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June 2006
Volume 6 Number 6

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Sound and Kundalini
by Sri Devanayagi

Sound and Kundalini
by Sri Devanayagi

Learn to live the journey of the soul, and free yourself from the existence of madness

Paintings by Wendy L. WilkersonThe Soul in Sanskrit is called Atman, which means happiness or bliss itself. It is not that happiness belongs to the soul; it is that the soul itself is happiness.

There is a saying in the East. ‘As the soul is, so are its angles’. The donkey will prefer thistles to roses

For the benefit of humans, Lord Shiva explained the complex process of true knowledge in a very simple and lucid form to Devi Parvati that was later documented by many sages and rishies. This is how the process of Tantra came into being. Tantra is two words, Tan + Antra both derived from Sanskrit. Tan means to grow limitlessly and Antra means inwards. The more a person grows inwards the closer he or she is to the Soul.

To move closer to One’s Soul, One must first remove the inner duality, the inner Male and Female, it has to become one. Each soul is like a ray of the sun. Its work is to project itself, to go forth as far as it can. It is creative and responsive. It creates its means, its expression, and it is impressed by whatever comes before it, in proportion to its interest in that. The soul goes always to what appears to it as beautiful and radiant, and so it goes on and on, and finds different qualities and different experiences and collects them round it, until at last it returns to its mother's womb.

Lord Sadashiva assumed the form of Shiva-Shakti or Ardhnareeshwara. The left side was Devi Tripurasundari and on the right was Lord Sadashiva. Lord Sadashiva told that every male being was part female, part male and vice verse. No single female or male can create. For the creation process, both the species are required.

Sakthi without Shiva is futile and Shiva without Sakthi is incomplete.

Lord Sadashiva then told Lord Brahma, a father can be a part of creation but only the mother can look after the needs, necessities, desires etc. Similarly, though Lord Brahma is responsible for creation, Sakthi Ma who does the fulfillment of needs and desires while Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu would give Mukti or Nirvana.

The information provided by Lord Shiva to Sakthi Ma covered.

Physical healing to spiritual healing
Physical and mental development
Tantra, Mantra and Yantra
Kundalini Yoga
Karma and Birth
Dance and Music

Sound and Kundalini is nearly as old as the human evolution is. Kundalini is one of the six powerful energies that are in existence in this universe.

These energies are-

Parasakthi – the supreme form of energy, the purest for of energy for which everyone strives.

Jnana Shakti – the power of knowledge is of two types, one that is momentary, and the other endless. Momentary knowledge provides pleasure to the mind, body and creates the concept of pride and arrogance. Momentary knowledge is readily available to humankind.

Kriya Sakthi – the power of action. A spiritualist who practices yoga to gain control over body and develop it to overcome the tragedies of life; gets both the benefits of physical as well as spiritual energies.

Iccha Sakthi – the fulfillment of desire. One who has control over his or her desire can achieve everything possible in the world. One who follows the sattvic path will definitely find the essence of life, and internal energy

Mantra Sakthi – the power of Mantra, Sound, syllable, and music. This is the most vital energy and the one who has the control over this Sakthi will be blessed with all other four Shakti. When one uses a tamasic/rajasic path to attain benefits he or she will be blesses with tamasic/rajasic Siddhies. On the other hand, if one uses sattvic path then he or she reaches salvation. Sage Narada who had chosen sattvic path and devoted all his life praying Lord Vishnu was bestowed with salvation.

Kundalini Sakthi – has two parts, one related to nature, and the other related to human beings. In nature, it is all encompassing in trees; plants etc., and are in direst link to the knowledge of Brahma. The other relates to human being directly. Kundalini Sakthi is the pure form of energy that flows through every cell of our body that has the power of salvations. Diseases in human beings are when the pure form energy spots flowing to the cells when the cells are being infected by emotional memories. Mantra Sakthi will free your from depression, anxiety, sexual blocks, low self-esteem, issues of grief and anger, and all physical illnesses, manifested or yet to manifest.

