Herbal Ezine --  Wise Woman Wisdom
June 2005
Volume 5 Number 6
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What's Inside Weed Wanderings this Month...


The Goddess Speaks ...
Silver Morn's Miracle

by Starlight

First they would visit the Chamber of Horse Healing. Hawk asked Willow to make herself comfortable, as soon they would begin. While Willow waited she began to feel the familiar flow of energy similar to what she had experienced during the ritual performed by the Devas and she loved it. Her body became very relaxed, yet her awareness was growing and she saw that the chamber began to fill with a lovely mist of pastel colours that hung in mid-air. The colours began to gently swirl around and around and around. It was mesmerizing.

Then, out of the mist came a vision, a lovely white horse. A horse that looked very much like the horse that had been sent by the Devas to bring Willow the tiny golden stars of special healing energies. Hawk told Willow that the horse’s name was Silver Morn. Willow replied saying, “Silver Morn…I love her name. She looks very sweet”. Hawk agreed that indeed she was a sweet girl. Willow asked, “Do you think she would mind if I nicknamed her Sugar?” Hawk told Willow that he thought the horse would be touched with a nickname so lovely.

Willow felt as though she was watching Sugar through a window. She could almost touch her. She could see that Sugar was not well. Her eyes looked dull, her body looked listless and she could see there were three large lumps about the size of a human’s fist under her belly. “Oh dear”, thought Willow when into the vision walked a woman who appeared to know Sugar. The woman quietly and gently placed the palms of both of her hands directly onto the lumps on Sugar’s belly.

Willow watched intently. What would happen? After a short while, the woman moved both of her hands onto Sugar’s side. The woman began to speak. She spoke words that asked for healing for Sugar. She asked that all things negative and not serving the highest good for Sugar be released and that all things positive and from the purest light source be given to the horse now.

The woman asked for healing that would serve only the highest good of the horse. The woman repeated the words over and over so that it sounded like a prayer that was being chanted. Suddenly, where the woman’s hands were lying, five very long thin beams of light appeared as spikes protruding outwards from the horse’s side. The spikes of light were a soft pale green. The woman continued her chant.

Willow noticed that the woman grew increasingly emotional with every word. The spikes of light changed from pale green colour to a subtle shade of lilac. The woman continued her chanting prayer. The spikes of light then changed from the lilac colour to the purest and brightest sparkling white Willow had ever seen! The light was blinding. Willow fell back in total amazement of such beauty! The woman stopped her chant and walked away as the horse faded back into the mist.

Willow looked at Hawk for an explanation. Hawk motioned to her to be very quiet and to continue watching. A few moments had passed when the horse reappeared from the mist. Willow could see that the large lumps on the horses’ belly were gone! The horse had been healed, but what did the colours of the spikes of light mean? How did the woman do this with her hands? Hawk explained that she had witnessed a miracle. He went on to tell her that the colour green represented the healing energies that were being given to the horse, lilac represented a connection with Spirit, the source of the healing energies, and the very bright white light indicated the healing was complete.

The woman had been able to access these special healing energies and, through her hands, these energies had been placed into Sugar’s body to give her the healing she required. Hawk told Willow that it was important for her to know that the woman did not do this alone. Working with the woman were very special and magical energies from Spirit. They guided her and together they acted as a team!

Willow was beside herself with excitement!

Hawk told her that next they would go to the Chamber of Cat Healing. It had been a very long day for Willow and she was beginning to tire. She knew the next chamber would have to wait until tomorrow. Willow agreed that all of the excitement had tired her, but still she was anxious for what tomorrow would bring.

to be continued...

Starlight, author of “Willow Meets Hawk – a journey in healing”, invites you into her world of literary magic of animal healing and animal communication. Willow is a fiction-based character that brings the authors many personal animal energy healing and animal telepathic communication experiences into focus for others to read and learn from.

As a three part series, one chapter from Willow will be published here in the Wise Woman ezine, each month. If after reading a selection you feel you have a similar experience you would like to share with others, we encourage you to submit it to the Wise Woman forum here, to submit your story all you need to do is join or be a member of the forum. Learn about forum guidelines here.

We ask that the story you share about your experience relate to animal healing or animal communication. All readers are encouraged to vote for their favourite story.

Thus there will be a story winner each month who will receive an autographed copy of Willow Meets Hawk with their being announced in the following month’s ezine.

This month’s topic is an amazing spiritual healing of a horse. You are invited to send in a story of animal healing. The voting category for this month is “most touching story”.

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