Wise Woman Ezine with herbalist Susun Weed
May 2008
Volume 8 Number 5
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http://www.suzannegyseman.co.uk/ Paintings by Suzanne Gyseman inspired by the natural world, the faerie and angelic realms, myth, folklore, fairytales and dreams. Suzanne approaches her work with a vision of the inter-relatedness of life, extending this beyond the physical dimension. She originally trained as a botanist intending to work for nature conservation then worked in a variety of jobs including nature conservation, botanist, gardener, hotel receptionist, computer control clerk and eventually as a mother...drawing and writing fantasy stories in her free time. She now works as a self-employed artist and illustrator.


Glastonbury Goddess Conference 2008 celebrates the Wild Maiden Goddess. Take part in inspiring workshops and listen to fascinating presentations, see beautiful artwork & stalls, performances, music, song, poetry and dance. Join one of Nine Wild Animal Tribes and Circles of Thirteen for support and to participate fully in the Opening Ceremony and others throughout the Conference. Dance the night away at the Goddess Gala Buffet and Masque and join our Pilgrimage through the Landscape to Chalice Well and Glastonbury Tor with a Fruit Feast! Over 50 contributors including Susun S. Weed, Starhawk, Ava Park, Kathy Jones, Dr Heide Goettner-Abendroth, Julie Felix, Lady Olivia Durdin Robertson and many more gorgeous women and men.



http://wildheartwisdom.com/ - Roslyne Sophia Breillat - Within the womb of every woman glows the consciousness of Mother Earth. Wildheartwisdom is a web site for nurturing the truth of this powerful feminine spirit and offers support for the female psyche’s many cyclic transformations. Wildheartwisdom focuses upon the deeper joy and purpose of menstruation, lovemaking, pregnancy, childbirth, mothering, relationships, menopause and beyond. Find spiritual guidance for healing from eating disorders, sexual abuse, miscarriage and abortion. There are currently three galleries featuring Sophia’s art and a selection of her article excerpts. As wildheartwisdom evolves more art and articles will be added as well as an extensive resource section. Sophia’s beautiful art and illustrations are for sale and she is currently seeking a publisher for her two books.



http://www.rootsofempathy.org/ Roots of Empathy (ROE) is an award winning, evidence-based classroom program that has shown dramatic effect in reducing levels of aggression and violence among school children while raising social/emotional competence and increasing empathy. The program reaches children from Kindergarten to Grade 8 across Canada, in English and French, in rural, urban, remote and Aboriginal communities both on and off reserve and internationally in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.



http://www.ecobuddhism.org/ A Buddhist response to global warming. We asked Kyabje Sakya Trizin Rinpoche if it was possible to avert the disasters of global warming. He replied "Of course. Though we will have to suffer certain consequences, the worst can be averted. I believe in the invisible realm." We asked whether it was better to take action in society or to invoke the invisible realm through meditation and prayer. He replied 'Both! We have to do both!' We are co-developing projects in these areas: education; monasteries and spiritual communities; Buddhist carbon off-set schemes; an international conference to reach consensus on global warming.

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http://www.selfgrowth.com/experts/elizabeth_bohorquez.html Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, SRN, C.Ht. is a world-known Clinical Nurse Educator & Medical Hypnotherapist, whose CD & mp3 programs are listened to on all continents, as well as in major hospitals, medical centers & thousands of workplaces. Elizabeth has been working in the mental health field for over 35 years. She is an authority in medical, self-development and sports hypnotherapy with a special emphasis in disorderly eating & sugar addiction. As President of International Medical & Health Writers, Ltd, & as President and Program Designer for Sarasota Medical and Sports Hypnosis Institute, she has written and produced over 350 CD and mp3 programs for adults, executives, students, children and athletes. These are available through major mp3 bookstores online or on the author's websites.



http://www.yellowood.ca/ Doula, Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultant, Tania Heinemann's primary goal is help you help yourself. Whether your concerns are improving overall health, wholesome food choices, digestive issues, allergies, food cravings, thyroid disease or prenatal and postnatal care, Tania is there to assist you through the process in a caring and positive environment, educating you with the most up-to-date information! Be sure to check out our Events section. Recently updated, 2008 is jammed packed with all sorts of great workshops such as: babyfood workshop, snowshoeing for fun, digestion 101, thyroid imbalances, yoga and nutrition (with Jayne Taggar) and many more being added weekly!



http://www.earthlit.com/ Katharina Wehrli’s work is centered on soul evolution. It shows how to validate inner truth, and reverses redundant conditioning patterns from past or past life imprints. This approach explains the deeper causes for emotional imbalances, illness, and problems we experience in our relationships. It focuses on emotional honesty, and explains how to facilitate inner alignment with natural spirituality. Imbalance, stress, and lack of success are remedied by specific prescriptions. Katharina’s unique approach incorporates the counseling skills of evolutionary astrology, the energy therapies of Polarity, Craniosacral, and Reiki, and teachings of breast health, yoga, and meditation.



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