolution. Rewriting our scripts will help us to envision a world of personal fulfillment and planetary healing. The changes made during 2007 will stabilize our personal growth and lead us into making a Recommitment, the guide word for 2008.

Happy New Year to everyone. May you have a year filled with peace, health and abundance. Keep using the rainbow. Remember, peace begins within and love is contagious.

Taino Ti, Spider


Medicine Wheel of Completion of Earth Changes (Excerpt)

For simplicity sake, I like to work with the Four Directions in my interpretations of the Medicine Wheel. If you choose to put your colors on the Medicine Wheel, begin in the South with your first color at Remembering, your second color at Reuniting, your third color at Rebuilding and continuing on the entire way around the Wheel. You will use twelve of your colors around the Wheel. There is no Boundary on the Medicine Wheel of Completion of Earth Changes. These thirteen years are the process of moving beyond the boundaries of this world, so our boundary color guides our entire journey. Interpret the Medicine Wheel of Completion of Earth Changes using this sentence: I (boundary color) in this journey, Remembering our personal Ancestors wisdom through my gift of (first color). Go around the Medicine Wheel, replacing the word Remembering with Reuniting and your first color with your second color, etc. the entire way around the Wheel.

In the South, where we begin each new round on the Medicine Wheel, and every experience of growth, is Remembering and Reuniting. Remembering our personal Ancestors wisdom and Reuniting Star Families are the first steps in creating this New World. Also sitting in the South on this Wheel is Revolution, the final word, where we celebrate the completion of this cycle of transition and prepare to begin the first cycle of the New World.

In the West, we have Rebuilding sacred space, Reconciling our love with all of our relations and Relearning Fifth World ways. The West is where we enter the Dreamtime to seek a vision for the future and the guidance of our Guardian Spirit. It often seems like we are walking through total darkness in the West. But, it is important to remember as we go through this time, that the Spirits are here to guide us if we are willing to listen. The answers to all of our questions and the direction to focus our thoughts for creating the future will be heard with our inner ears and seen with our inner eyes. During these three years, we have an opportunity to hear the rhythm of the Universe and see the vision of the Universal Dream.

We walk the next three years in the North on the Medicine Wheel, the place of wisdom and lessons. Here, we are Recreating thought patterns of harmony, Rewriting teaching stories for peace and Recommitting to new goals. What we learn from our walk through the West will be put into practice now. Using our gifts of birth, we each have an opportunity to influence the development of the New World through our thoughts and actions. In the North, we have the responsibility to preserve the wisdom of all of our Ancestors as a gift for future generations.

In the East on the Medicine Wheel, we are Recognizing New World energies, Reemerging with personal and Earth transformation and Reforming our Earth Path commitment. The East is the direction is where we receive inspiration and use it to create. These three years bring the opportunity for us to pull together all of the work that we have accomplished during the past ten years to make a foundation for the New World. By this time, the energy grid of the Earth will be solidified in an entirely new pattern to support the ways of living that we have created for the New World. Along with the planetary change, we will have created a new personal energy grid and we will begin to see these energy changes manifested in our personal lives and the environment around us. As the transformation occurs, we are each called to reform our Earth Path commitment and evaluate how our work during this time as fulfilled our purpose for this Earthwalk. We will see that our lives have a new direction in this New World.

After we have focused our thoughts to create the seeds for the New World and reformed our commitment to our Earth Path, we return to the direction of the South on the Medicine Wheel. With all of our hard work now manifesting as the template of the New World way of thinking, we complete this Revolution with a celebration of the cycle. Every day will be a celebration of our purpose for being. There is no boundary on this Medicine Wheel. Revolution is both the ending and beginning of this grand Universal cycle. After our celebration, we enter the New World and a new cycle of Universal growth.

Our period of preparation has ended. Ready or not, we are living in the midst of the Earth Changes. The Medicine Wheel of Completion of Earth Changes is a Medicine Wheel of transition, for we have already stepped through the doorway into the New World. This Medicine Wheel gives us the guidance to walk through this last round on the way to the future.

Whatever your personal philosophy and prophecy for this time, you can put it on the Medicine Wheel of Completion of Earth Changes to gain further insights. I have worked with this Medicine Wheel on Grandmother Twylah's Pathway of Peace Wheel and with the teachings of the Mayan Calendar. These, and other prophecies for this time can bring inspiration and direction as we rearrange the Fourth World and create the Fifth World. We are all creators, walking on the Earth at this time to manifest Great Mystery's dream of living.


Center of Wheel 2000 Releasing Lessons of the Past
South 2001 Remembering Our Personal Ancestor's Wisdom
South 2002 Reuniting Star Families
West 2003 Rebuilding Sacred Space
West 2004 Reconciling Our Love with All of Our Relations
West 2005 Relearning Fifth World Ways
North 2006 Recreating Thought Patterns of Harmony
North 2007 Rewriting Teaching Stories for Peace
North 2008 Recommitting New Goals
East 2009 Recognizing New World Energies
East 2010 Reemerging Personal & Earth Transformation
East 2011 Reforming Our Earth Path Commitment
South 2012 Revolution Celebrate Completion of the Cycle-
Begin new cycle



by Spider
Spider weaves the tales of Women's Mysteries in the remembrance of Moon Lodge celebrations based on Taino teachings. Through this book, she shares the dreams of the Grandmothers with all people ready to honor the Earth and Her cycles.

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Grandmother Twylah Nitsch Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge

219 pages

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