Wise Woman Ezine with herbalist Susun Weed
March 2006
Volume 6 Number 3

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http://www.fabulouslyforty.com/ Turning 40 is a bridge between our naïve selves to confident, poised, self-assured women that aspire to be the very best in everything they do. Fabulously Forty™ presents women with an opportunity of a life time and allows them to connect to those with the same interests, concerns, frustrations, joys and achievements. The FabulouslyForty.com sorority is a unique group of women who value their individuality, recognize their strengths, and cherish their relationships with others. If you are one of those women, the time to join is now!  http://www.fabulouslyforty.com/Aboutus.asp

http://www.houseoflukaya.com/   I create these ancestrally inspired sculptures to honor my relationship with spirit. Each piece weaves together the mysteries, myths, and truths that make up the human experience. The soul speaks its own language; it is my goal to manifest that communication with my hands, and ultimately my life. Custom work is always welcomed and available. Please visit...www.houseoflukaya.com for more info.


http://www.thefemininepath.com/   The Feminine Path is a woman's path to wholeness, personal power, wisdom and joy.  It is a part of every woman's feminine journey, yet it has been left overgrown and difficult to find for many of us for a very long time. Now the way is being cleared. There are many branches to this path and many women who have begun to tread it consciously - reclaiming their female birthright to creativity, intuition, self-respect and soulful connections with all things. If the Feminine Path is one you'd like to explore, please feel free to begin here and walk with me a while.



http://www.BRIGITTEMARS.com/ Brigitte Mars, AHG (American Herbalist Guild), M.T. is a nutritional consultant who has been working with Natural Medicine for 35 years. She teaches Herbal Medicine at Esalen, Kirpalu, Boulder College of Massage and Naropa University. Brigitte has a weekly KGNU radio show called "Naturally" as well as a private practice. She runs Herb Camp for Kids and Teens with her daughter, Sunflower and is also the mother of actress and yogini, Rainbeau Mars. She teaches Raw Food Workshops with her husband of twenty-six years, Tom Pfeiffer. Brigitte is the author of eight books, including Natural First Aid, Addiction Free Naturally, Sex, Love and Health, and Rawsome!. She is a frequent contributor to Nexus, Herbs for Health, Herb Companion, and many other magazines. She was recently featured on NBC Dateline discussing herbal alternatives to Viagra.


http://www.CropCircleAnswers.com/: The website project of Ed and Kris Sherwood, internationally recognized Crop Circle researchers who have over thirty five combined years of scientific and experiential research into the physics and metaphysics of the worldwide non-manmade Crop Circle phenomenon. Related areas of their research also include the increasing 'UFO' presence, including 'plasma' and related luminosity phenomena, Earth energies and effects, and ongoing synchronized mass meditations for Peace and Earth Healing. Their work is dedicated to bringing attention and understanding to the signs of approaching 'Earth Changes', and the potential for individual and global spiritual transformation through the awareness raising recognition of these prophesied signs and times.

http://www.tamzins-gallery.co.uk/goddess.htm Tamzin’s Gallery has been selling online since 2001, after several years of craft fairs and local outlets. Our glass painting techniques are always developing and designs always changing. Inspired by the mythical and fantastical as well as Art Nouveau artists, the true focus always remains on colour. Beautifully hand painted god and goddess suncatchers and mirrors in a range of unusual designs. Contemporary glass painting techniques allow a wonderful vibrancy; transparent work on glass and acrylic and reflective pieces on mirror maximise the rich colour while allowing a subtlety of detail that can be lost in larger work.

http://www.elderrage.com/ Are you at your wits end with elder care? Then you'll love this riveting true story, written with compassion and humor - and realize that you're not alone with your countless frustrations and conflicting emotions. This incredible roller coaster ride is a can't-put-it-down page-turner, as well as a how-to guide for struggling caregivers. In addition, author Jacqueline Marcell hosts an uplifting radio show, "Coping with Caregiving" - a valuable resource for anyone coping with the challenges of caregiving, and for everyone who thinks it will never happen to them. Listen at: http://www.wsradio.com/copingwithcaregiving/


Womens health books
Visit www.wisewomanbookshop.com/bookshop/
Offerings for women's health and spirit healing, find:
Books, DVD's, CD's, Art Cards, and more...

