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July 2007
Volume 7 Number 7  
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Relationships -
Mitakuye Oyasin
by Grandmother Waynonaha


Relationships - Mitakuye Oyasin
We are all related.What is Life?
by Grandmother Waynonaha
 Author of Voices: A Collection of Native American Stories


How can you explain the fact that the Native American Indians, who were the original inhabitants of this vast content,knew of the infinite relationship to all things.They were long ago putting this knowledge into action and into living every day life. the Art of Camilla CostaThis all was long before modern science came and created laws and mathematics to prove we all were connected in an infinite pattern. The wisdom of the common thread that weaves the fabric of life was given time and again. Through teachings of the Earth the way to live was shown by the small and large animals and insects that live here. The elements gave voice to the way of life and harmony that was placed here on this Earth Mother. Water swished in the rivers and waves roared on the shores. Wind rustled and howled through the trees taking the clouds and their heavy burden of water to many places. Fire from the sun warmed and made the soil ready for the new seeds that grew in the beauty of spring.

Grandmother spider taught us of this beauty in her creation, as she wove the threads of invisible magic. She helped us to understand the thread that is our connections with nature and all living things. Grandmother Turtle gave us the Earth Mother that supports our physical lives. This is where we connect to all things and experience emotions and love in the physical form.

Have they truly proven the answer to life, or do they just have the theory of “Life” and the intricate Web of Life? Can you ever say Life is this way or that way as it constantly changes to meet the requirements of survival and evolution? We are not evolving on the planet but are evolving with the planet. This fact is not common knowledge as most think the world revolves and spins around them not them around it.

As temperatures and weather change and food supplies change, we also must change to survive. We are the ones who must make the choices on this Earth Mother to take care of her or suffer the outcome of our decisions. Mother Earth will survive us and many billions of years of those who follow in our genetic patterns. What we do today not only effects seven generations but also millions of years of change on the Earth Mother.

(If your words do not grow corn then I have no need to hear them)

I once spoke to people about the teachings of the Corn Mother; they did not make the connection of corn to our vital food chain. Corn by-products are in almost every thing you use. Corn is key to production of meat and eggs, and dairy products of all kinds. If we are not allowed to grow corn because the government wishes to make a higher price on the world market then soon, if the weather does not agree, we could be faced with a shortage of grain and corn. This will drive up prices in all areas of food production. I was accused of preaching gloom and doom so I closed the subject and now you can see that the time has come when you cannot buy a pound of meat for less than three dollars. I once paid twenty cents for a pound hamburger in the late sixties (that was not chemically grown but organic) now it is up to almost four dollars a pound in some areas.

The price of gas will also determine the added cost of your market prices. The government, after years of knowledge that corn could be used for fuel in most of our cars, has starting to rethink the production of corn. They are now in the production of cars that run on corn fuel or the yellow fuel as they call it.

OOPS! This timing is a bit lame as most of the small farms were sold or foreclosed on that produced about 75 percent of our world grain and corn markets. Our gain and corn supply is now feeding third world Nations. The storage areas are seriously depleted from wet or dry weather conditions that caused these crops to fail. The backbone of American was broken when the government confiscated or made it impossible for the small farmer to exist. Now that land lies fallow and the big corporate owners are paid not to grow corn.

One thing affects the other there is no way we can avoid this in the pattern of life.

If I build a dam or create a change in the way the natural flow that water goes, then I have changed the way that the water supply will affect the Earth and all that grows for millions of years. In time the water will remember and the obstacle I created will crumble. The water will go back to its original path that it remembered before my changes were made.

I pick up a stone and I leave a hole in the Earth Mother, I have then destroyed a part of the natural existence of that small yet vital space. When I pass I will leave a hole in the pattern of my people but in time it will all be replaced and a small change will happen. We may in time forget the face or the words of that person, yet those same words will be in our genetic memory. The pattern that they created with those words or deeds will become a part of all creation and again affect all things for millions of years.

If I put water in sealed jars and buried them in the Earth for thousands of years and someone found them they would not be like the water that they are drinking. The existing water would have changed to meet the environment conditions and the evolution of the living things on this Earth. So would the very systems of the ones who drink water or need it to maintain life. The water I saved would not be any way near the same in chemical make up as the new evolution water would be. Life in the future would have evolved to adapt to the changes in the water so that they could exist.

Pure water for me may not be pure water for those who lived here thousands of years ago.

Yet it along with other food sources it is still a vital life sustaining force.

Now we play at genetically altering seeds and plants to serve our ever demanding population. How will this effect life in the future? What changes will our bodies need to make in order to process this new plant life?

