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May 2005
Volume 5 Number 5

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Wise Woman Wisdom ...
The Shaman Way:
Seeing and Interpreting Alternative Realities
by Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls

The Shaman Way: Seeing and Interpreting Alternative Realities
by Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls

Sometimes what we see can be happening, or about to happen, in other realities besides this one. There are other realities that look very much like this one does physically. Some People call them alternate realities. Jim Carrey made a movie where everything about his life was staged inside a bubble. Do you remember that movie? When he tried to get in a boat and sail away, the boat stopped at the edge of the bubble and he realized it was not real. Some realities are that close to our own.

I was standing in my living room cleaning the rugs when I looked up. It was nice outside so I had the door open to allow some fresh air into the house. I looked out the door and down the front walk and there were horses and buggy carriages going by on the road outside. There were houses across the street that weren't there before, tall brownstone houses and a man walked by in a top hat. There was a picket fence in front of my house that was not there before. I looked back into my living room and then back out the door and it was still there. I just stood watching for a long time, maybe 15 minutes while carriages and people walked by my house. I saw a milk truck and some kids in knickers ran by playing with a hoop. I would look at myself dressed in my jeans and see my living room just fine and then look out the door and this other time was still here. It did not leave until I left the living room and came back.

A Sheet Away from Alternative Realities And They Danced by Brent Atwater

We are just a sheet of paper away from other realities. Sometimes we are more connected to alternative realities than to this one. Some people prefer to live in alternative realities and they are kept in insane asylums. It is not that they are insane - it is that they are more connected to other places and other times. If someone would do the study and research, we might be able to help these "insane" people. I have come very close to choosing an alternative reality myself. I was really tempted to stay in one reality, which was so much more loving than this one. I struggled with myself in order remain here, telling myself that I am here for a purpose. Even now I get sad thinking about it. Perhaps this is one place depression comes from.

I counsel people every day who are slipping in and out of this reality. They don't completely slip out but they feel the disconnect and cannot control it. It is hard to tell people to remain grounded here when some part of them knows that it is better over there. How do I say that? I barely am here myself!

But we can't be slipping back and forth without control either. One man was losing his job over it. A lady was losing her kids over it. We all want the better world. Somewhere inside we have seen it or felt it and we all know about it. Although it might not be on a conscious level, many are having a hard time finding a real reason to stay here. The ones who can fair well in this reality are the warriors, the healers, and the ones who like to fight and make a difference, the champions of a cause.

I, myself, faced this choice; that is, either to be the traditional Shamanic healer I was raised to be or end up in an asylum. Do you remember the sainted nuns who would cloister themselves in church steeples for their whole lives? They would never see anyone and the priest would bring them one meal a day and their lives were spent in prayer for that church, the town, and the country. Believe me, they were seldom in this reality.

I see that world is being populated more and more by people who have chosen to be healers, warriors, hunters, to do battle for the saving of this world, this reality. We were definitely put here for a purpose - no matter how stinky this reality might be. We chose to be here and to make a difference. So I keep reminding myself to remain grounded here in this reality.

But my point to you today is...

Reincarnation by Brent AtwaterThere are many realities and you may be picking up on any one of them. How can you know if it is this place or another? You can know through experience, practice, keeping a log and evaluating the results. Learn about other realities as well, so you can recognize them better in the online course called Shaman Apprenticeship 101 found at http://www.shamanelder.com .

I saw a whole star system collapse when I was 24. I had a series of visions of this incredible implosion of the cosmos. It was very scary for me to witness this, as I thought it was this universe. It did happen but it happened a billion miles away, in another time.

I am not saying that what you are seeing is not for here and now. I have no way to say that. I am not here to judge what you see. You are the best judge of what you see. I am suggesting that you learn to interpret as well as see.

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Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls is one of America's most loved tradtional elder teachers of Shamanism for today's modern society. She is the creator and instructor of the Shaman Apprenticship 101 course. Learn more about Shaman Maggie and this course now. Free counseling on any subject.

Message from Waynonaha, "If your a mom with daughters or have friends of menopausal years then do them a favor and gift them the book on Menopause by Susun Weed my daughters are all so happy that they used this information. I now gift this book or recommend it along with the breast cancer book to all of my friends. I find the Breast Health book is a perfect and positive gift for any woman who even suspects, or has breast cancer in her family.

The word positive here is the key we all need to think positive about menopause not negative.

This is the best part of our lives and we need to understand that the best is yet to come. Transition need not be the horrible hot flashes or depressions it can be a beautiful transition were we honor the part we as women play in the role of life.

Our women have used these same herbs and ways for thousands of years and you never have heard true Native Indian women complaining of hot flashes. This is a welcome time to walk on and continue the work that the Grandmothers do in the hoop of life."

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