Wise Woman Ezine with herbalist Susun Weed
July 2008
Volume 8 Number 7
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Childbearing & Mothering ...
A Journey to Center, Part II:
Deep Awareness
by Astrid Grove

A Journey to Center, Part II:

Deep Awareness
by Astrid Grove



Gasping for breath I reach the door.  Sweat is streaming down my body and I feel nervous, frustrated, and agitated.  I have been hurrying to get here, as I always seem to be running late. 


the Art of Monica SjööThe ancient oak door is open just a crack, which I know is an invitation to enter.  Using the huge block of quartz rock as a stepping stone, I reach my hand up to the gnarled piece of apple wood that serves as the door handle and gently push open the door.


This home is very familiar to me with smells of wood fires once burning, herbs, yogurt and bread.  I look around and all seems to be quite the same as last time I was here, and every other time I have been here. 


Today the windows are open allowing the fresh early summer breeze in to curl languidly around the space.  Herbs like raspberry and comfrey hang from the rafters and freshly baked bread and freshly churned butter sit on the counter.  Two chairs are vacant in front of the center altar, which this time of year is on the woodstove.


I sit down in one of the chairs.  I am feeling impatience and a general sense of confusion and chaos within myself.  I know I could sit here waiting for a while, and I am finding it difficult to settle in.  Within moments, she walks in through the back door, carrying a basket brimming with wild mushrooms from the woods. 


She doesn’t look over at me, though I know she knows I am here.  In fact, I think that she knew the moment I stepped through the door.  She puts the basket down, fills two glasses with sun tea, and meanders her way over to the chair opposite mine. 


She hands me a glass of tea and sits down into the chair with her own glass.  She looks up at me and deep into my eyes.  I gaze deeply into her eyes as well.  We share the same eyes, though hers are faded with age.


For me looking into her eyes is much like looking into a crystal ball, except instead of seeing the future, I see the truth.  This is what I saw today. 


First a profound feeling of peace permeated my energetic body and into my core, inviting me to deeply inhale and exhale.  She showed me an image of myself, chakras aligned and spinning, trudging through thick mud almost up to my knees.  Then she showed me an image of myself sitting within an ancient stone circle, still and meditative.  Next I saw an image of myself sitting in my office with a client, my chakras aligned and spinning while in a meditative mind space and active in my work.


the Art of Monica SjööThe vision fades into waves crashing on a rocky shore and then back to her faded blue eyes.  I have no idea how long this trance lasted, maybe moments or maybe hours.  Also, even though I may not understand the images now, I know from past experience here that the wisdom of this meeting will be clear to me when the time is right.  I know the teachings are profound.


Gratitude fills me and overflows to her.  I cross my hands in front of my heart and beam love to her.  I then reach into my pouch and offer her an owl feather I found on my journey here as well as a stone filled with rainbows for her window. 


She accepts these gifts, and then stands up and begins processing the mushrooms.  I finish my tea and then turn to leave.  No words are exchanged here.  Ever.


As I find myself back on the wooded trail away from her cabin, I am struck with the realization that every time I visit my wise woman within, I return to center.  I return to my heart and my womb, I return to my breath, and I return to my truth. 



Copyright 2008 © Astrid Grove


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Astrid Grove is a community midwife, a wise woman herbalist, and a practitioner of Maya Abdominal Massage. She is currently practicing as a licensed midwife in the state of Vermont where she also enjoys her mountain view home where she is an avid gardener and wild plant and mushroom forager. She is also a co-creatrix of the Red Temple at Womongathering. She has created sacred circle in the form of moonlodge every dark moon for the past 7 years and offers her own moonblood to the earth every month. She will be offering Maya Abdominal Massage as taught by Dr. Rosita Arvigo, DN and Ms. Beatrice Wright.




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