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July 2010
Volume 10 Number 7

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Womb of the Earth
by Roslyne Sophia Breillat

Womb of the Earth


© Roslyne Sophia Breillat
mentor at the Wise Woman University



   She is all around us. She is above us, she is below us, she is within us. She is the sacred ground beneath our feet. She is the fathomless depths of the deepest ocean receiving the powerful outpouring of the graceful river. Fantasy Art of Patricia Pierce-Phillips She is the soft caress of the gentle breeze dancing with the trees. She is the moist richness of the rain soaked soil and she is the delicate petal of the fragrant flower. She is a dance, a flow, a presence of loving consciousness that births and rebirths, that transforms and renews. She is the womb of the earth. From the vast mystery of her womb we are born and into the vast mystery of her womb we die. Her beauty, her consciousness, her power, her wisdom, her intelligence, her mystery and the abundance of her beneficent presence have long been revered throughout cultures who lived in harmony with the sacredness of her immortal spirit. She has many names in many tribes and in many cultures. She is one and yet she is within all. She is everything and she is nothing. In the Native American culture she is Maka Ina, Mother Earth. And She, this female spirit of the earth, is the primordial essence of thee, woman.


   Her tender blades of grass seek the sun’s warmth through tiny cracks in the modern world of plastic and concrete. Her tiny birds sing their sweet songs in the fancy world’s gloomy alleys and filthy gutters. She blooms, she flowers, she flows, she grows, beneath great piles of stinking rubble and polluted chemical skies. This greedy and forceful world uses her. And this crazy and ignorant world abuses her. It carves gaping holes, gaping wounds in the gentle slopes of her majestic mountains, her nurturing breasts that rest sweetly beneath the stars. And it dumps excessive waste in the cleansing currents of her mighty rivers, the sparkling jewels that flow between her loins. What kind of a world is this, that dishonours our beloved Mother Earth in this way? We, the inhabitants of this contemporary world that rapes and plunders our dear and sacred earth have relinquished our role as her devoted custodians to a misuse of worldly power that does not love her or serve her or understand her. We race and we chase and we pursue. We force and we claim and we blame. We destroy and we annihilate and we build. We forget who she is and we forget who we are. And yet, when we fully love, when we truly give, when we joyously create, when we rest in a gentled gratitude of stillness and peace, we are in perfect and exquisite harmony with the pure and ancient and immortal spirit of our Earth Mother, within and without.


   It is a sacred art and a sacred act for a woman to tenderly and lovingly and intimately nurture her body and her being by fully living her life as the beauty, wisdom and power of the feminine essence. This art and this act of sacredness enliven, awaken and open her to the mysterious realm of the Earth Mother within. And when she opens in this way she knows the pleasure and the silence of inner peace, inner joy and inner rest. And he? How can he nurture this spirit of earth within his woman and within himself? He has much to offer the earth and he has much to offer woman. But first he must die. He must die to who he is not. And he must die to the part of him that is overly attached to a world that is destroying the bounty and the beauty of our Earth Mother. When he loves this spirit of earth within his woman, both come home, both disappear into an exquisite place beyond the mind, within and beyond the body. And both unite as one.


   This contemporary masculine world of many inventions and many achievements has accomplished many great things. And yet it is a world that is rapidly and ruthlessly destroying the luscious femaleness of our beautiful and bountiful Mother Earth. She is awake. She is alive. She is conscious. She is wise. She is free. But for how much longer will our beneficent Mother Earth freely provide her prolific abundance and kindly support her beloved creatures? And for how much longer will Mother Ocean sing her ancient song? How much longer will her seas be choked with the excesses of a world that does not love the earth enough to cease grabbing and taking from her treasure chest of natural bounty? How much longer will she receive the flow of thousands of polluted rivers into the sacred depths of her womb? How much longer will she rise and fall and breathe with the heavenly cycles of her dear celestial sister, Mother Moon? How much longer will she be here for us? How much longer will she be here at all?


   And where is the spirit of this Great Mother now, the spirit of this immortal deity, so beloved and so revered in ancient and indigenous cultures? Where does she dwell? Where can she be felt and heard and seen? She dwells within every woman. She dwells within every man. She dwells within every bird and every insect and every tree. She is always and ever present, within and without, here, right now. When a woman is at one with this Earth Goddess within, she is living her true purpose and she is in her rightful place. When a woman unites with the sacred presence of this inner goddess of Earth, her life begins to transform and change in myriad subtle and significant ways. She becomes more naturally aligned with the feminine flow of the earth and she becomes more aligned with the feminine flow of her body and her psyche. The whole of her life becomes sacred when she when she is in union with this sacred essence of the Earth Mother within her womb and within her heart.


