Wise Woman Ezine with herbalist Susun Weed
March 2009
Volume 9 Number 3
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Grandmother Speaks...
Healing Magic
by Robin Rose Bennett

Healing Magic
by Robin Rose Bennett

Excerpt from:
Healing Magic: A Green Witch Guidebook to Conscious Living


Peace and Justice,
Truth and Joy,
Are the birthright
Of every girl and boy.
Wake up,
Speak out,
And, yes, even sing,
Of the Love that is in every living thing—
And then throughout the world, let Freedom ring.
To Mama Earth
And all your Children,
All my Relations,
A Give-away to you.


by Susun S Weed

• ARE YOU CURIOUS about magic?
• Intrigued by herbal lore?
• Do you feel a connection to the earth?
• To the moon?
• Do you have prophetic dreams?
• See stories in a crystal or cards?
• Do you want to be more in charge of your own health care?
• And emotional needs?
• Do you want to celebrate life?
• To learn the women’s mystery stories?
• Are you wondering about the Wise Woman Tradition?
• Eager to learn more about medicine wheels?
• Interested in chak­ras and energy healing?
• Intrigued by magical ceremonies?

Then you have come to the right place. You have opened a book that will enchant you and teach you and guide you and nourish you deeply and fully.

My friend, wise woman and sister Green Witch, Robin Rose,the Art of Therese Brown has gifted us all with a book that is partly a how-to manual for the aspiring Green Witch, partly a do-it-yourself shamanic journey, partly a book of lights and shadows, partly a compendium of herbal lore, partly a telling of stories, and wholly loving, compassionate, inclusive, and fun. She helps us wake up our senses and get intimate with the plant and animal life that thrive wherever we are, city or country.

For this she [Robin Rose Bennett] may perhaps best be known: That after her apprenticeship with me she returned to Manhattan, where she lived for another seven years, nourishing herself with herbal infusions, “a weed a day” from the parks of the City, and magical ceremonies alone and with others. Of course, she alleviated some chronic problems in the process. That’s Heal­ing Magic.

Healing Magic isn’t exotic or far away or costly or rare. Healing Magic is the art of allowing the magic in, no matter where you find yourself. It is the following of the cycles of the sun and the moon and the earth with intention and wisdom. It is the daily experience of using natural objects, of herbs as foods, of simple ceremony. It is the reawakening of the senses we had as children, a return to the ground of human beingness, a reconnection with the earth, a gladness that touches the heart.

Of course, this is easier said than done. And thus this book. A training manual, shall we say, for those who wish to evoke Healing Magic every day. A training manual for those who would walk in beauty on the mother earth—with color, with song, with herbal medicine and magic, with breath, with attention, with magic, with mystery. Read these stories. Do these exercises. Your life will change—for the better.

Healing Magic is the magic of the Wise Woman Way. It is the magic of the soup pot. It is the magic of the teacup. It is the magic of a candle. It is the magic of a story. It is the invisible magic. The mysterious movement of life. Breath and heartbeat, birth and death. The women’s mystery stories that reveal the powers of menstruation, the secrets of fertility, and the wisdom of menopause. The ever-changing moon who changes in us, the wise women. Healing Magic is centered in the heart, beating with the heartbeat of the Earth.

Healing Magic is the magic of the “barefoot doctor.” Chinese “barefoot doctors” traveled the countryside barefoot, helping and healing using simple herbs, not difficult-to-do practices or hard-to-get remedies. Similarly, Healing Magic: A Green Witch Guidebook to Conscious Liv-ing, offers us simple, safe ways of using common herbs for emotional and physical health and healing. It urges us to appreciate weeds instead of pills, a gentle touch instead of an injection, intuition instead of X rays. (And if we must take pills or receive injections or submit to X rays, then Healing Magic: A Green Witch Guidebook to Conscious Living tells us how to connect with the Healing Magic in those things, too.)

Healing Magic is like the magic of Tantric yoga. It invites us to honor and delight in our sacred senses, to trust our intuition, to value beauty and grace, to become thoroughly intimate with nature, in all her aspects. It offers us specific ways to feel the flowing love of the Universe in every cell of our being. It encourages us to open ourselves to the wonder and play of the world. It reminds us that pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.

Healing Magic: A Green Witch Guidebook to Conscious Living is a garden of delights. Wander here as you will, picking fruit, smelling the flowers, delighting in the bees and butterflies, tasting the delicious greens, and savoring the fresh air and bubbling spring water. It is a journey you will want to make again and again, as each trip will bring new stories, new sights, new sensations to you. And each visit between its covers will help you reweave yourself more deeply into the healing cloak of the Ancients, will help you sit ever more firmly in the lap of the wise women who were your ancestors.

Healing Magic: A Green Witch Guidebook to Conscious Living is filled with green blessings. Don’t wait! Help yourself to a large serving.

author of the Wise Woman Herbal Series


Healing Magic:
A Green Witch Guidebook to Conscious Living

by Robin Rose Bennett
Follow the path to physical and spiritual health with this how-to manual filled with ancient lore and wisdom. Using stories, songs, rituals, recipes, meditations, and trance journeys, it suggests more than 100 ways to practice the art of magical healing. Find out how to reconnect with the earth and draw on its energy, interact with the power of the seven chakras, make use of moon magic and women's wisdom, prepare herbal infusions and baths, work with the medicine wheel, and cast spells for love and wealth. No matter what your beliefs, this guidebook will open your heart and mind to the joys of everyday life.

Price: $14.95 plus shipping

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Robin has been practicing Earth Spirit healing, herbalism and Wise Woman ways for twenty years and is an incredibly gifted spiritual teacher, healer and ceremonialist. Robin's powerful teachings come to the reader through a personal writing style that is immediately engaging, sharing practical wisdom through anecdote and example.”
Jen Prosser, Sunstone Herbs


Nourishing Traditions
The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats.
Revised Second Edition, October 2000
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5 CD's
Susun Weed reads aloud - just for you - her alternative medicine classic Healing Wise. Her wise observations and warm voice add special savor to a rich and satisfying feast of ideas about health and healing.


What's in HEALING WISE ~ Set Three
CD 1
Nettle Recipes
Oatstraw Speaks
Oatstraw Uses
Oatstraw Recipes

CD 4
Herbal Pharmacy, part 2
Buying Herbs
Making Herbal Infusions, Decoctions, & Syrups
CD 2
Seaweed, Come Dance with Me
Seaweed Walk
Seaweed Properties and Uses
Violet Speaks
CD 5
Making Herbal Tinctures and Vinegars
Making Herbal Oils
CD 3
Violet Facts and Weedwalk
Violet Leaf: Properties and Uses
Violet Flowers and Fruit
Herbal Pharmacy, part 1

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