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May 2005
Volume 5 Number 5
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Empower Yourself...
Now its time for Paintings That Heal™

by Brent Atwater

N ow its time for Paintings That Heal™

by Brent Atwater
Medical Intuitive, Healer, Artist and Author

As a professional artist for over 20 years, I licensed artwork to the leading manufacturers: Neiman Marcus, JC Penney's, Orvis, and all the golf designs and wallpaper borders you can imagine. Bet you've seen my magnolias. The more successful the designs became the less I wanted to design those collections. I was tired! I wanted to paint from my heart.

In the Light by Brent AtwaterApril 1997, my best friend of 6 years who was also my fiance was killed before we were married. My creativity ceased! His death activated all of my "remembering" and awakened the other "gifts" that I had contracted to use in this incarnation. Since then I have worked as an international and documented Medical Intuitive and Healer. The only time I painted was to help my soul get thru times of endless minutes.

In the 8th year following his death, something inside of me was stirring. It was time to paint again. However, I could never go back to the controlled collections and designs. As the Universe would have it, I had lunch with a friend who needed a cover for the University of North Carolina's Center for Functional GI & Motility Disorder's annual report.

The commission was to create a painting representing Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Now let me tell you, this was NOT my idea of a Painting! However, the idea was SO far fetched, (to paint a disorder or disease), that I thought, oh, why not!? It was NOTHING I had ever created before!

How to approach this???????? I decided to pretend the canvas was "the Person". So I said my prayer as I always do before a session, and then started to work. As a medical intuitive I determined what that disease looked like and once I started painting, the exact colors and patterns were given to me.......Hmm ,interesting I thought. I painted until I was told by my guidance to stop.

In the following days as the Painting sat drying for its presentation, my guidance said "you're not finished". Startled, I ask, what's left to do? My guidance quickly replied, "paint the Healing Energies to heal the disorder"... and where am I to do this... "over the first layer" my guides stated...so I figured why not! I'll give it a try.

IBS by Brent AtwaterLater that month a friend who is a doctor suggested that we test the IBS Painting to see if it radiated scientifically measurable energy. I said why not? Being a pioneer in having the Healing Energies and Healing benefits of my Paintings scientifically and alternatively documented was really a leap of faith and trust in the Universe.

In our initial double blind studies using traditional scientific Biofeedback we documented that in as little time as 5 seconds of exposure to a Painting's Healing Energies, positive changes occur in the viewer's physical energy fields. Then we tested over 100 more people before and after their exposure to the Paintings with 2 more systems:

1. State of the art Gas Discharge Visualization Cameras, used by major medical research centers. The GDV Camera utilizes state-of-the-art optical technology to photograph an individual's energy fields through image sensors that read energy levels from an individual's fingertips.

2.HeartMath system (used by many Fortune 500 companies and by various departments of the federal government), is an interactive computer-based heart rate variability monitor and real-time pulse wave recording that gives a scientific measure of your physiological readings.

These scientific and alternative technologies recorded that positive changes occur in a viewer’s heart waves (HRV), respiration rates, body temperature and brain waves (EEG) and other vital signs. Changes also occur in their subtle energy fields. We also collected video testimonials to accompany the documentation. So these Paintings That Heal™, Literally Heal! Isn't the Universe awesome! You're invited to see examples of selected before and after viewer printouts at www.PaintingsthatHeal.com under testimonials.

We also discovered that not only were they a healing tool, but the Paintings could also be used as a diagnostic tool. Findings continue to confirm that people respond to a specific Painting which represents a disorder or issue that was either in their past, or is presently or potentially in their physical body or energy field or in the energy filed of someone very close to them. Some people with multiple diseases or disorders are affected by several of the Paintings.

We invite you to go to our website and see which ones resonate with you.

Somewhere in Time by Brent AtwaterWhy do these work? Each light ray consists of colors that have different wavelengths and vibrational frequencies that affect your mind, cells, and body chemicals differently. By receiving color, texture and image information through our eyes, their frequencies communicate to our brain to direct the various bodily functions to respond accordingly.

Not only are you what you think, your visual input matters too! Color, texture and pattern energies and vibrational input are constantly working on your cellular and subtle energy bodies at an unconscious level.

The principle of dress for success, painting your environment (home and workplace) and decorating an environment to promote well being, all lend credibility to the fact that subliminal visual input effects and affects all of your health systems. Then add channeled and directed essential Healing Energies into each canvas that I use to facilitate healing in my clients, and you get a Painting that Heals™. The combination of essential Healing Energies, mixed with the vibrational frequencies of the artwork, all activate physical healing responses in the viewer's body.

What are the benefits of Paintings That Heal™? While some of the Paintings are beautiful, others are not. They all are a Healing Energies "generator" addressing specific needs, and are physically non invasive. They assist and amplify other healing treatments, procedures and prescriptions, and they facilitate ongoing and continuous positive energies and Healing benefits in the environment. These are particularly supportive for children, the elderly, and those in critical, chronic, degenerative, or delicate health situations. To maximize the healing assets of a studio Painting or one that is created just for your needs, it should be placed in a location where you will receive optimum ongoing exposure to the Healing Energies on a daily basis. Once the Painting's energies become part of an environment, an individual continually benefits from it energetically by means of harmonic resonance. A person's own energy field will regulate the appropriate amounts of energy that they receive on an ongoing basis. You can not be overexposed.

