Weed Wanderings Herbal eZine with Susun Weed
November 2004  
Volume 4 Number 11
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Healing Wise - Optimum Nutrition: Cooked or Raw? by Susun Weed - Weed Wanderings Herbal eZine with Susun Weed

Healing Wise...
Protect Yourself -- it's the Flu Season!
by Susun S. Weed

  Wise Woman Wisdom - Sacred Feminine & The Village of OurSelves Enhanced Communication within Inner Family - Ellen Weaver - Weed Wanderings Herbal eZine

Wise Woman Wisdom...
The Healing Heart

by Waynonaha Two Worlds

Childbearing & Mothering - Vaginal Ecology by Sheri Winston

Childbearing & Mothering...
Spanish Mountain Life

by Juliette de Bairacli-Levy

  Anti-Cancer Lifestyle -  Cooking with Wildish Flair by Marie Summerwood - Seaweed Oh! Seaweed - Weed Wanderings Herbal eZine with Susun Weed

Anti-Cancer Lifestyle...
Wild Medicine

by simonthescribe

Your Intuitive Dreams...Intuitive Healing-Brush, Paint and Canvas By sHEALy 

Your Intuitive Dreams...
Spiritual Ambition
by sHEALy

  Menopausal Years - The Serpent & the Moon by Gretchen Brown - Weed Wanderings Herbal eZine

Menopausal Years...
Surviving without HRT

by Lise Cloutier-Steele

Empower Yourself - Dirty Roots (Burdock and Dandelion) by A.J. Ahlberg-Venezia

Empower Yourself...
Trees Are Healing The Earth
by Kirsten Anderberg

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Wise Woman Center -- Workshops for Women
Join us this year for spirit healing and herbal medicine workshops, intensives, and apprenticeships with Susun Weed and other Wise Woman teachers. The Wise Woman Center in Woodstock NY exists to re-weave the healing cloak of the Ancients. This land, this sacred sanctuary for women is a place for the teachings of the Wise Woman way. The Goddess lives here, as do goats, fairies, green witches, and elders. Located between Woodstock and Saugerties, 5 miles from the NYS Thruway, the Wise Woman Center is easily accessible while private enough for nude swimming. You'll receive a map and directions when you register. Nourishing wild-food vegetarian meals are included with all workshops.

See the Calendar of Events & Workshop schedule (and to register) for this year, click here.


Balance by Suzanne Cheryl GardnerBringing balance into our lives is the key to living and bringing peace into our worlds, both the inner and outer worlds in which we live. Tom Kenyon says in his book The Magdelan Manuscript, “The key to a fruitful creation whether it be cosmic or individual was seen (during pagan consciouness) as a balance between these forces (spirit and matter).” The forces he speaks of are the human soul spirit connection, and nature. In Machelle Small Wright’s co-creative process books she says this partnership strikes what she calls an involution/evolution balance in our lives. A balance that we once had when we created hand in hand with nature; whereas today without this co-creation we have the human soul creating imbalance in every aspect of our world. When we can return to having respect for the forces of nature intelligence and elicit a conscious co-creation with nature is when we may have the opportunity to bring balance and peace back into our individual lives that make the way for peace in our outer world.

May each one of you find inner peace
- Suzanne

Click here to learn about Susun's workshops in NY

Click here to study with Susun via correspondence course

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