   Her separation from the loving nurturance and supportive sustenance of this great universal and earthly mother creates a chasm, a hole, a tear, a gaping wound of loss and grief within the female psyche. And now it is time for this personal and collective wound to heal. Through this separation from her Mother Earth she loses her inherent sense of interconnectedness, of oneness, of inner peace. She loses her sense of belonging, she loses her sense of place upon this earth. If she searches for this sense of connection in her relationships, in her career, in the events and circumstances of her outer world, she will be disappointed, she will be unfulfilled, she will fail, she will fall. For this outer search estranges her from the Universal Mother who sustains all life within the infinite vastness of her womb mystery. This Earth Mother’s love is not aligned with the world’s idea of love. For this is not a sentimental love. This is not a love tainted with emotional attachment and greedy wanting and childish dreams. This is not a love polluted by the selfish desire to own and the selfish desire to control. This is a vast and impersonal love, infused with the pristine essence of oneness, of power, of wisdom, of strength. This is a love that is deeply impersonal and yet profoundly tender, intimate, wild, free, giving, pure. This is the love of the earth.        


   And yet, when she is intimately and reverently united with the Earth Spirit within, her relationships, her career and the circumstances and events of her outer world become  enlivened and enriched by this sacred union within. For, in truth, she has no need to look outside into the world for love, for truth or for a sense of inner connectedness. All she needs is to deeply enter her heart, her womb, her source, her being. All she needs is to be. And when she is drawn within, into this vast life of her inner mystery, into this open heart of her belonging, into this fathomless profundity of her inner female depths, she will know who she is. And here, in this formless place, in this sacred space of her womb consciousness, she will come home. Here, she will find treasure. Here, she will find long lost precious gems of worthiness, of value, of wisdom, of power. Here she will know love. And here she will know peace. 


  Every woman is the physical representation of the Earth Mother. Her womb is the womb of Mother Earth and her female body and psyche ebb and flow with the gentle, subtle yet wild and powerful cyclic rhythms of the earth. The masculine world has taken her far from her inner source, from her inner home, from her inner heart, from the heart of her womb, from the heart of the earth. This world pulls her ever outwards, ever forwards, ever upwards, seducing her with the alluring traps of attainment, of achievement, of an illusory future, of a seductive mirage, of “someone” and “something” and “somewhere” out there, of being someone other than who she really is. This world cunningly lures her into projection instead of stillness, into searching instead of seeing, into wanting instead of being. This world does not honour her innately feminine qualities of surrender, of yielding, of acceptance. For the increasing speed of this world does not have enough time for her timelessness, enough mastery for her mystery or enough stillness for her love.


   Woman’s calling is an inner calling. For hers is the calling of love. She is silently called every moment from within, from the deep, from the heart of her womb consciousness, from the heart of the earth. And this call is a call to be real, a call to be true, to be true to who she is, to be true to the wisdom and beauty and power of the feminine essence. This Great Mother of the universe, this Great Mother of bounteous earth and rolling seas and swirling skies is alive and free. And she is alive and free within every woman and within every woman’s womb. And she waits, serenely and patiently and wisely, to be acknowledged, to be loved, to be heard, to be reached, to be seen.


   Her sacredness is no longer honoured, for her sacredness is too subtle, too fine, too mysterious, too deep for the gross and ignorant ways of a world that cannot see who she really is. The world cannot be bothered to acknowledge her innate affinity with the Earth Mother, for the world thinks it has much better and more important things to do. Sometimes acknowledging her for her outer worldly achievements, it does not know how to acknowledge her inner feminine mystery or how to acknowledge her for simply being. She is gentle, she is powerful, she is wise. She is surrendered, she is yielding, she is strong. Through descending into her primal depths, woman becomes deeply infused with this spirit of the earth. From this sacred place, her feminine presence can serve in the masculine world in ways that create wholeness, healing and peace. And from this sacred place, she can live as the wisdom and joy of Maka Ina, of Mother Earth.



Sophia is a wise woman who lives, writes and paints from the heart
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About the Mentor: 
Sophia (Roslyne Sophia Breillat) is a woman who lives, writes and paints from the heart. The inner richness and profound healing of her life experiences are inspiration for her flowing creativity. Her articles and art embrace the beauty, power and sensuality of the feminine essence and celebrate the natural flow of woman’s transformational cycles. Her website offers a sacred space for woman to dive into the deep, to open to her true nature, to be who she really is.

Sophia’s training and experience includes primal therapist, intuitive massage, reconnective healing, writing, art, illustration, design, astrological counselling, instructional skills, training program design and teaching within the Aboriginal community. She has also facilitated many creative workshops and courses. 

Sophia’s writing and art is featured extensively on international websites and her articles and illustrations have been published in many national and international magazines. She is acknowledged as a sensitive and honest writer with deep perceptions and penetrative insight. She is currently creating a series of books that honour the power and wisdom of the feminine spirit.



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