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June 2005
Volume 5 Number 6
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Your Intuitive Dreams ...
The Chakra System (Lesson Three)
Understanding the First Chakra
by sHEALy (Sherry Healy)
Author of Living Your Intuitive Dreams

As we take a few minutes to meet the first charka, we enter into an agreement with our bodies and the earth. We agree that we will honor ourselves as intricate parts of nature. We agree that we will love our physical bodies.

Women living in today’s world have the opportunity to surpass the orthodox teachings that often tell us that our bodies are wrong in shape or purpose. We have leaders telling us to listen to our inner voices and hear the voice of self love. And, as we make a personal agreement to love our bodies, we then become ready to truly know the first charka.

Sitting upon a safe and comfortable ground, we imagine our bodies, filled with energy, vibrating into the earth. As we imagine, we begin to recognize that more than imagination is carrying our energy into the earth. The energy of the physical body is real as the energy of mother earth is real. Together, we and the earth, make a partnership and bond. Together, we and the earth are strong.

Art by Stephanie Rodriguez

Our bodies, filled with the heat and power of woman energy, are like ancient pillars of hope. Seated, we begin to find our power. For, it is the first chakra, located at the base of the spine that draws our power from the earth. As we breathe into our lungs and fill our body with oxygen, we can physically feel the sensation of earth energy moving upward from the earth.

From deep within the mother a natural power climbs and reaches our body. With warmth, this powerful energy flows into our spine and awakens some sleeping part of our selves. Our bodies awaken. We feel alive. The desire to chant, sing and dance overtakes us. We spring to our feet, now filled with energy. We move. We sway.

As we find our base chakra open and flowing in pure health, we are prepared to grow. When our first chakra is empowered we have the power to begin to create our physical desires. We must plan to move forward and create our destinies. We must set goals. We must believe in ourselves and our women friends.

We have agreed to live a good life and help others do the same. In honor of this agreement, we begin to share with others. We allow our voice to speak to others by being present in the moment. We allow younger women to travel their own paths, yet we stand ready to answer questions and show the way when guidance is needed. As we work, sleep and play we are in a constant connection with our root energy.

Art by Stephanie Rodriguez Those who live well, draw upon the first chakra. They stop in the moment, take a deep breath and go within. They find their self present in the base of the spine. They gather thoughts, feel gratitude and allow their inner wisdom to surface. Then, they continue their day. Moving through the day, they directly go toward that which is wanted and desired.

Like an inner battery, the first chakra purrs and grants motivation, physical energy and confidence. And, when night comes, the battery rests and recharges itself. Morning arises and the lovely base chakra awakens and sits ready to work again. It never fails.

Those who are first learning to utilize the energy of this chakra are best advised to spend time meeting this energy. Open the royal red door of this chakra with imagination and deep breathing. Pay attention to physical sensations.

Listen to intuition and learn to work in harmony with this energy. As you sit upon mother earth, know that you are dealing with an amazingly large power. And, know that you are a small part of this physical manifestation. As your love for mother earth grows, so does your love for the first chakra, for they are the same energies.

Lessons for intuiting the first chakra:

1. plant seeds and experience the physical manifestations.
2. set a goal to achieve a physical reward and work to create that goal.
3. embrace another physical body.
4. exercise, strengthen and move your physical body.
5. build upon the earth.
6. sit firmly upon the earth.
7. pay attention to the physical food that is placed inside of your body.
8. work with your physical hands.
9. collect stones, metals, shells, fur, feathers or any other physical aspect of nature.
10. celebrate the magic of physical birth.
11. focus upon and celebrate your physical attributes.
12. enjoy the heat of sexuality.
13. enjoy the heat of menopause.
14. discover the temperature of your own body.
15. practice finding balance within your physical body.
16. allow yourself the reward of attracting financial rewards.
17. focus your attention at the base of your spine; feel sensations and movement.
18. gather with those who are strong of mind and body.
19. test your physical strength often.
20. maintain physical health.

by sHEALy
Sherry Healy

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