Kundalini Sakthi can allow you to access and clear old memories that can manifest in the body as illnesses or even a Tumor, breast cancer in women and prostrate cancer in men, chronic fatigue, depression, menstrual disorder

Adi Sankaracarya one of India’s great sage had much to say about chakras and Kundalini Sakthi in his Saundarya Lahari and Lalita Sahasranama. He termed this energy, as a shower of nectar, when awakened from its deep sleep it would flow the path of the nadis. He also goes on to state that the ascent of Kundalini Sakthi from the earth (Bhu) tattva in Muladhara, water (Apa) tattva in Manipura, fire (Agni) tattva in Swadhistana, air (Vayu) tattva in Anahata, sky (Akasha) tattva in Vishuddha and Mind (manasa) in Arghya to reach the abode of Sadashiva.

In India like other ancient civilizations, this energy was meditated upon and the knowledge was passed on to the selected ones. Historically Shiva and Sakti were worshiped, Shiva in the form of a Lingam and Shakti as the form of a Yoni. The Shivalinga is a symbol for the combine energy of Shiva and Shakti in the formation and creation of the Universe. This also symbolized the generative power of nature.

Paintings by Wendy L. WilkersonAlthough all of us are born with the universal power, seldom achieve the bliss of life. From birth until death these universal energies provides us with the strength to do all physical and mental activities. Until our birth, the energy is very active, and at birth, this energy goes into a dormant state and hides itself in the Muladhara Chakra. This energy remains dormant throughout ones life and only those who have been initiated and are spiritually inclined can awaken this energy to reach the higher Chakras.

The energy that is available to all throughout life is nothing but a fraction of the actual universal energy residing in the Muladhara Chakra. Sometime this energy unknowingly stimulates one of the higher chakras giving a feel of pre-awakening syndrome. At such time, the energy fluctuates between the various lower Chakras up until the Crown Chakra. These fluctuations provide a misconception among people that their Kundalini has been awakened. Sometime it is known to be true that the dormant power suddenly and spontaneously awaken and rise up to the crown chakra.

For knowing Kundalini in detail, it is important to know the divine voice, a small representation of Nadabrahma or the primordial sound, which happens during creation. During one’s training in India, we will help you to connect with the divine voice within. In our body, the divine voice is always echoing, but we rarely pay attention to it. All can learn to hear this voice. This sound has been called by different names – some call it soul, others call it as the voice of the soul residing in our body. In the sleep state, this energy works on the physical, auric, cosmic planes of the body. The dormant energy is the source of life and is common in all living beings. When the energy leaves the body, it is termed as death, and when it leaves the body in an awaken state then the body reaches a level of cosmic balance, in Samadhi. The body in Samadhi rarely smells and the process of decay is delayed by many months, while in normal cases the decay in the body starts within hours of death. Paramahansa Yogananda, is one of India’s greats, is a testimony, as his body did decay for weeks, the author of Autobiography of a Yogi.

The whole development of a person be summarized as Gross stage, in this stage human beings begins to work with the same universal information to which every one is aware from birth. Inception stage is the stage human being is initiated in the process of Spiritual development, when real birth takes place. This journey can be started either by the help of a Guru or by inner consciousness. Growth stage is when human being strives hard to find the eternal truth and work towards it. Samadhi stage is the final stage when one becomes a spiritual worrier and is endowed with the eternal knowledge, a stage of enlightenment.

Those who want a taste of what sound and Kundalini can do for you, come be past of our intensive in India. The first intensive for this year will be on the 21 February and the second on 28 August.

The Tantra Teacher training will give you a good start, on your Spiritual Journey. It is for those who seek to enjoy living consciously.You can attend the teacher training for either three months for 3240 Euro. Yearly work program for 8640 Euro

Sending you our love and grace


Sri Devanayagi
Tamil Nadu, South India

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