Wise Woman Ezine with Susun Weed
November 2005
Volume 5 Number 11

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Childbearing & Mothering ...
by Jeannine Parvati & Frederick Baker

Conscious Conception:
Elemental Journey Through The Labyrinth Of Sexuality

by Jeannine Parvati & Frederick Baker

Conscious Conception is the comprehensive reference for fertility awareness. All natural methods of family planning, both ancient and current, are presented within the larger context of sexuality and an evolving spirituality, which embraces the religious wisdom traditions and goes beyond.

The book is for anyone who wants to prepare before conception for the great journey as partners in creation: commonly known as becoming PARENTS. Couples who are labelled "infertile" will discover new possibilities and ways to naturally conceive. This book is also for anyone exploring fertile sexuality and desires a way to avoid contraception and pregancy both at once. The information is shared with the hope that every baby can be a welcomed baby AND strengthen sexual relationships. Rather then rely upon medical device, chemicals or surgeries, the invitation of Conscious Conception is to experience fertility as not in the way of sexuality, but rather, that fertile sexuality is THE way of spirituality.

dream in color tarot by Mindy SommersThe authors boldly guide us through such real issues as abortion, adoption and choosing the gender and birth time of our babies yet always within a larger story of SOUL ~ myth, metaphor and our evolution of ideas about sexuality and by extension, creation. One prevailing concept in Conscious Conception is that we can put to rest the victim of fertility archetype which has been at best the inspiration of great literature/tragedy for millennia, and at worst has released much pain and suffering upon our Earth.

We can become conscious of our capacity to co-create ~ as simple as knowing when one is hungry or thristy, we can know when we are fertile and act in ways which are best-for-life. This natural knowing is aided by attention to not only our physical bodies and fertility cycles, but our dreams and desires.

What is emerging at the end of this millennium is the realization that fertility awareness is a SOURCE experience, one which puts us in direct relationship with creative energy. By becoming conscious of our fertility, we become more creative.

It is our choice in what form we show the world our love ~ a baby is but one option. Conscious Conception transcends the pro-choice and pro-life polemic. Conscious Conception is both at once ~ simply stated, it's instruction is to "Choose Life".

The propaganda which is put out by the contraceptive industry results in many unwanted children and abortions. All contraceptive methods have failure rates ~ which mean real conceptions. Natural Family planning has the best statistics in effectiveness for one reason ~ when there is any possibility of pregnancy, abstinance is practiced. When fertile, regardless of contraceptive promises, babies can be conceived, and sometimes are.

Included are detailed ceremonies for healing previous abortions, both public and private rituals to resolve the past and be more present in the unfolding fertility story now. Abortion is not moralized as being "wrong" ~ rather, it just hurts and is increasingly unneccessary as the practice of Conscious Conception/ Fertility Awareness is spread throughout the world. Again, contraception is deconstructed to show its inevitable failure while in contrast, when cyclical abstinance is employed, there are no conceptions.

Plus the world's best kept secret ~ fertility awareness inclusive of abstinance, enhances a long-term monogamous relationship in many ways that usage of contraception cannot. It also is optimal in short-term relationships as the praticioners need fear no untimely pregnancy.

What would the world look like if every baby was a wanted, welcomed baby? If women knew ourselves and honestly communicated our truth in regards to fertility to our lovers? What if teens learned fertility awareness, which embraces the best of all ideas about sex education, and developed a real self to esteem? Conscious Conception describes such a world ~ a world of the POSSIBLE FAMILY. Freebirth, waterbirth, total breastfeeding, the family bed and attachment mothering are shared amongst many other topics as extensions of the optimal beginning in life ~ conscious conception between passionate partners with life.

dream in color tarot by Mindy SommersIt sounds simple ~ by knowing when we are fertile, we can still express sexual love yet not conceive babies merely by not having seminal intercourse. Women are usually fertile for 1/3, 1/4 or 1/5th of the monthly cycle. During this phase of fertility, sexuality can be deepened by exploring many ways to ecstasy exclusive of intercourse. There is a courtship/ honeymoon rhythm each month which cultivates desire and passion.

Plus, the dilemma of an unwanted pregnancy needn't interfere with the on-going deepening of trust between lovers. Conscious Conception, in almost 500 pages, explores why, when and how to practice effective fertility awareness, whether you want a baby or not ~ and to its credit, expands the mysteries of life as it does.

This is an exploration of the labryinth of sexuality, where conception is a fractal of birth, and the doorway to many dimensions of existence, pre-existence and post-existence in the great round of being.

Richly adorned with art, notes, research and book reviews/ bibliographies, glossary and index, CONSCIOUS CONCEPTION is a book you will have by your bedside for many years, dipping into the wealth of information, ideas and stories of other lovers. Be forewarned however, ~ leaving this book out on the coffee table results in its lending, and delayed return. (Also, though rare, just having it in ones home can result in a desired pregnancy!)

Copyright © Jeannine Parvati Baker

Conscious Conception by Jeannine Parvati BakerConscious Conception by Jeanine Parvati Baker is the comprehensive reference for fertility awareness. All natural methods of family planning, both ancient and current, are presented within the larger context of sexuality and an evolving spirituality, which embraces the religious wisdom traditions and goes beyond.

"This book is a beautiful, breath of fresh air! Ms. Baker is a goddess, and will thoroughly help you to see the goddess within yourself. What can I say about this lovely work of art? As you meditate through the words of this "bible", you will begin to cultivate a fertile self you never knew you had. I bought this book to help with my fertility problems, and it is wonderful in this aspect, but it is oh, so much more! Please read this book."

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