All things change yet they all still hold the pattern of where they came from. This is the physical or genetic memory of living cells. That invisible thread or thought still holds us all to the greater plan or master plan of life. (The Great Mystery) We are just mere fragments of this vast nervous central system that connects to all living things.
Relationships are not material but they are still interconnected to a much more complex system that far out reaches the minds of human kind at this point of development.

Emotions are of a primary few; but when given the complex situations and then the individual pattern we have an unlimited range of emotions. Each one unique and each one unlikely to be repeated in its individual nature.

We cannot fathom the infinite plan of life or hope to understand the inter weaving of the threads of life. We are all a part of on this planet and in this vast bowl of space. We can theorize all we want but it will never answer the question we all seek , what is life?

the Art of Camilla CostaIn order to come close the understanding we must seek the vision of the Eagle who can see and hear a mouse in a field of grass, from a mile in the air. The space stations can do this as they used the concept of the Eagle’s vision. Now it is possible to see a person sitting on their back porch from thousands of miles in space and also zero in on their conversation. Was this gift of Eagle vision ever meant to be used for control or to create fear in life? Just as the splitting of the atom was not to be used for destruction we have abused the knowledge of life. Had we used this knowledge wisely we would not be free of the use of oil for energy. If we had used the power of the wind along time ago as the Dutch have, we would not have destroyed our water sources mineral sources.

Perhaps we need to step even further into our spiritual vision and see if we can start to understand the connection to all living things. Life dances it does not stop moving but continues in dance and rhythm. The faces change and it has many arms and legs but it dances on into eternity. We too must continue to dance with that rhythm in order to survive.

In the power light, all things are possible let us first look at the music that has been passed down in ceremony or tradition. Music is sound and exists on a different layer from the patterns of life yet it too is connected. The possibilities of music and sound are infinite, we can take from a primary assortment of chord notes, and can combine them to create endless sounds. Yet in this too there runs a common thread of relationships as it does in colors called the primaries. There then is a primary sound wave but that can be created and changed at will. (the soul of music) (the soul of color). Our voices are also a part of the sound wave and the rhythm or how we speak can also change the way the waves are heard.

The sound of angry voices are very different than those who use their voices in love and respect. Sound waves do not know the boundaries of Earth because they can travel at the speed of light and this never changes. These waves once given voice and form will travel into infinite space and reach the highest places we can not go to in these human forms. Is it then any wonder we use music in churches and all religious ceremony to give voice to the spirit of the intent.

I once had an elder who said you must first build a good tent to make the ceremony strong. In this way the voice of the songs will be heard and answered. I wondered on this and finally realized that they were not speaking of a material structure but a spiritual one.

The intent of any ceremony or healing is essential to it being successful.

Far be it for me to think I can change the songs or the ways a ceremony is done. I can only create an intent for that ceremony but not the sounds and the spiritual channel or medium that it flows through.

It was in this way that those who came here from the little brother island lost their way back to the center of life. They had left their homes and ceremony when they came to this new land. The religion and ceremony of the other land did not transplant well to the new land.

Our people say in this center of life grows a tree so rare that it contains all that we will and ever will need for healing. It is the spiritual concept of this tree not the material one that will in time, help us to evolve to another place and time.

I seek the message of the tree and the medicine of its wisdom. I pray for the people to look with the vision of the Eagle and the Art of Camilla Costasee the tree there before them spread wide with fruit and berries. The fruit of this tree and its leaves and bark will bring the healing our Earthly sufferings. The spiritual essence of the tree placed in our minds and hearts, will heal our spirit.

When we come together singing and dancing around this center of life, that holds the sacred tree, we will all be healed and evolve into the next world of peace and harmony. Each day of my life I pray to Creator to grant us all this peace and to send us the songs that will unite our hearts as one. Song is the healing power of world peace the lost chord is waiting to be sounded. From one mighty sound of the ram horns it will come and spill out upon the Earth in pure light and love.

May the blessings of the year 2007 be the one that finds us living in peace, under one great blue bowl of the sky. May we again feel out connection in a spiritual way and not a material way. I ask for that one chord to be sounded that will reconnect our patterns of life and mend the great hole in our hearts and in our souls that it will permeate the multi verse with love and light.

I have seen in a vision people living as one in community where all is safe and all are nurtured. There is no sickness or mental disease of any kind. When this is in place we will have changed the patterns of war and the long ago memory of war will be evolved into peace and sharing. We will live in harmony and learn the vision that the Eagle has given us through Creator

Love and Blessings Waynonaha
Mitakuye Oyasin

© 2007 by Waynonaha Two Worlds
All publication rights reserved.

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