  Mystic Pop Magazine- an enlightened bi-monthly magazine for like minded people. Mystic Pop Magazine covers virtually all the paths of spirituality, holistic health, astrology, numerology and lightwork. It’s the “Now Age” not the “New Age” anymore. Mystic Pop features amazing authors like, Doreen Virtue, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Lynn Andrews, Glynis McCants, Susun Weed, and Alan Cohen just to name a few. This magazine’s beautiful  full color format features some of the best artists on the planet on its covers.

Granny Sam’s Appalachian Herbals. A gray haired Wise Woman living in the Southern Appalachians, Sam Gahagan, Granny Sam to her friends, has been studying the Herbs for 9 years. Though mainly self-taught Sam has embraced the Wise Woman Way, and is currently a Correspondence student of Susun Weed’s.  Sam does private personal Herbal Consults for people and their pets, and makes and sells tinctures, oils, salves, soaps, creams, and other products on her website and locally. She has several articles posted on the web site.  Join her for Wise Woman classes, Menopause classes, and Herb Walks if you live in or near McDowell Co. NC.


http://www.colorbakery.com/ At Color Bakery, we live and breathe color. We make home decor art products with it that will not only delight your eyes, but your heart and home as well. What do we make? Handmade ceramic tiles, tumbled stone tiles and glass tiles for floors and walls and ceramic tile murals and kitchens. Coffee mugs. Candle holders. Napkin holders. Collectible porcelain decorative plates. Trivets. Wall key holders. Frames. Wooden letter boxes and keepsake boxes. Switchplates. Mirrors. Greeting Cards. Art prints. Even Teddy Bears. These are just some of the beautiful home decor accents and gifts that Color Bakery creates by hand, starting with beautiful, award-winning art that literally pulses with color. And provides the perfect touch to your kitchen, dining room, living room or bedroom.


http://www.amazinghealing.com/ The Aiyana Center is a New York Alternative Health clinic that has specialized in alternative health since 1992. At the Aiyana Center for Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs, we form a compassionate and healing partnership with our patients through in-office treatments, herbal therapy, dietary therapy and patient education.  Chinese Medicine directs that we must treat the root and branch of disease because symptoms tend to reoccur if underlying health issues are ignored. Rather than simply treating symptoms, we base treatments on an individual's presentation of energetic disharmony.  Throughout treatment your body's energy will evolve and change; therefore, the guiding treatment principles will also change. That dynamic progression of energetic evolution manifests as healthy balance in body, mind and spirit.


 Our purpose is to provide courses and workshops that bring about healing and good health through empowering both the practitioners and clients. This is done through the promotion of Reiki, crystal healing and other courses such as Louise Hay workshops. True healing comes when the client learns to take responsibility for their health, thoughts and choices, be they physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. We teach soul psychology to help people make informed choices and to be aware of their stumbling blocks. We provide comprehensive, accredited, affordable and thorough courses in South Africa.


http://www.sacredbirthing.com/  Sacred Birthing by Sunni Karll incorporates timeless spiritual wisdom to support a baby’s whole being.  Its enlightened practices of 'softbirth' protect the soul-needs of a baby and welcome a newborn as the wise being she is.  It supports parents to also birth themselves and claim their inner initiation.  The practices of Sacred Birthing reduce trauma in birth.  Sacred Birthing Insights are principles that ask to be uniquely translated by each family to best serve mother’s, father’s and baby’s experiences of birth.   These insights are steps to guide parents in creating a meaningful sacred birth, and to implement a paradigm that upholds the choices of your baby’s soul.


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