What can individual expect when they are exposed to a Painting? At present, there are no specific guarantees regarding a fixed timeframe, and specific healing properties of Paintings That Heal™. Research results vary with individual situations. We are able to document definite positive changes in an individual's bio energetic fields, and in their symptoms. With those given results, we hope, to generate more interest in expanding our long term research program for Paintings That Heal™.

Are Paintings That Heal™ the same as art therapy? No, just being in the presence of the combination of energies in a Painting is what actually alters and heals the viewer's physical and energetic body. In contrast, the healing response in art therapy is generated by the patient making a piece of artwork. Art therapy work is not infused with channeled Healing Energies.

Back Pain by Brent AtwaterWhat does the future hold for these Paintings? We believe that Paintings That Heal™ will have multiple applications, from therapeutic uses such as screen savers (a client on meds for anxiety attacks, used his Painting as his computer's screen saver, and was able to reduce and later remove his meds) to medical and healthcare healing decor and public murals.

We envision "get well" cards that actually create health! Imagine prints and posters in nursing homes that create a positive atmosphere, or artwork that soothes in hotels, and waiting rooms, or a deck of cards that facilitates a healthier physical body for the user. The Paintings' uses are almost endless. Wherever there is artwork or a design, or a surface to be painted, the potential for healing is available.

In 1987 I created the Just Plain Love™ Charitable Trust to benefit children and other worthwhile causes, as my way of parenting, giving back, and running "carpool" since I was unable to have children. I am in the process of publishing Just Plain Love™ Children's Healing Books ( http://www.brentatwater.com) that contain illustrations infused with the same Healing Energies that are in the Paintings. These children's healing books are my contribution to parenting during sensitive times dealing with delicate life issues.

We still continue to test and gather research about the Healing Energies in the Paintings and children's books. Amazingly, over a year later, the Irritable Bowel Painting still retains the same powerful Healing Energies, and continues to be a source of healing on a deep cellular memory level for those battling this disorder..... "I want my art to DO good, as well as BE good!!!" So when I ask my guides, how do I use my gifts to serve in the future, They say, "combine all your gifts into your art and writings ...... it's time for Paintings That Heal™"

Brent Atwater is a Medical Intuitive, Healer, Artist and Author. As a child, Brent was in the pioneer NC Gifted Student Program (1-12), her intuitive and psychic abilities were studied by Duke's pioneer ESP Research team headed by Dr. J B Rhine. Her Medical Intuitive and Healing Energy work has been studied by and or documented at Duke Center for Integrated Medicine, the ARE: Edgar Cayce, Association for Research and Enlightenment, Dallas Center in Atlanta, GA, and North Carolina State University'sVeterinary school.

As a professional artist, Brent is a pioneer in healing art by scientifically documenting the Healing Energies and healing benefits of her Paintings that Heal™. Her artwork was the feature of a PBS program, a segment on PM magazine, Crook and Chase, and others. Brent has been a guest on numerous renowned national and international radio and TV talk shows, and featured in other media. Through the 80’s and 90’s B Brent Atwater was a highly licensed, collected, exhibited, televised, and widely sold American photo-realistic, and impressionistic artist. As a child, she was in the pioneer educational program NC Gifted Students (1-12).

At age 16, she was in the pioneer NC Governor's School for the Gifted in Art, and the North Carolina Museum of Art chose one of her paintings for their permanent collection. Her work has been in many major national magazines ("W", "Town & Country", "Robb Report", et al) and newspapers. Her artwork and designs for Shaw Rugs, FS Schumacher, Waverly, Neiman Marcus, Orvis, Domestications, Pot Pourri, USGA, Horchow, JC Penney's, etc, are seen in many national catalogues and retail stores.

She created and hosted "Alternative Questions & Answers" a radio talk show. In 1987 Brent founded “The Just Plain Love” Charitable Trust to benefit children and other worthwhile causes. As an author and illustrator, her Just Plain Love™ Children's books "the Heavenly Express" is a series of bereavement books for children. "Cancer Kids, God's Special Children" is her latest addition. The illustrations in these books hold the same healing energy and benefits as Paintings that Heal™. Her participation in research is ongoing.

Brent's motto is "I want my art to DO good, as well as BE good!!!" Brent attended Wake Forest University Law School and is a nondenominational ordained minister. She was listed in Who's Who of Law Students, Who's Who of American Women, and Who's Who in American Art.

The Seven Directions Movement Meditation honors all life. As we move around the circle we remember, "Everything within the circle is sacred, all things outside of the circle is sacred, all is sacred." - Moses Shongo, Seneca Medicine Man

We are nourishing and supporting the seven directions through our healing breath with thoughts of loving kindness and compassion.

We are breathing within the gifts of the directions, into our hearts and vibral core, bringing clarity and wholeness to our being.

We are sending and sharing respect, strength and support to our relatives of the four colors, Nations of people, that all may work together as one body, one heart, one mind, one spirit, one law, the law of love.

We are developing our understanding of the Cycles of Truth, a way of life that nourishes our vibral core and brings peace to our selves, families, communities and nations.

We are creating balance and harmonizing energy for the good of all, unto the seventh generation.

We trust you will find this booklet helpful in your remembering, and we invite you to share in the dance.


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