June 2011
Volume 11 Number 6
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Nourish Yourself ...
Inner Peace: Out-Rage
by Susun S Weed

Inner Peace: Out-Rage
c. 2011
Susun S Weed

mentor, Wise Woman University


I was conceived in the midst of a worldwide desire for peace. Literally, I was conceived by my parents during a time when everyone wanted peace, the Art of Kerry O. Furlaniwhen all minds and all hearts were focused on peace, when we were all doing our best to conceive of peace.

In the forties, my dad enlisted in the army. He planned to be done with his service before the war expanded. He was a month away from his goal when Pearl Harbor was bombed. He spent nearly every day of World War II in Europe and Africa. As the years of war lengthened, how he longed for peace. As the days of their separation mounted, how my mother yearned for peace. Who living did not, at last, weary of war and want peace so much that the ultimate weapon was devised out of that desire?

It took horror bring about peace. The A-bombs were dropped. My father was discharged. Peace was in the air. He hurried home. I was conceived. A child of peace. The thought of peace made into a being. The heart of peace made real. The spirit of peace embodied.

I had an idyllic fifties childhood: head of the neighborhood "gang," riding my bike to school, catching fireflies in the summer, running away to the five-acre woods at the end of my block when I was upset or sad, and listening to the lions roar and the elephants trumpet in the nearby zoo. 

And I had a sixties coming of age: I wore black clothes and lots of eyeliner as a beatnik, then found myself turned on, tuned in, and happier in tie dye, barefoot, bra-less, and certainly, certainly, not wearing make up!! But I didn’t drop out. I took to the streets. I demonstrated for equal rights for "colored" people. I demonstrated for equal rights for women. I demonstrated for equal rights for lesbians and gays. I demonstrated for equal rights to demonstrate. And I demonstrated against the war in Viet Nam. I demonstrated for peace. I tripped for peace. I worked for peace. I fought for peace. Huh?

Yes, I fought for peace until it occurred to me that fighting isn’t very peaceful. A comment by a "redneck" friend (a volunteer firefighter and unpaid paramedic) touched me deeply. He was saddened by the jeering comments of "peaceniks" who harassed the local Memorial Day Parade that he proudly marches in each year. These peaceful citizens light candles for peace, peacefully, on the village green every Sunday. "We don’t go and blow out their candles," he said. "We don’t heckle them."

I began to see that my desire for peace sprang from fear of my own anger. The peace I had envisioned was eviscerated and spineless, a giving up and giving in and giving over. My culture doesn’t encourage respect, so I didn’t really respect myself or anything or anyone else. The peace I dreamed of had no rough edges, no way to resolve wrongs, no discord, no discontent, and, I slowly realized, no real human beings.

I would have been furious if anyone had told me that I had chosen peace so I wouldn’t have to deal with rage, but it was true. I hid it very well from myself. I didn’t respect my fury so I projected it on others and felt justified in "destroying" them – death to the pigs! -- in the name of peace. It was okay to scream for peace. It was okay to be outraged, but not at anyone in my life -- only at "the man," "the establishment," "the system." Instead of getting mad at my husband, I demonstrated. Instead of using my anger to change my life, I ordered others to change theirs.

The path to personal truth, and thus to personal power, is a an amazing maze. One feels lost, as often as not. The goal recedes and approaches erratically. One can only follow the way. Trust the way. Be in the Tao. Be real. My journey to inner peace forced me to embrace anger.

My mentor, Elisabeth Kubler Ross, whose work on death and dying pioneered the field, was severe about emotions. We were never allowed blame, shame, or guilt. We were limited to the five primary emotions: love, fear (but only of loud noises and great heights), joy, grief, and anger.

Anger was the one she specialized in. the Art of Kerry O. Furlani I spent hours and hours watching and helping people contact their anger. . . mostly their anger about death . . . their own death . . . the death of a child . . . the death of a beloved. I saw so much denial of anger that I came to understand my own. So much opening of the heart when the anger was accessed, that I willingly put myself in the path of other’s anger, even to this day.

I saw, I see, so much peace flowing into women when they allow themselves to acknowledge their anger, then to express their anger, finally to appreciate their anger, and even to trust their anger.

Postmenopausal women! Let your rage out. One of the tasks of the older woman is to become outrageous. She is the Crone-Who-Puts-an-End-to-Things. She is the eldest of the Fates. She cuts the cord: birth/death. It is her rage which shows her what needs to give way for the new, what is finished, done, over.

My Tai Chi teacher, also a black belt in Aikido, says the most peaceful people he has ever met can throw you across the room with their little finger. That’s outrageous. That’s the anger – accessed well and utilized exquisitely – that leads to inner peace.


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