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November 2004
Volume 4 Number 11

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Wise Woman Wisdom ...
Tears of the Healing Heart

by Waynonaha Two Worlds

The tears of the heart are the ones that no one sees. These hidden tears flow down inside us from a deep and inner endless place of pain and joy. We may smile but it only masks the true feelings that we are holding deep in our inner sacred space.

Each heart ache is related to others that have gone on before and hold a remembering. Just when we think that the pain has stopped we are faced with another emotional challenge that triggers the endless sea of pain. Loneliness is the reason we seek comfort in our life and love is the answer to all things. When we end a relationship the deep blues can help us find the way back to the living. The remembering lets us find that place of trust that was shattered and lost.

Strewing Mercy by Suzanne Cheryl GardnerSome people spend their whole lives looking for love; they may never find that one true and perfect love.

Love comes when you not ready, it is the one emotion we have no control over. Love can take over our mind and emotions blocking out everything. We are obsessed with love, we are possessed with love, and we are caressed with love. We dream of love and seek love in all things we do and say. Love can be beautiful and painful in one sweeping flood of emotions that release our heart and mind.

Love can be our greatest joy and also can cause our greatest heart ache. I have loved in my life; if you can say this, then you are one of the few who have felt the joy and pain that this emotion can bring. The freedom of flying without fear, our spirit and soul united as one in a perfect time and space. 

This also is the way with joy and all other emotions that we as humans face each day of our lives. The deep roots of emotion are the scars that we cannot remove but they add character to our lives and our spirits.

It is said that a person cannot sing the blues unless they have experienced life with all of the pain and joy and survived. Music touches the soul and heals the heart and mind.

I can safely say I can sing the blues; the words and melody are healing in many ways for me. The connection of the songs release feelings, and lets me know that many others feel this same pain and joy. Kindred spirits gather to find peace once more in unity with a knowledge shared. 

I listen to the song, Misty Blue by Dorothy Moore, her voice soft yet deep and rich, fills my mind and enters into my heart. I let her voice and words sink down inside where my pain is frozen and waiting to be healed. Tears slip down my face falling in silence with healing grace. The tears of my heart fall down inside and melt that frozen place of remembering. The songs and lyrics touch my soul; they go deep into a place that is in need of healing and light.

Indigo Child by Suzanne Cheryl GardnerTo love is to know the true feeling it brings and to recognize it in all things. You can then use that feeling of love to heal yourself and others who have yet to find the love in their lives.

Yes the very thought of that love can heal if you let it find a place of peace. I listen to the song Misty Blue, and the remembering starts. I allow my heart to full with the memory of that love again and find peace and forgiveness. My soul and spirit lift as one in flight filled with the feeling of pure love. 

Love is the greatest gift that we can share with each other on this earth. Love can fill your life and flow into all things that you connect with. I thank Creator each day that love is in my life and is alive in that place of remembering. From this place I bring out the old feelings again and let them fill my heart with happiness. From here I can go on and find strength that there is an all forgiving and loving Creator.

No one can forget the pain of love we can only forgive.

Love and blessing, Waynonaha

Copyright © 2004 by Waynonaha Two Worlds All publication rights reserved.

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