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March 2008
Volume 8 Number 3
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Building Strong Bones with Homeopathy

by Ellen Lanham-Dart

Building Strong Bones with Homeopathy
by Ellen Lanham-Dart

Building Strong Bones by Engaging the Nourishment and Energy of Homeopathy


Homeopathic remedies used in low potency doses can be a great ally in the quest to nourish, build, and maintain strong, healthy, vitally intelligent and flexible bones. The Art of Suzanne GrayHomeopathically prepared substances can be a valuable addition to the routine of proper nourishing and tonifying herbs and foods, as well as healthy and enjoyable exercise, for any woman from age 35 on.

After age 35 or so new bone cells can be more difficult to make without proper attention to this process. Homeopathically prepared minerals in particular help us to engage the energy of the foods, herbs, and exercise we also use to build and strengthen bone. Homeopathics used in this way might be seen as reminders to our body’s intelligent foundation which directs nourishment and growth,

Any homeopathic remedy in a potency which is under 12c still contains some of the material substance as well as the homeopathic intention which helps support and balance the body’s own natural vitality. Thus these lower potency remedies serve to provide a level of physical nourishment as well as vital inspiration. Energy will not be directed away from other vital processes, bone growth will not be stimulated; rather the intention will be set in place for your bones to receive and use their proper share of the nourishment you take in.

Homeopathy can also be a most useful bridge when even the best lifestyle efforts are failing to work well enough and you find yourself tempted to take calcium supplements. These supplements have actually been linked with increased risk of fractures. (New Menopausal Years, The Wise Woman Way: Susun S Weed) In addition supplements take energy to digest and assimilate properly, energy which is ideally used in the normal digestion of food.

My homeopathic ally of choice for bone support is the mineral chalcancite. I take it twice a day, morning and evening, in a 6c potency. Any woman (or man) from age 35 on can safely use chalcancite as an ally in building and maintaining strong bones. Most women, after 6-8 months of regular use report that they can actually feel their bones growing stronger and heavier. If there has been a history of depletion it may take longer, even years in extreme cases, before this sense of strength is realized.

I know that twice a day can seem like a bit of a practice. Remember that, as in all things, it is persistence and not perfection that carries us towards the realization of our intention. Personally, I place 2-3 pellets of the remedy in a quart sized container of water with a few drops of alcohol to keep things fresh (remember to mark the container well!), and keep it by my bed. Make sure the container has no metal parts that will be touched by the remedy; this may render the remedy useless.

A small sip first thing in the morning and last thing at night does the trick. Shaking the remedy vigorously a few times before using it will slightly change the potency and keep your body more awake to the remedy, as opposed to hearing the exact same message time after time after time. While shaking you can also put your own intention into the remedy via thought, song or prayer. Once the bone strength you seek is realized I suggest you consider pulling back slowly until you are taking the remedy 2-3 times a week only for maintenance.

Silica in a 6c cell salt form is also a useful ally in maintaining healthy and strong bones. I would chose it for use rather than chalcancite when it is suspected that there is a specific issue with absorption in general, when even good diet and plenty of fresh water render you feeling depleted and dehydrated. Most women who will benefit from silica have a body type which speaks of lack (thinner, abundance of wrinkles, small bones) rather than abundance.

I suggest taking one to three pellets of silica in a 6c potency (use the technique as with chalcancite) from two to three times a day. You will know that you may begin to taper off your use of it when you feel truly nourished by your food, your skin begins to glow and to truly absorb and make use of any lotions you may be using on it, and your hair and nails become strong and glossy.

Silica is a great ally in particular when used in combination with herbal infusions. Most women who find homeopathic silica to be an ally remark on how amazed they are that they made it so far in life, for it feels as if they are actually absorbing nutrients for the first time ever.

A word of caution is called for in the use of silica during dental work. Silica also works to push foreign objects out of the body. This can be useful in the case of splinters or abscesses; it is not so desirable when its action involves pushing out new cavity fillings, dental implants, during root canals and the like. I suggest discontinuing its use three days before and for ten days after such dental work as a safeguard.

Calcarea carbonica, homeopathically prepared from the shell of the oyster, is another wonderful bone ally, particularly for women whose bodies are fuller, round, and abundant. This remedy will nourish the bones and help to bring strength to a balance. It will work to help your bones become truly strong beyond doubt and flexible enough so that you may rely upon them as your frame rather than needing an outer show of strength which can sometimes appear harsh as it is compensating for true core strength and certainty of self.

I suggest the use of calcarea carbonica specifically for women for who bone strength may not appear to be an issue in itself, for women who may feel that they are amply endowed in the bone area, yet who just do not feel strong or self-assured. With the use of calcarea carbonica 6c two or three times a day (use the technique as with chalcancite) after some months women who find this to be their bone ally report that they feel a true inner strength and certainty and are more able to soften, or loosen up, on the outside and allow themselves to become a bit more open and vulnerable with others.

When a bone has broken symphytum, or homeopathically prepared comfrey, is the ally of choice. This is the time to turn to nourishing foods, infusions and ample rest as well. Pour it on, this truly is the golden moment to heal that bone, later may not work. Before using symphytum be certain that the bone has been set properly for this remedy will inspire the bone to knit together like none other.

The Art of Suzanne GraySymphytum may be used by anyone of any age seeking to heal a broken bone. I suggest using a 6c in potency, diluted in water as in the chalcancite description. Sip this six times a day for the first week, then three times a day for the second week, then taper to two times a day until six weeks have passed since the break occurred. People who have used symphytum to mend a broken bone universally report the same thing: “My bone feels stronger now than it did before I broke it!”

Should even the energetics of homeopathic remedies combined with excellent nourishment and exercise not serve to strengthen your bones consider that you are being called to look deeper still. You are being given a message; the issue in your bones is a symptom which serves as a messenger. Consider it as an act of love for yourself and do not divert your body’s best way of talking to you by hushing that symptom up with supplements or chemical drugs which will force you to grow bone.

Suppressing our healthy voice in any form only deepens the imbalance. We came into these bodies of ours with the built-in ability to create healthy bones throughout life. Our bodies and our minds are inherently intelligent and healthy. Choose the path of healing which speaks most clearly to you and deepen, listen, keep on…..

The answer is there. As ancient wisdom teaches us, hearing and responding to what your bones (or any symptom) tell you may well help you to heal deeper imbalances as well before they are called to come to the surface as even louder and more painful messengers.

Tips for using homeopathic remedies: Put nothing in your mouth ten minutes before or after taking the remedy. Do your best to avoid strong camphor, mint and eucalyptus as it may antidote the remedy.

Ellen Lanham Dart, D.H.M.

[Some of these remedies may be available at your local health food store. They may also be ordered from the pharmacy Homeopathy Overnight,




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