Wise Woman Ezine with herbalist Susun Weed
June 2008
Volume 8 Number 6
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Empower Yourself...
Nature – A New Relationship

by Nancy Meilleur

Nature--A New Relationship
by Nancy Meilleur

Have you ever wondered how Nature does it? How Nature sustains health, balance and relationships?

the Art of Cindy Thorrington HaggertyI recently asked Roberta, my bonsai tree, how she so perfectly emerges new miniature leaves so wonderfully identical to her mature leaves? I wondered how she so authentically and unwaveringly expressed her true self. I wanted to know how I could do the same.

She said, “You cannot-not be yourself, you simply have to remove the layers that no longer serve you.” I was surprised at the immediate response to my question and how those words were not my mind’s chatter, but indeed from another being. I felt comforted by the lesson that I merely have to release what no longer serves me to become more and more authentic.

I believe Nature is authentic because it was never taught to be something other than itself. Nature just freely and happily expresses itself??

Imagine if we allowed ourselves this freedom! We would listen to ourselves because our minds would not be full of stories that take us away from our own source. Our minds would relish the delicious soup of feelings and joys as we followed our attractions and continued to grow.

I became reconnected to this way of living through the teachings of a course on ecopsychology developed by Dr. Michael Cohen. Dr. Michael Cohen is the Director of the Department of Integrated Ecology for the Institute of Global Education and the author of The Web of Life Imperative. He has developed 128 nature-centered activities that create heart-to-mind-to-nature connections.

the Art of Cindy Thorrington HaggertyThese nature-centered activities guided me gently back to a healthy relationship with myself. I learned that I belong and that I am a part of nature; in fact, I am Nature. My heart began to open and feel appreciation and connections once again.

The orientation course is entitled Psychological Elements of Global Citizenship. It consists of eight weeks of experiential activities in nature that are shared with a six-member online interact group. Sharing these experiences within a group deepens insights, clarity and self-knowing. Can you imagine a course that frees you from the negative chatter of your mind? Can you imagine a course that solidifies your sense of self and restores your self-worth? Words cannot express the simple purity and wholeness you can experience in eight weeks!

Participants learn to use the Natural Systems Thinking Process, which is designed to restore the self-to-nature relationship. Relationships within your life begin to shift and improve as you heal the separation between yourself and Nature. The shift is profound and rebuilds connections to values and qualities not consciously attributed to Nature.

A sense of awe for the diversity of life opens, as does the way to accepting your own diversity, and accepting the diversity of others. As a result, peace reigns and breathing resumes and body intelligence is re-awakened. Such is the gift of the Natural Systems Thinking Process and reconnecting to Nature.

Through the activities in The Web of Life Imperative I created a new relationship with myself and Nature as can be witnessed by my last orientation course posting dated September 2, 2007:

I, Nancy Meilleur, being of sound mind, body and webstrings hereby commit to my trustable thought and feeling space the following:
- A knowing that I belong
- A knowing that I am a wonderful individual expression of human-nature that has value
- A knowing that nature supports me and I support Nature
- A knowing that nameless experience is rich and fulfilling
- A knowing that we are all living with the common intent to grow and know the light and yet the light created us, so that in knowing Nature, we know ourselves and therefore we know the light.
- I am a joyful aspect of the light!

I am grateful for The Web of Life Imperative as it has restored my health, my joy and my relationship to All That Is.

For more information on ecopsychology, please visit www.ecopsych.com.

Copyright 2008 © Nancy Meilleur


Nancy Meilleur is a natural reconnector. Nancy sees the patterns and connections within people’s lives and assists them in identifying their life purpose. She was raised in northern Ontario and now resides in Ottawa, Canada.

Nancy has been researching the wisdom of the ages since she graduated from Environmental Biology at Canadore College in 1985. She is a certified Human Behaviour Consultant, as well as a Master NLP and Reiki III practitioner. Nancy is completing a Masters of Ecopsychology through the Institute of Global Education. Should you wish more information or to share your special encounter with nature, send them to: crystal.liberty@gmail.com.


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Dear Susun...

I would very much like to receive your newsletter, Weed Wanderings. I have been a fan of yours since using your book "The Childbearing Years" for my second child (that was 13 years ago!). I have just read an article you had written for the recent "Sage Woman" publication (Nov. '05) I loved it! Thank you for your wisdom and insight and I look forward to your newsletter.

In Love and Laughter...


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